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 |  Mar 23 2011, 12:51 PM

In stock form, the 412 hp Ford Mustang 5.0 GT is indeed a quick car, but now thanks to the efforts of NASCAR driver Dave Ragan and Ford Racing Performance Parts, it has now set the world record for production cars.

During an instrumented test at Bristol Motor Speedway in Bristol, Tennessee, as part of the World’s Fastest Half Mile Speed Trials; Ragan was able to coax his Mustang GT (modified only with a Ford Racing/Whipple Supercharger and FR3 performance handling pack) around 1 lap of the track in just 19.5 seconds. By contrast, a fully prepped NASCAR racer will do the same circuit in 15.5 seconds!

But the most interesting part about all this? Well, for about $45,000 the average guy or gal can basically replicate the car which Raglan drove – a 2011 Mustang GT starts around $30,000, give or take, while the supercharger package, which adds around 212 more hp, costs $7500.

The suspension upgrades, which include lowering springs, adjustable shocks, anti-roll bars, jounce stoppers and a strut tower brace, retails for $1800. So, even adding in labor charges, you’re still going to be in the low 40k range by the time all’s said and done.

Of course, driver skill also plays a part too. Nevertheless, it’s nice to know that good ol’ American muscle is still alive, well and setting records like this. The World’s Fastest Half Mile Speed Trials, in which you can see Ragan drive the Mustang to it’s record setting finish, will air on Speed Channel April 2 (check local listings for start times).

[Source: MustangsDaily]

 |  Oct 27 2010, 6:24 PM

The Tjin Edition Mustang is no longer under any sort of car cover, and we have a first peek at the revealed rendering. In true Tjin Edition fashion, the Ford Mustang will sport functional and sporty modifications, without any over-the-top aesthetics.

The custom kit designed by Tjin Edition / Gurnade and manufactured by Extreme Dimensions outfits the exterior along with a Dupont paint job. Lowering the car to the ground is an Air Lift fully digital air system. The fenders sit nicely on a set of Forgestar C5 wheels sporting a classy orange pinstripe and Tjin Edition logo.

Peeking behind the stylish five-spoke wheels is a set of Baer big brakes (with matching orange caliper of course). For performance, Tjin Edition has revealed that the Mustang GT gets a Vortech supercharger system with a nice front mount intercooler.

The 2011 Ford Mustang GT will debut in the Air Lift booth (#23533) at the 2010 SEMA Show. AutoGuide’s live SEMA coverage starts November 2nd. Until then, check out our SEMA Preview here.

 |  Jul 01 2010, 10:01 AM

According to Ford, sales of their optional Brembo brake package for the 2011 Mustang GT 5.0 have exceeded expectations by outpacing sales of the Track Pack last year (no numbers released).

The $1,695 Brembo package includes front 14-inch Brembo vented rotors and 4-piston calipers along with 11.8-inch vented rotors and 2-piston calipers out back. This package also includes unique electronic stability control (ESC) tuning and a gorgeous set of 19-inch’ Dark Stainless painted aluminum wheels that provided added style and the added caliper clearance needed for the big front Brembo calipers.

With the 2011 GT you also get the 2010 Track Pack for free, which includes parts from the 2010 Ford Mustang Shelby GT-500 and the 2008 Mustang Bullitt. This means upgraded lower rear control arms, thicker front and rear anti-sway bars, revised shocks/struts, stiffer springs and more aggressive front and rear brake pads. These parts combined to give the 2010 Mustang an impressive 0.93G skidpad rating, a number Car & Driver improved on by 0.01G with the 2011 Mustang GT (perhaps thanks to the sticky factory-equipped Pirelli P Zero rubber). Not too shabby for a $30k pony car!

With the popularity of the Brembo package, we can only conclude that the 2011 Ford Mustang GT is attracting a more performance-minded buyer, perhaps because of the great bang for the buck this muscle car represents or perhaps because of the popularity of the Mustang Challenge racing series, or even the sideways antics of pro drifters like Vaughn Gittin Jr. Whatever the case may be, we’re seeing more and more new gen Mustangs at the track. Time to make the Camaro turn and brake a little (ok, a lot) better, GM.


 |  Mar 25 2010, 1:38 PM


With the launch of the all-new 2011 Mustang GT ongoing, the team at InsideLine decided to strap the new 5.0-liter pony to a dyno to see just how accurate the car’s claimed numbers are. If you’ll recall, Ford officially boasted a total of 412-hp and 390 ft-lbs of torque.

