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 |  Nov 13 2010, 11:24 AM

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With the SEMA Show well behind for yet another year, we thought it was about time for a recap – in video form. We’ve already put together an extensive 2010 SEMA Show Coverage page, as well as pointing out some of the best and worst cars at the world’s largest aftermarket expo.

This year’s SEMA Show marks the first time we covered a show with any real video presence and we’ll look to continue this trend in the future – including next week at the LA Auto Show. So be sure to check back with live coverage starting Wednesday, November 17th and subscribe to our YouTube Chanel here.

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 |  Nov 09 2010, 9:42 AM

At last week’s SEMA Show, General Motors rolled out a selection of modified vehicles hinting at more than one direction the automaker may go when it comes to performance vehicles. In an article by Automotive News the suggestion was raised that GM may look to bring back performance brands – which it cut from its lineup during the recession in an effort to both reduce development costs and to brand itself as a greener automaker (not to mention one that doesn’t use taxpayer’s dollar to build 500-hp machines).

This rumor does have legs, especially with GM recently announcing a new performance vehicles and motorsports division.

However, in an interview, Chris Perry, vice president of Chevrolet marketing, seemed to hint at another direction for GM, commenting that it, “might be initiatives around parts and accessories.” In other words, GM would look to leave the real performance parts business to the aftermarket (for now) while focusing on the highly profitable customization segment. At SEMA GM did introduce modified “Z-Spec” versions of its Cruze, Volt and Spark, all with bolt on parts. This would seem to hint at a more Scion-like method of offering extensive in-house customization options to buyers, especially those interested in models more attractive to the younger demographic.

[Source: Automotive News]

 |  Nov 08 2010, 12:27 PM

It may surprise you, but the AutoGuide editors are not faceless robots who write in the third person while chained to our keyboards. We actually have personalities, and with that, specific taste in automobiles. Now that we can finally express ourselves individually, we decided to do a post of our “favorites” from the 2010 SEMA Show.

Hit the jump to see the top three pics by News Editor Derek Kreindler and AutoGuide Editor-in-Chief Colum Wood:

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 |  Nov 05 2010, 3:35 PM


Do you like to slow down when you see a car crash? If so, then you’ll love our “Worst of Show” from the 2010 SEMA Show.

Scissor doors? Check. Purple Interior? Check. Chrome paint? Check. And those cars have nothing on the Hulk-themed donkmobile above. A Mecca for the automotive tuning industry, SEMA brings together some of the best and some of the absolute worst modified cars on the planet. And with so many other outlets picking their “Top 10″ we thought we’d share a selection of the cars of the SEMA Show that just make our Vodka Redbulls from the night before rise up out of our collective stomachs.

We’ll admit that some aren’t entire abominations and in fact many are beautiful cars that have just been ruined by a few small mods. We also tried to be fair and shoot more than just the DUB Show Live cars. (That would have been too easy).

Overall, there were fewer disasters this year than in the past, which we theorize has to do with how the recession has hurt the automobile electronics industry. All the in-car entertainment companies were still present at SEMA, but absent were the blinged-out Scion xB stereos with wheels.

But enough with the talk, get a load of the carnage below. Sometimes the term “Epic Fail” just isn’t strong enough.

GALLERY: 2010 SEMA Show, Worst of Show


Check out AutoGuide’s Best and Worst of the SEMA Show Video after the jump:

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 |  Nov 05 2010, 12:55 PM

audi iphone app

You’re nobody until you release your own iPhone app. The latest brand to jump on the bandwagon is Audi as they just released the iPhone CarMonitor App.

The iPhone CarMonitor App monitors, analyzes and stores key performance characteristics for the user’s vehicle, whether it be for pure performance, eco-friendly driving or simply providing a log of any particular trip. Making its appearance at the 2010 SEMA show, the CarMonitor works with the vehicle’s OBD-II port to access and analyze performance data on the go.

This handy app also tracks engine RPM and emissions information, which includes the amount of CO2 a driver is saving by adjusting driving performance. Drivers can then upload the data collected to, use the CO2 data for other analysis, and even share driving performance with the VW Labs Community.

“This app will appeal to Audi owners who are looking for an even more satisfying experience with their vehicle,” said David Tait, Audi of America’s lead After Sales executive. “This is a great addition to the already impressive interior features that Audi owners have come to appreciate,” said Tait. “And it’s another example of Audi listening to what our owners would like to see to make their motoring experience even more satisfying.”

