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Leaked: Honda CR-Z Revealed as Official Brochure Sneaks Out

Engine specifications revealed ahead of hybrid sportcar's debut

 |  Dec 08 2009, 4:40 PM


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Thanks to an official brochure that has slipped out, we now have our first glimpse at what the production version of Honda’s upcoming CR-Z hybrid sports car looks like. We also have the specs.

As expected, little has changed from the concept version with the CR-Z taking design cues from the Insight, Civic Type-R hatchback and retaining the chopped-off rear made famous by the CRX.

Under the hood Honda will use its Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) gasoline/electric setup with a 1.5-liter engine and electric motor. Engine power is 112-hp and 107 ft-lbs, while the electric motor kicks in 14-hp and 57 ft-lbs. With either a six-speed manual or CVT gearbox, the CR-Z can hit 62 mph in an unimpressive 9.7 seconds – just a tenth faster than the Prius.

Different driving modes will be available, including Eco, Normal and Sport. And while the CR-Z doesn’t get sports car performance, it certainly does get hybrid fuel economy, trumping the Insight and even the Prius. We didn’t notice the numbers at first, but an AutoGuide reader (Thanks crxgator!) pointed them out to us. The CR-Z is rated at an incredible 52/59 mpg!

As this is a Japanese brochure it’s not guaranteed that these specifications will carry over exactly to the North American spec model, but they are likely to be close.

GALLERY: Honda CR-Z Brochure


GALLERY: Honda CR-Z Concept


[Source: TopSpeed and Temple of VTEC]

 |  Jul 13 2009, 10:12 AM


Honda has just confirmed that it will build two additional hybrid models that will go on sale in Japan starting in February 2010. The first is the highly-anticipated CR-Z hybrid and the  second is a hybrid version of the sub-compact Fit.

Both models will use Honda’s IMA (Integrated Motor Assist) hybrid system, a less sophisticated setup to the one currently running in cars like the Toyota Prius and Ford Fusion Hybrid. Honda did say, however, that it is developing a new hybrid system, which will most likely be an updated two-mode system capable of running for a certain distance on just electric energy. That system will initially be used in mid to large -sized vehicles, like the Honda Accord.

The CR-Z first launched at the 2007 Tokyo Auto Show and now that the Insight has been introduced the resemblance is obvious. We just hope the CR-Z stays true to the fun driving dynamics of the CRX and doesn’t use the out-dated torsion beam rear suspension of that the Insight uses.

Honda did not say if either model would be available outside Japan.



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 |  Feb 19 2009, 10:58 AM


Honda can now proudly boast that it has sold 300,000 hybrid vehicles.

The 300,000 mark may sound like an impressive number but that is not only global sales but cumulative. Toyota Motor Corp. sold 241,405 hybrids in the U.S. alone… last year!

Honda does expect to increase sales significantly over the next few years with the launch of the Insight, which will go on sale in Europe and North America in March. Honda expects to sell 200,000 Insights globally each year, with 100,000 units in North America, 60,000 units in Japan and 30,000 units in Europe.

With an average of 30,000 Civic Hybrids Honda sells in the U.S., that would bring the total U.S. sales to 130,000 hybrid units annually – roughly half of Toyota’s hybrid sales.

Honda intends to increase its hybrid market penetration in 2010 with the launch of a sporty hybrid based on the CR-Z concept.

Full Honda Hybrid worldwide sales after the jump:

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