A total of seven pulls were done with the final few runs laying down 395-hp at 6600 rpm and 365 ft-lbs of torque at 4350 rpm. InsideLine claims that due to the solid rear axle the ‘Stang will only see a drivetrain loss of roughly 11 to 13 percent power. And it doesn’t take a calculator to figure out that the 17-hp difference between the claimed flywheel number and the dynoed wheel horsepower number is far less than that. So what gives? Well, there are two possibilities. The first is that the pre-production models are pumping out more power than stock. The second option is that Ford has underrated the car’s 412-hp number – always a smart move.

Normally a car with 412-hp would lay down numbers closer to 360 whp. Instead, with 395 tested whp, it looks like the new 5.0 ‘Stang makes closer to 440-hp. Not bad!

InsideLine says all pulls were done on a Dynojet 248 chassis dyno in 4th gear using 91 octane and with a 3 percent weather correction factor.

See after the jum for a video of the dyno pull:

[Source: InsideLine]

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 |  Mar 16 2010, 7:50 AM


Not only does Ford‘s new 5.0-liter V8 for the 2011 Mustang GT make incredible amounts of horsepower, but it also achieves best-in-class fuel economy. Thanks in part to a new six-speed transmission and Ford’s Twin Independent Variable Camshaft Timing (Ti-VCT), it gets 17/26 mpg (city/highway) with the automatic and 18/25 mpg with the manual.  This is an improvement over the 15/22 mpg (auto) and 15/23 (manual) rating for the old 4.6-liter V8, while delivering almost 100 more horsepower. The V6 Mustang also gets a class-best rating of 19/31 mpg (automatic)

In comparison, the new 2011 Mustang GT edges out the Camaro SS which has a rating of 16/25 mpg with the auto and 16/24 mpg with the automatic.

We’re sure most Mustang GT shoppers won’t be too concerned with fuel economy numbers, but less money spent at the pumps is always a good thing – especially if you’re looking to throw on a few aftermarket parts.

Official release after the jump:

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 |  Jan 18 2010, 3:28 PM


The new 2011 Mustang lineup is a huge step forward for the Ford brand, with the V6 model gaining 95-hp and the GT seeing the return of the 5.0. But what will all these improvements cost you? Surprisingly, not all that much extra.

According to a leaked document posted on TheMustangSource, a base coupe will cost $22,995 (including the $850 destination charge), while the 412-hp GT will cross over the $30,000 mark, retailing for $30,495. In total, those price increases are $750 for the base V6 and $1,250 more than the ’09 year GT. And yet even with the increases and the huge engine upgrades for 2010, a Stang in either category is still cheaper than a comparable Camaro.

As for options, a six-speed automatic will cost $995 and a stylish California Special package is $2,475. See our gallery below for the full price list.

GALLERY: 2011 Mustang GT


GALLERY: 2011 Mustang


GALLERY: 2011 Mustang Price List


[Source: TheMustangSource]

Detroit 2010: 5.0-Liter Ford Mustang GT Officially Debuts in Detroit

2011 Mustang GT brings back the 5.0-liter V8, with an impressive 412-hp

 |  Jan 12 2010, 10:48 AM


With the all-new Focus taking center stage for Ford at the Detroit Auto Show, the American automaker also showed its new Mustang GT model for the first time. A mid-cycle refresh of sorts, the 2011 GT model marks the return of the 5.0-liter V8 with it 412-hp at 6500 rpm and 390 ft-lbs of torque at 4250 rpm.

The new engine is an all aluminum unit with four valves per cylinder and dual overhead cams and gets Ti-VCT variable independent timing on both the intake and exhaust cams. Along with all that power, the 2011 GT model also (finally) gets a six-speed manual transmission or six-speed automatic. This allows for both improved performance and fuel economy with Ford claiming a four to five percent increase in that department for an estimated 17 mpg city and 25 mpg highway, up from 17/23 mpg rating on the current GT automatic model. Manual transmission models will get 16/24 mpg rating (city/highway).

Additional vehicle highlights include electric power steering, 11.5-inch front and 11.8-inch rear brakes, as well as a grade-assist feature that will hold the car momentarily when accelerating away from a stop on a hill. Added improvements were made to the rear lower control arms for improved stiffness and more direct handling, a stiffer rear sway bar delivers better on-center steering, while the spring and shock rates have been adjusted for optimal performance.

A Performance Package will include 14-inch Brembo front brake disks from the Shelby GT500 as well as special 19-inch wheels and high performance summer tires.

GALLERY: 2011 Ford Mustang GT


 |  Jan 12 2010, 10:06 AM


Ford hasn’t released any details on the new 2011 Mustang GT California Special, but we stumbled across it tucked away in a back section of the Ford booth at the Detroit Auto Show. We have to say the new grille and logo up front look great, as does the California Special body kit, which includes a matte-black front splitter, as well as a rear spoiler and racecar-like rear diffuser. In addition, the California Special gets GT/CS decaling. The wheels appear to be a new design, included as part of the package as well, and we expect a few interior trim options to be included.

