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 |  Jul 20 2011, 8:30 AM


If there’s any car out there that proves less is more, it’s this BMW 528i built by Evan and featured on Obviously the 5-Series is a luxury sedan before anything else, but who says you can’t add a little sportiness to your luxury? This 5-Series started by being outfitted with BMW’s M Sport kit, but it’s 3D Design’s components that really make it stand out. Subtle and clean, the M Sport front lip, carbon fiber splitters and carbon fiber rear diffuser completely transforms the 5-Series.

In addition to the 3D Design kit, Evan shaved the annoying reflectors off the M Sport front bumper and swapped out his stock kidney grilles for a pair from the 528i’s bigger brother, the 550i. From there, getting a proper stance and wheel and tire combination was crucial to perfect the look and Evan hit the nail on the head. A staggered set of 21-inch Rennen RM7 Extreme Concave 3-piece forged wheels are seen on each corner, wrapped with Falken’s FK-452 tires for a perfect fit. CKS coilovers gives the BMW a lowered stance without compromising the luxurious ride quality.

The last finishing touch was a custom quad-tipped exhaust by Royal Muffler.

GALLERY: 3D Design-Equipped M Sport BMW 528i

3d_design_m_sport_bmw_528i_f10_6.jpg 3d_design_m_sport_bmw_528i_f10_2.jpg 3d_design_m_sport_bmw_528i_f10_3.jpg 3d_design_m_sport_bmw_528i_f10_4.jpg 3d_design_m_sport_bmw_528i_f10_8.jpg 3d_design_m_sport_bmw_528i_f10_7.jpg

[Source: Canibeat]

 |  Jul 31 2010, 7:52 AM


Hot on the heels of Hamann’s Tuning Kit for the new BMW 5-Series, Japanese BMW-specialty tuner 3D Design has released its version of a body kit for the new F10 5-Series. And similar to Hamann’s offering, 3D Design kept it subtle and simple, accenting the natural body lines without going overboard. Truly luxurious with a little hint of Japanese influence.

The four piece kit focuses more on the rear than the front, with just a front lip spoiler accenting the bumper while the rear receives a new diffuser, trunk spoiler and roof spoiler. In keeping up with 3D Design’s impeccable quality, the front lip is made out of polyurethane instead of fiberglass, while the rear diffuser is their signature 1×1 twill carbon fiber. The rear spoilers are also constructed out of polyurethane with a sleek and subtle application.

3D Design also offers a tuned exhaust system and pedals for the interior for those interested. We can’t wait to see what’s next on the market for BMW’s newest 5-series chassis.

GALLERY: 3D Design BMW 5-Series F10

3d_f10_12.jpg 3d_f10_2.jpg 3d_f10_3.jpg 3d_f10_4.jpg 3d_f10_5.jpg 3d_f10_6.jpg

[Source: Jon Sibal]

 |  May 20 2010, 11:12 AM


Things have gotten very interesting in Japan now that many tuners are expanding the term JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) to encompass European vehicles. Japanese tuner 3D Design specializes in tuning BMWs and has made quite the splash in its young American presence. The company is already quite popular with the newer model E90 and E92 crowd, many of whom probably grew up modifying Hondas and Acuras. Taking the simple JDM philosophy and applying it to German vehicles, 3D Design has manufactured lip add-ons that are appreciated for their simplicity and Japanese origin.

New to 3D Design’s catalog is their front lip, rear diffuser and rear lip spoiler for the newly facelifted BMW Z4 E89. Unlike what we’re used to seeing, this isn’t a full out body kit and doesn’t even have matching side skirts. 3D Design’s package are simple add-ons to the OE front bumper, requiring little body work – just paint and install. Their fitment is near flawless and their products are one of the highest quality pieces we’ve ever set our eyes on.

As you can tell by the photos, 3D’s kit really beautifies the natural lines of the Z4 without going crazy. The rear lip add-on spoiler is subtle, and they even thought one step ahead by offering a third brake light cover that raises the housing so it’s still visible over the rear deck spoiler. The rear diffuser is made from fine 1×1 twill carbon fiber providing room for a quad tip exhaust setup.

Even though we’re huge fans of a black on black setup, we’re hoping photos surface of a 3D Design decked out Z4 in a different shade so we can really see the details in the kit. For now these will have to do!

[Source: Jon Sibal]

GALLERY: 3D Design BMW Z4 E89