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 |  Apr 07 2009, 8:33 PM


Nissan just couldn’t wait for the New York Auto Show doors to open to unveil its high-performance NISMO version of the 370Z, choosing to give select media a sneak peak the night before at a private event in the Big Apple.

Enthusiasts are sure to love the NISMO car as it’s more than just a few bolt-on aesthetic parts (even if it has those too). This NISMO edition takes the Z to an even higher level in every performance category.

For starters, the NISMO edition car comes with 350hp – an increase of 18 ponies over the stock Z. Torque is also up, but just slightly, to 276 ft-lbs – an increase of 6 ft-lbs. Part of the reason for the added power is a new H-pipe exhaust, which, Nissan tells us, also gives the car an excellent sound – but we’ll have to wait to drive it to find out.

Power is also achieved at a higher rpm with the 3.7-liter V6 strung-out to 7400 rpm to acheive maximum horsepower, as opposed to the stock cars, 7000 rpm max power level.

And possibly better than the added power (for those who really appreciate track days) is a standard limited slip differential.

To give the car even better track performance, Nissan stiffened up the chassis with special “body dampers” on the front frame rail and below the rear cargo area. And of course, the car comes with a NISMO springs and a big NISMO strut tower bars front and rear. The front springs are 15 percent stiffer and rear springs are 10 percent stiffer, with the new strut bars incresing stifness by 15 and 50 percent respectively. 


As expected, the stock brakes were tossed in favor of a more serious setup with front 4-piston calipers and 14-inch rotors and rear two-piston calipers and 13.8-inch rotors. Those big brake sit inside a set of amazing looking 19-inch NISMO wheels. Manufactured by RAYS forged, the new wheels measure 19×9.5-inches up front and 19×10.5-inches in the rear witt front 245/40/19 tires and rear 285/35/19 tires. 

As mentioned earlier, the NISMO Z does get some styling additions, although they are more than just aesthetic. The new front bumper, side skirts, rear bumper and rear spoiler are all functional, reducing lift on the front axle and increasing downforce in the rear. 

“One look at the dramatic NISMO 370Z body and you know that this isn’t your everyday sports car,” said Nissan boss Al Castignetti. “The styling is highly emotional yet totally functional – expressing dynamic movement while enhancing airflow and downforce for enhanced aerodynamic performance.”


Inside, the NISMO branding is obvious with the name stitched onto the special seats made of a grippy fabric. Also inside the cabin can be found plenty of red stitching and some nice NISMO gauges.

“The NISMO name is known throughout the world as the leading supplier of race-bred, factory-tuned, extreme performance Nissan parts, accessories and vehicles,” said Castignetti. “The new, second-generation NISMO Z proudly – and deservedly – wears the NISMO badge, carrying on the tradition of bringing racing-inspired performance and engineering to the street.”

The NISMO 370Z is available only with a 6-speed manual transmission in one of five colors:  Pearl White, Brilliant Silver, Magnetic Black, Solid Red and Platinum Graphite.



GALLERY: Nissan NISMO 370Z additional photos


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VIDEO: Nissan 370Z press reel

Normally OEM press reel isn't this exciting

 |  Dec 19 2008, 3:31 PM

When a car manufacturer first releases a car they usually provide the press with stock photography and video. Normally the film is rather dull and is just something to fill the video portion while a show’s announcer talks over it. You know, typical driving shots along some abandoned coastal highway… that kind of stuff.

That being said, we wouldn’t normally post a press reel but Nissan has put together quite a work of cinematography – very Top Gear-esque. It’s well worth taking a look at, if for no other reason than to drool over Nissan’s new 370Z. The profile on this car is breathtaking… even if the front end looks a little odd.

Better yet, the new Z gets more power, a wider track and less weight!

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Official press release after the jump:



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