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 |  Dec 10 2013, 11:32 AM

Will the Real SS Please Stand-Up?


I am a bit of a Camaro guy. As the previous owner of a 1996 Camaro, I still have visions of once again owning a Chevrolet pony car.

So when GM brought back the Camaro in 2010, my excitement to get behind the wheel was understandable. But when the time came to finally pilot a shiny red Camaro SS, I was disappointed.

Despite having over 400 hp, the car felt under powered, heavy, ponderous and quiet; not good traits for an American sports car. In the three years since that drive, Chevy has been working hard to enhance the Camaro and introduced the awesome ZL1 and the upcoming track-special Z/28. Problem is, both of those cars are expensive. Really expensive. What is the average Joe to do? The easy answer to that is the 1LE package. This is the car the Camaro SS always should have been right from the start. Here are five reasons why.

 |  Jul 30 2012, 6:32 PM

In a venerable perry and thrust response to Ford’s Boss 302 Mustang, Chevrolet is releasing the Camaro SS 1LE: a track-ready version of its 6.2-liter grunting hedgehog of a muscle car.

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