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 |  Feb 24 2012, 10:33 AM

The Chrysler Town & Country and the Dodge Grand Caravan have ruled the minivan market for years, and are now poised to combine into one vehicle sporting the best features from each. The biggest problem with this merger however, is which name do you keep and which name do you scrap?

Chrysler group CEO, Saad Chehab, says that his Town & Country moniker should survive, and the Grand Caravan marque be put to bed. “It’s always been Town & Country that leads the way for the business of minivans, but there is a certain cache and there is loyalty that we’ve got to consider to move forward.” Said Chehab. “If we were to combine them into one minivan, Town & County has the natural fit to continue.”

This discussion erupted after Chrysler-Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne was quoted saying that the Chrysler group needs a new minivan, and it would make sense to merge both the vans into just one market offering. Marchionne also discussed the likelihood of a small platform minivan to compete with the likes of the Mazda5 and Ford C-max. Whichever brand gets the new downsized minivan will also lose its current van offering, another factor that has to be considered by Chrysler when deciding which name to rid itself of.

The Town & Country is the stronger seller in the US between the two minivans, so it would seem likely that the Grand Caravan will find itself on the chopping block.

Saad Chehab believes that the Town & Country name is the one that will carry the newest generation Chrysler van to success, and if history truly does predict the future, Chrysler has nothing to worry about when it comes to the minivan segment.

[Source: Automotive News]