Audi has yet to roll out the final product and is currently discussing whether to give the app away for free or to charge a nominal fee. Would you pay for this app and how much?

 |  Nov 04 2010, 8:24 PM


No doubt belonging to one of their celebrity clients, the team at Platinum Motorsport built a very special Mercedes SL65 AMG Black Series, displaying it at the Continental Tires booth at SEMA. Continental would like you to know that it’s wearing their new ExtremeContact DW and ExtremeContact DWS tires – which come wrapped around some very large and very concave Agetro wheels.

Closer inspection reveals that it’s not actually a Black Series at all (because those are fixed-roof models), while the Platinum team has further enhanced the Merc’s already aggressive body with more angular front and rear bumpers, some massive hood vents and plenty of carbon fiber detail work. And let’s not forget the very dark (but not quite black) matte-grey paint scheme that just gives the whole package a seriously sinister look.

GALLERY: Platinum Motorsport SL65 AMG Black Series


 |  Nov 04 2010, 7:05 PM


One of the most impressive vehicles at the SEMA Show is a widebody BMW M3. Built by the carbon fiber experts at Vorsteiner, the kit is actually called the GTRS3 M3 and adds significant width to the body of the Bimmer.

Located in the Wraptivo booth, it’s been given a full wrap job since the last time we spotted it, now being coated in a soft matte-bronze that looks so real people just can’t help but touch it (see above).

There’s little to say about the ultra aggressive kit that can do it justice, but we are compelled to mention the massive concave forged wheels.. yum, yum.

GALLERY: Vorsteiner GTRS3 M3


 |  Nov 04 2010, 6:46 PM


We’ve already brought you extensive coverage of Ford‘s official Mustang presence at the 2010 SEMA Show, including the RTR-X 1969 Fastback, but that’s only a small glimpse of the modified Mustangs at the world’s largest aftermarket expo.

A wander through the numerous halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center reveals a very long list of Mustangs (almost all of which are new 2011 GT models) from tuners like Saleen and Roush. Also of note are a few Mustangs built by the likes of Procharger and Vortech and showcasing their new supercharger systems for the new 5.0-liter V8. Not surprisingly, power gains are impressive with numbers as high as 600-hp – an almost 200-hp gain over the stock V8.

The big gains are a testament to the impressive engineering in the 5.0-liter block and we’re sure the numbers will only go up from here.

GALLERY: Modified Mustangs of the 2010 SEMA Show


 |  Nov 04 2010, 6:18 PM
Nissan GT-R

Nissan GT-R

Despite its huge throngs of worshipers, the Nissan GT-R is a rarity at this year’s SEMA Show. The few we did cross paths with were, however, seriously impressive machines, representing some of the biggest GT-R tuners in the world.

Among them we count AMS and Switzer as two of the biggest. The AMS Alpha 9 GT-R was prominently displayed at the Exedy clutch booth, looking like a car capable of easy 9 second 1/4 mile runs on pump gas. The detail work on the car is impressive with an ultra-thick weave carbon fiber hood and trunk. Also of note are the full carbon racing seats inside. As for the Switzer car (actually an Automotive Connoisseur Group tuned by Switzer), it features a P800 tuning kit that brings power to over 700-hp, while the car also gets some stunning aerodynamics and a functional rear spoiler.

Other notable GT-Rs include a stunning R34 model (a SEMA regular) and one of the Brass Monkey Racing GT-R race cars from the World Challenge series.

GALLERY: Modified Nissan GT-Rs of the 2010 SEMA Show


 |  Nov 04 2010, 4:47 PM

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Having just officially announced the new 2011 Charger last week, Dodge has revealed a special RedLine version of the muscle sedan at the annual SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Built by Mopar’s “Underground” division the car is based on the 5.7-liter HEMI R/T model and gets a long list of upgrades.

Outside there’s a more aggressive front and rear, with a carbon fiber front splitter and rear spoiler that further add to the updated 2011 model’s new look. Plenty of black accenting is used on the roof as well as on the hood to keep the retro feel – which is really driven home by the car’s new taillight design. A set of carbon fiber mirror caps also help complete the look.