For 2011, the California Special gets Ford’s all-new 5.0-liter V8 with it 412-hp at 6500 rpm and 390 ft-lbs of torque at 4250 rpm. The new engine is an all aluminum unit with four valves per cylinder and dual overhead cams and gets Ti-VCT variable independent timing on both the intake and exhaust cams. Available with either a six-speed manual or six-speed automatic, the 2011 Mustang GT delivers improved performance and fuel economy, with Ford claiming a four to five percent increase in that department for an estimated 25 mpg on the highway and 17 mpg in the city, up from 23/17 on the current GT automatic model. Manual transmission models will get 24/16 mpg (highway/city)

GALLERY: 2011 Ford Mustang GT California Special


Leaked: Even More 5.0-Liter 2011 Mustang GT Info Slips Out

New GT model to get 412-hp at 6500 rpm and 390 ft-lbs of torque

 |  Dec 18 2009, 8:59 PM


***See AutoGuide’s LIVE 2010 Detroit Auto Show Coverage Here***

After details of the 2011 Mustang GT leaked out late yesterday, the folks at AutoWeek decided to blow more of the embargoed information and then additional outlets in attendance couldn’t help themselves by pouring on the details. As we reported yesterday, the 2011 Mustang GT will in fact get a 5.0-liter V8 engine making 412-hp. That power will come on at a lofty 6500 rpm with torque rated at an impressive 390 ft-lbs. Owners will be able to choose from either a 6-speed manual of a 6-speed automatic transmission, helping the 5.0-liter motor to get 25 mpg on the highway.

The new 5.0-liter engine is an all aluminum unit with four valves per cylinder and independent variable valve timing on both the intake and exhaust ports. There are also specially tuned headers and a forged steel crankshaft.

The official embargo date is still set for the 28th and unless more info is (yet again) spilled prematurely, we’ll have even more to tell you then.

Editors Note: We’ve decided not to officially list a source for this story as we don’t want to post a link-back to an embargo breaking source.

 |  Dec 17 2009, 9:51 PM


***See AutoGuide’s LIVE 2010 Detroit Auto Show Coverage Here***

***UPDATE*** Official 2011 Mustang GT info and pictures here ***UPDATE***

***UPDATE*** Additional information has now leaked out, with the new 5.0-liter V8 making 412-hp at 6500 rpm and an impressive 390 ft-lbs of torque ***UPDATE***

It’s official, the 5.0 is back! That’s right… we learned today that the iconic 5.0-liter will return in the 2011 Mustang GT with an impressive 412-hp. This information was released today and was embargoed until the 28th, but after a loose-lipped individual leaked the info, we’re certainly not going to sit back and miss out.

The output is still short of both the Challenger SRT8 and Camaro SS, but those vehicles weigh hundreds of pounds more, so the added power, combined with the ‘Stangs more nimble chassis should make the already superior performer a unanimous winner in the muscle cars wars.

Ford is set to debut the car at the Detroit Auto Show, and the return of the 5.0 was expected after Ford debuted a new 305-hp 3.7-liter V6 for the base Mustang at the LA Auto Show.

AutoGuide will bring you full coverage of the official debut on January 11th, unless, of course, more info is leaked… because we’re currently sitting on a long list of technical specs that will have five-oh fanatics drooling.

 |  Dec 15 2009, 2:39 PM


***See AutoGuide’s LIVE 2010 Detroit Auto Show Coverage Here***

After Ford recently debuted the 2011 Mustang at the LA Auto Show with a vastly more powerful V6 motor, the V8 GT model is slated to bow in Detroit in just a few weeks time. Under the hood we expect to find the return of the iconic 5.0-liter V8, with at least 400-hp.

Rumors suggested Ford would unveil both the new V6 and V8 engines at the LA show, but it certainly makes more sense to deliver the high-powered GT in Ford’s home-town.

Currently the V8 model makes “just” 315-hp and 325 ft-lbs of torque. Those aren’t bad numbers but they are well below what the Dodge Challenger SRT8 and Chevy Camaro SS make. Plus, the new 3.7-liter V6 is rated at 305-hp and 280 ft-lbs of torque – making the V8 look almost obsolete. If the 5.0 does in fact return, we expected it to be offered with the choice of either a six-speed manual or six-speed automatic transmission. This should help it deliver a sub five second 0-60 mph time and, Ford hopes, win back many of the consumers who have been skipping on the Mustang for a Bumblebee Camaro.

We’ll be sure to bring you full details on the new 2011 Ford Mustang GT as soon as we can, with live coverage of the Detroit Auto Show starting January 11th.

