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 |  Apr 07 2011, 12:41 PM

Apart from their limited range, another objection to electric vehicles is that they take hours to recharge a depleted battery.

Recently Siemens announced that prototypes of a high-powered electric vehicle charger promise to make filling a typical EV battery inside of 60 minutes. The first 22-kilowatt (kW) CP700A chargers are being rolled out through the European Commission-sponsored, Europe-wide Green eMotion initiative. They will first be deployed in Germany, but it is expected this technology will soon become available elsewhere.

Siemen’s electric mobility team head, Ralph Griewing, was reported as saying that the CP700A is the next best thing to taking an EV to the gas station in terms of speed to refill. The sub-60 minute estimate is for a typically sized battery that is fully drained. Naturally, periodic top offs for partially drained batteries would take less time, and this is actually recommended to extend the number of recharge cycles in a li-ion battery’s life cycle.

While the CP700A is capable of a 22kW dump, its software reads what kind of vehicle is being plugged in. If an electric motorcycle or scooter were to connect, it would know not to force heavy amp loads into it, and could trickle charge as low as 3.7 kW.

[Source: Autoblog Green]