Compared to the stock car that will go on sale later this year, the suspension has been lowered by roughly one-inch, with a Mopar strut tower brace under the hood and a set of 22-inch wheels wrapped in Pirelli tires. Several other Mopar parts improve overall performance with new headers, a cold air intake and complete exhaust system.

GALLERY: Redline Dodge Charger


 |  Nov 04 2010, 4:29 PM
Mazda Mazda2 Hatchback

Mazda Mazda2 Hatchback

Mazda does have an official presence at the SEMA Show with several hopped-up versions of the new Mazda2, but the nicest modified example of the Japanese automaker’s entry-level hatchback has got to be at the H&R Springs booth.

Sporting a 3D Carbon body kit and rear spoiler as well as some graphics along the side, this Mazda2 looks ready for the track thanks to some tiny Enkei J-speed wheels in a 15-inch fitment. And helping the hatch sit low on its rollers is an H&R Springs Street Performance Coilover kit.

With the stock 2 already quite a nimble ride thanks to its ultra-low curb weight, we’d really like to hit the auto-x with this H&R Springs car.

GALLERY: H&R Springs Mazda2


Read AutoGuide’s 2011 Mazda2 Review by Clicking Here

 |  Nov 04 2010, 3:57 PM


One of the big stories at this year’s SEMA Show is the launch of Wraptivo by Meguiar’s. Essentially the car care experts at Meguiar’s have decided to make custom wrap jobs for your car more readily available. And with most folks preferring the wrap route (because it’s far cheaper and not permanent), others prefer to go all in.

That’s the case with the matte-grey Jaguar XJ220 we spied outside the SEMA convention center in Las Vegas. Thinking no one would have the audacity (or lack of concern for damaged resale value) to actually paint an XJ220 this color we had to ask to the folks from Specialty Car Craft who brought the Jaguar collectible to the show. A representative confirmed that it is in fact a paint job, and that its for sale, with the previous owner moving up to something even more exotic – because, you know, a 500+ horsepower twin-turbo V6 XJ220 isn’t enough. And apparently it’s not as the owner has already modified the engine to pump out over 700-hp.

As it turns out, the folks at Specialty Car Craft pride themselves on this sort of work; particularly on exotics and high-end luxury cars. Also on display by the company is a matte-black Rolls-Royce Phantom, a matte-green Lamborghini Murcielago and a matte-orange Lotus Exige.

GALLERY: Matte-Grey Jaguar XJ220


 |  Nov 04 2010, 3:41 PM


The trend of painting cars matte-black seems to have some staying power, as is obvious by touring the SEMA Show this year. We honestly thought it might have petered out by now, but even we can’t resist how menacing a matte-black paint job makes almost any vehicle look.

Now because this is SEMA, matte black cars range from this SUV above (is that an Equinox?) to a Jaguar XJ220, to everything else in between. We’ve spied a long list of matte-black models including a Hamann-equipped Mercedes G Wagon, a Rolls-Royce Phantom, and even an old BMW 5 Series wagon. We’ll be sure to update our gallery as we track down more of the matte-black cars. Until then, check out the collection so far in the gallery below.

GALLERY: Matte Black Cars of the 2010 SEMA Show


UPDATE: We’ve decided to use our editorial license and broadly expand the definition of the word “black” meaning that our matte-black gallery is likely to include a lot of shades, from gray to brown to bronze.

See video of the matte cars of the 2010 SEMA Show after the jump:

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 |  Nov 03 2010, 8:24 PM


Toyota products have often been criticized for being a bit too tame, lacking in enthusiasm while operating more like appliances. In an effort to distract from that reality, Toyota and the RK Collection have built a custom NASCAR edition Camry that does more than just look the part.

Powered by a massive 358 ci TRD NASCAR V8 power plant, this Camry puts out 680-hp at 8500 rpm. Gliding it through the gears is a Tremic T-56 Magnum 6-speed manual transmission equipped with Ram’s dual-disc street clutch. Enhancing the V8 is a custom 3-inch exhaust, Thrush mufflers and custom side exhaust tips.

Also helping to do away with the image of a sedate family sedan is the fact that the NASCAR Camry isn’t a sedan at all. Instead it’s a coupe with just two doors. The Camry coupe features an exterior shell custom-made by RKC and includes a full body kit, Toyota grill, carbon fiber brake ducts with fog lights and of course, TRD emblems throughout. On all four corners are stylish 20-inch TSW Jarama wheels. They are staggered with a 8.5-inch wide fitment in the front and a 10-inch wide fitment in the rear. They come wrapped with Michelin Pilot rubber.