***UPDATE*** Since posting this article, details about the 2011 Mustang GT have leaked, pointing out that it will in fact get a 5.0-Liter V8 with 412-hp and 390 ft-lbs of torque. For more info on the new car see here. ***UPDATE***

See our review of the 2010 Ford Mustang GT below:

2010 Ford Mustang GT Review

 |  Nov 20 2009, 9:29 AM


Rather than the more traditional venue of Detroit, the Ford Motor Company will use the LA Auto Show to debut its new lineup of 2011 Mustang models. Just last year the car was significantly revised with a modernized exterior and a significantly improved interior that is now well beyond what the competition is offering. There’s only one problem, with just mild updates to the engine, both the V6 and V8 are lagging well behind in the horsepower war.

Ford is expected to rectify the situation with the 2011 models, with reports indicating that a new V6 could offer up as much as 300-hp, while a new V8 could deliver 400-hp – with a displacement of 5.0-liters, no less! Expect news of six-speed transmissions as well. The other rumor is that the GT500 will get an aluminum block, helping it shed pounds and improve the car’s overall balance.

Ford won’t confirm or deny these reports but Ford’s global product boss Derrick Kuzak did tell the folks at Autoblog that all questions would be answered at the LA Auto Show in December. Also, when asked about the aluminum-block GT500, Kuzak said, “That’s a good thought.”

The engine updates are much needed for the Mustang to put it back on top. The car has suffered significantly in sales in 2009, being beaten out by the Camaro for three straight months. While the Mustang is quite capable, even with the less powerful engine, horsepower numbers sell cars. And if the Mustang can offer everything it has now, plus more power and (presumably with a six-speed transmission), better fuel economy, then there’s no reason to buy anything else.

AutoGuide’s live coverage of the LA Auto Show starts December 2nd.

See AutoGuide’s Live 2009 LA Auto Show Coverage Here Starting December 2nd

[Source: Autoblog]

 |  Nov 19 2009, 1:45 PM


Ford is set to announce big changes to the 2011 Mustang at the LA Auto Show in just a few weeks time, but thank to someone with access to the company’s ordering system, a few details have already slipped out.

Among the details include news that the California Special will return. There will also be an SVT package with 19-inch wheels, an RR spoiler with gurney flap, stripe delete and a 3.73 limited slip rear end. Other details are scarce, but there was a listing for the GT500 Convertible, that included a supercharged 5.4-liter V8 engine. That would mean some sort of EcoBoost V8 is out, but it still leaves open the possibility that the V8 will have an aluminum block, which will help the GT500 lose a bunch of weight where it needs to most.

As for the Mustang GT, it will get a six-speed automatic transmission – although that may still be optional.

Ordering for the new 2011 models will begin on January 18th, but we should know more about the 2011 Mustang revisions once the car’s debut at the LA Auto Show on December 2nd.

[Source: GMInsideNews]

 |  Sep 03 2009, 9:41 AM


According to a self-proclaimed insider posting on, news of Ford’s power increases for the 2011 Mustang are true… but there’s more. Calling himself “TheInsider” this individual has revealed that the 2011 Mustang V6 will boast an output of 315hp and displace 3.7-liters. This would put it just slightly ahead of the 300-ish horsepower V6 in the Camaro.

As for the big V8, it will in fact see the return of the 5.0, with the new motor making 400hp. And possibly even better than that news is word of a six-speed manual transmission to replace the current five-speed unit.

All this almost sounds too good to be true, were it not for the fact that these aren’t exactly the first rumors we’re heard on the matter and that Ford is desperate keep the Mustang at the top of its game. While Ford’s other products are performing exceptionally in the marketplace, the Mustang has suffered as of late with, having been out-sold by the Camaro for three straight months.

Other bits of info that will be of interest to the Mustang faithful include news of a new track pack for 2011, an aluminum block for the 2011 Shelby GT500 and a special edition Boss model for 2012.

[Source: The Mustang Source]

 |  Aug 13 2009, 11:28 AM


With the V8′s of both the Camaro and Challenger far out-pacing the one found under the hood of the 2010 Mustang GT, it’s no surprise that rumors have begun about the return of the 5.0.

Several months ago we reported on a story that Ford’s Australian branch had confirmed a 5.0-liter V8 (code named “Coyote”) was in development.

Now the folks over at Car & Driver have evidence to support the theory that the 5.0 will return for 2011. While out at GingerMan Raceway in Michigan the C&D folks came across Ford engineers testing a more serious Track Pack than the one currently offered by Ford, which included a set of Pirelli P Zero Corsa r-compound tires – a step above the Pirellis currently offered. This led them to surmise that the added grip might be needed due to all the added horsepower.

The Coyote 5.0 V8 is rumored to make as much as 400hp and 400 ft-lbs of torque, a significant increase from the current output of 315h and 325 ft-lbs of torque.

[Source: Car & Driver]