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 |  Jun 08 2010, 9:37 PM

We promised we’d follow up on the Toyota Supra 2JZ-Powered Ford Mustang of Jaw’s Gear and Axle and we finally have some results in. Recently the vehicle was taken to Bakersfield for the SCE Summer Nationals at Famoso Raceway with no prior testing. Weighing in at 3,530 lbs, Jaw’s Gear and Axle opted to race in two different classes in order to get in as many runs as possible hoping to dial-in their Ford Mustang hybrid.

Their qualifying efforts required a lot of fine-tuning and tweaking, but they settled in on the first night with a fastest time of 9.630 @ 145.93 mph. They knew they had a lot more in the car and that an 8-second pass was surely possible before the weekend of racing was over. Through some luck, they were able to make some rounds in order to continue competing with their Mustang, netting a new time of 9.159 @ 157.45 mph in the second round.

As the night started coming to a close, the Jaw’s team found themselves in the finals making it an already successful debut for the Mustang. But they wanted more, perhaps knowing they wouldn’t get an event win, they still aimed for an 8-second pass. So despite losing the final round, they were able to achieve their other goal of tripping the lights at 8.962 @ 159.37 mph at the end of the quarter mile.

It’s a great starting point for the Mustang and clearly the car has a lot of potential. It’ll be exciting to see how many more domestic enthusiasts have their eyebrows raised from this unique Ford Mustang Hybrid.

GALLERY: 2JZ Powered Ford Mustang

[Source: Titan Motorsports]

 |  Apr 22 2010, 3:06 PM


There’s an old adage that floats around the drag racing track that goes something like this: “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.” Sometimes this means throwing in a 100-shot of nitrous oxide to keep up with the competitors, or dropping your credit card at the local shop to replicate what someone else has done.

While this Mustang probably had other ways of beating its competition, Jeff Wilson of Jaw’s Gear and Axle decided to shoe-horn a Toyota Supra 2JZ-GTE powerplant into his Ford Mustang. Forget the big displacement and heavy torque that every Mustang-fanatic brags about. The turbocharged inline-six will be making a statement to everyone at the drag strip for its reliability, strength and horsepower potential.

We’ve seen plenty of videos of Supras generating more than 1200-hp as well as blistering the quarter mile in 7-second passes. So it’s no surprise that this Ford Mustang will probably devastate some of its competition while raising plenty of eyebrows and stirring controversy within the pits. Look for the Jaw’s Gear and Axle Mustang at WCHRA events in the LT5 class for 2010. The project is a combination of minds with Titan Motorsports contributing parts, Enterprise Motorsport’s fabrication skills, Dave Engine’s engine building, Black Sheep Racing’s technical knowledge and world-renowned tuner John Reed. We’re looking forward to seeing Jaw’s Gear and Axle’s Mustang take on the competition!

[Source: Titan Motorsports Blog]

GALLERY: Toyota Supra Powered Ford Mustang