No race-inspired machine would be complete with a wicked suspension setup. The Camry receives modified Macpherson struts in the front, while the rear sports Venza’s modified multi-link independent suspension.

Inside the panels have been covered in leather while the headliner has been finished in suede. SPEK gauges by Proparts are seen in the dashboard while Vintage Air provides air conditioning. A four-point roll cage was also installed not to only stiffen the chassis, but to reinforce for safety.

With its official debut at SEMA, the NASCAR Edition Camry will now head to Phoenix International Raceway for the NASCAR race weekend starting November 12th.



See video of the NASCAR Edition Camry after the jump:

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 |  Nov 03 2010, 7:34 PM

Scion TC

It’s not often you see a car at the SEMA Show that’s more than just a pipe dream. And we’ll admit that building a car to resemble this Greddy-tuned Scion tC might not be cheap, but it is possible. While it’s obvious from the official press release that Greddy is planning to offer the turbocharger kit found under the hood of the new 2011 tC, we’ve also just received word that Scion will offer the Five Axis aero kit at select dealers as a part of the Scion Optimize program. No official pricing has been announced, but we have been told that it will come in at under $1,200.

After that, you just need to shell out for a lowering kit, the Scion Optimize rear spoiler, the TRD big brake upgrade and some Volk G2 wheels. Oh, and don’t forget the decals.

And if you’re still wondering if you should buy a new 2011 tC, read our review here to find out.

GALLERY: Greddy Scion tC


GALLERY: Greddy Scion tC Official


 |  Nov 03 2010, 5:17 PM


The Chevy Camaro might officially be the car of the 2010 SEMA Show, but we crossed paths with a rather significant number of Ferraris on the show floor; in particular the new 458 Italia. That being said, we thought it worth a post to share with you the modified 458s becase after all, who doesn’t love Ferraris. (OK, maybe a few Lambo guys don’t, but besides them, we think we have a pretty strong argument here).

Above, we couldn’t help but give the big picture to the Oakley Designs 458 in the HRE wheels booth, as it’s both the most highly modified 458 at the show – and also the best looking. And being in the HRE booth, it’s sporting some light weight P40S Monoblok rollers.

The black P40S design is hard to make out, but you’ll have no problem appreciating the same design in gold, as found on the 458 in the Nitto tires booth.

A total of three of the 458s were courtesy Giovanna Wheels with some particularly gaudy designs that are enough to make us cringe. One of the cars, a yellow and black 458, was (we’re forced to admit) well-suited to the Pirelli booth, while we absolutely love the shade of red on another of the cars – pity about the chrome wheels though. It was more of the same at the Savini wheels booth with a dark gray 458 there.

But enough yapping… check out all the 458s in the gallery below:

GALLERY: Modified Ferrari 458 Italias of the 2010 SEMA Show


 |  Nov 03 2010, 4:48 PM


With the new Fiat 500 set to go on sale in just a few months time, the performance folks at Mopar Underground were tossed the keys to one of the tiny hatchbacks to build a show car for the annual SEMA expo in Las Vegas. The result is the Fiat 500 GT that sports a custom widebody with some big 18-inch Alcoa forged aluminum wheels and wider tires. And as much as those few mods will improve overall handling, the Mopar Underground crew spoke to the Fiat tuning experts at Abarth to equip the car with a lowering kit.

To complete the overall widebody look, is a custom front lip, side skirts and a rear spoiler.

Custom seats accent the interior with a red fabric for the driver to indicate that this is most certainly a driver’s car.

GALLERY: Fiat 500 GT Concept


Get more Fiat 500 news and info at

 |  Nov 03 2010, 3:43 PM


Having just officially announced the new 2011 Charger last week, Dodge has unveiled a special RedLine version of the car at the annual SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Built by Mopar’s “Underground” division the car is based on the 5.7-liter HEMI R/T model and gets a long list of upgrades.

Outside there’s a more aggressive front and rear, with a carbon fiber front splitter and rear spoiler while black accenting is used on the roof as well as on the hood. A set of carbon fiber mirror caps also help complete the look.

The suspension has been lowered by roughly one-inch, with a Mopar strut tower brace under the hood and a set of 22-inch wheels wrapped in Pirelli tires. Several other Mopar parts improve overall performance with new headers, a cold air intake and complete exhaust system.

