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 |  Feb 04 2014, 12:48 PM

diesel Ram 1500

Chrysler’s Ram pickup trucks took a big risk when they jumped to and eight-speed automatic transmission to boost fuel economy, but the new diesel is setting a new industry benchmark.

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 |  Dec 31 2013, 10:29 AM


Ram may have just shown off the future style of its 1500 pickup in a new TV commercial that aired during the last two regular season NFL games of 2013. 

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 |  Dec 09 2013, 3:49 PM

2013 Ram 1500

Chrysler is recalling several vehicles because of a possible flaw with their automatic transmissions.

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 |  Aug 20 2013, 2:44 PM


As it turns out, Nissan poached more than just an executive from Chrysler’s Ram truck brand when Fred Diaz leaped lilly pads.

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 |  Jun 29 2013, 12:00 PM


We are back with this week’s installment of AutoGuide’s newest, interactive weekly feature ‘Commute, Toy or Destroy’.

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 |  Aug 27 2012, 8:01 AM

Noticeably missing from the 2013 RAM 1500 lineup is the Tradesman HD model, and chances are it won’t be returning anytime soon, if ever. 

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 |  Jan 04 2012, 9:00 AM

While the majority of candidates on the campaign trail for the Republican presidential nomination are traveling in giant buses, Rick Santorum has decided to take a down-to-earth American approach, crisscrossing the state of Iowa in his Dodge Ram 1500 pickup.

The “Chuck Truck” as it has become nicknamed, after Santorum’s campaign aide Chuck Laudner, has become the center of attention as Santorum campaigned across Iowa’s 99 counties. The four-door pickup was originally purchased in 2006 and has over 178,000-miles on it. Santorum has also admitted to owning a second Ram, that one with more than 300,000-miles on it.

Whether or not it was intentional, the Dodge Ram has become a symbol for Santorum to prove that he’s hardworking and has spent the time to travel across the state.

This isn’t the first time a truck has garnered attention for a candidate as Fred Thompson, former US Tennessee senator got plenty of attention from his red pickup as did Janet Reno when running for Florida’s governor position.

Santorum came runner up to Rick Perry in last night’s Iowa caucuses vote.

[Source: Bloomberg]