GALLERY: 2011 Dodge RedLine Charger


See a brief very brief video of the Challenger Redline after the jump:

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 |  Nov 03 2010, 3:13 PM
Audi R8

Audi R8

The largest tuner of Audi and Volkswagen models in Europe, ABT Sportsline has yet to really break into the U.S. market. They do, however, seem to have a plan in place, with Florida-based GGI signed on as a distributor, helping them make a big splash at SEMA by grabbing eyeballs with their new R8 GT-R in a stunning matte-white.

We were first to bring you shots of the R8 GT-R when it made its world premiere back at the Geneva Auto Show and now ABT has brought this incredible performance machine to America, debuting with a great deal of pomp and circumstance to a private audience in Las Vegas.

ABT Sportsline, has taken the 5.2-liter R8 to a whole new level, pushing horsepower from the factory 525-hp to an astonishing 620-hp. The car sports a top speed of 202 mph with a 0-62 mph acceleration in a mere 3.2 seconds. It’s not all about horsepower and engine performance however. ABT tosses in their Sports suspension package with fully adjustable dampers specifically developed for the R8 GT R. They have also modified the ceramic brake system with new brake pads to enhance braking performance. All four corners have been outfitted with new ABT CR wheels and at the rear is a lightweight exhaust featuring ABT’s Titanium special coating. But the biggest change is the actual body of the car. While aggressive, it uses ABT’s knowledge as a DTM Championship team and is entirely made of carbon fiber. All this combines to a curb weight that is 220 lbs less than the factory model.

Essentially a race car for the street, ABT is building just 25 of these monsters for a select few affluent customers.



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 |  Nov 03 2010, 2:54 PM

Dare we say there seems to be a running theme with the Scion Tuner Challenge, with the obvious winner never taking first place. This year’s tC Tuner Challenge finished no different with the carbon fiber widebody built by John Pangilinan placing as the runner up to Shawn Baker’s tC that can best be described using such over-hyped inter-web buzz words as “stanced” and “hellaflush.” We do, however, give full credit to the interior of Baker’s tC with a Cognac leather used throughout with baseball style stitching all done by Russ’s Trim Shop. Every aspect of the car has been altered, with a Descendant/Precision turbo setup, AirLift air ride suspension and some Rotiform 3-piece wheels.

As the winner, Baker gets an oversized check worth $15,000 plus a few extra goodies tossed in – like an Apple iPad.

Placing third in the contest is James Lin with a typically SEMA-esque show car, complete with a widebody, deep-dish wheels, a massive rear spoiler and huge FMIC.

GALLERY: Shawn Baker Scion tC


GALLERY: John Pangilinan Scion tC


GALLERY: James Lin Scion tC


See after the jump to watch the awards ceremony from the SEMA Show floor:

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 |  Nov 03 2010, 1:35 PM


Created to celebrate 30 years of Quattro, the Q5 Custom Concept also serves to bring attention to Audi‘s expanded line of Audi Genuine Accessories – which now includes everything from new wheels to illuminated floor mats.

Originally unveiled at the Volkswagen GTI Wörthersee Tour in Austria, that tuner-friendly group is as close as you come in Europe to a SEMA crowd and so the decision to bring the matte-black Q5 to this side of the Atlantic makes a lot of sense.

Other than the stand-out black paint and colorful 21-inch wheels, the Q5 might not seem all that extreme, but walk a little closer and its proportions hit you. The luxury crossover has been lowered by 2.36-inches for a more coupe-like profile, while the body has been widened significantly with a track that’s actually 3.54-inches wider.

But that’s not all. Rather than a 2.0T engine under the hood, there’s Audi’s new supercharged 3.0-liter V6, which has been further modified, bumping horsepower from 333-hp to 408-hp. The result is a 0-62 mph time of 4.4 seconds.

GALLERY: Audi Q5 Custom Concept


See after the jump for the full breakdown of the Q5 Custom Concept

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 |  Nov 03 2010, 1:01 PM


Debuting alongside the new 2011 Challenger SRT8 392 at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Dodge unveiled an even more potent version of its Mopar Drag Pak model. While you might expect it to also come with a 392 under the hood, you’d be wrong. In it’s place is something even better: the Viper’s 8.4-liter V10! That’s right, with 512 cubic inches of displacement, the engine makes 600-hp and 560 ft-lbs of torque.

Also included in the package is a 2-speed automatic transmission, fuel cell, light weight polycarbonate door windows, lightweight drag racing front brakes and racing wheels and tires. And of course, it’s a full body-in-white with everything stripped out so you can take it straight to the track.

Just 70 versions of the Mopar Challenger V10 Drag Pak will be built, for the price of $85,512. Like street cars, Dodge will offer option packs, including a $7,950 Competition Package with an eight-point coll cage, six-point safety harnesses and a mesh window net. There’s also a $950 Mopar Body Logo Wrap, or paint for $6,800.

GALLERY: Dodge Challenger V10 Drag Pak at SEMA


GALLERY: Dodge Challenger V10 Drag Pak


 |  Nov 02 2010, 7:41 PM


Dodge has just officially revealed its new Challenger SRT8 392 model for 2011, boasting a 392 cubic inch engine (that’s 6.4-liters) with 470-hp and 470 ft-lbs of torque. In total, that’s an increase of 90 ft-lbs of torque over last year’s 6.1L model.

“We listened to our devoted, loyal Dodge customers, and this new Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 answers their call for more power off the line,” said Ralph Gilles, President and CEO — Dodge Brand, Chrysler Group LLC. “We consciously tuned the 392 for a lot more torque, as that is what truly creates the thrust that sets you back in the seat and keeps you there! We can’t wait to see our customers’ reactions when they get behind the wheel and put their foot on the throttle – it is so responsive and a blast to drive.”

Dodge claims a 0-60 mph time in the high 4-second range, with a 1/4 mile time in the high 12s. Oh, and we should mention the top speed of the new model is now an incredible 180-mph with the manual transmission – thanks in part to a new front fascia and lip spoiler.

A 6-speed manual transmission comes as standard with an improved clutch for 2011, while the five-speed automatic models get a new Fuel Saver technology that lets the engine operate on just 4-cylinders under certain conditions.

Also new for 2011 is a modified exhaust system with an even deeper note, while the engine gets special “392 HEMI” logos on the valve covers.

Other upgrades include a redesigned interior with a new three-spoke steering wheel, new seats with power lumbar and a driver’s seat tilt with memory and an easy-to-reach handle to make getting in the back seat easier.

Handling has also been improved with a new suspension setup and new hydraulic steering system designed to deliver quicker steering and much-improved high-speed cornering, all while retaining a comfortable ride. As a result, the 2011 Challenger SRT8 is capable of .93 Gs on the skid pad.

With the launch of the new 392, Dodge will celebrate the return of the iconic badge with 1,492 special Inaugural Edition models (1,100 for the U.S. and 392 for Canada) with custom interior and exterior items including Deep Water Blue with standard Stone White stripes or Bright White Clear Coat with standard Viper Blue stripes. Plus, for the first time, the front grille will get a body-color grille surround. Special Edition models will also get “392 HEMI” badges on the fenders, Mopar quad exhaust tips and 20-inch SRT wheels. Inside the cockpit gets Smooth Pearl White leather-trimmed seats and dual blue stripes accented by unique blue stitching, with an embroidered “392” on the front headrests. A special “Inaugural Edition 392 HEMI”  plaque showing the number of the car will also be positioned prominently on the dash.

GALLERY: 2011 Dodge Challenger SRT8 392


GALLERY: 2011 Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 at SEMA


Official release after the jump:

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 |  Nov 02 2010, 7:00 PM

Amidst all the crazy products being introduced at the annual Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) Show, it’s not at all surprising to see a company offering illuminated floor mats. What is surprising is when that company is Audi.

We’ve become accustomed to illuminated door sills, but these just seem a bit too tacky for Audi’s standards. Then again, maybe they’ll also grow on us.

One of the may new After Sales components offered by Audi, the floor mats use LED lights and owners will be able to pick the colors, materials and graphics on the mats.

“Audi owners have high expectations when it comes to the performance of their vehicle, as well as its appearance,” said David Tait, Audi of America’s lead After Sales executive. “This is a great visual enhancement that we know Audi owners will appreciate.”

In addition to this new product, Audi also unveiled an innovative wireless charger for iPod and iPhone devices, allowing owners to keep their toys powered up, without messing with chords.

Official release after the jump:

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