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 |  May 02 2011, 11:14 PM

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It may have more computing power than the Apollo mission, presumably. And it’s dedicated to just one thing: an almost Teutonic discipline of making you go fast—or, uh, even faster. Nevertheless, the bleeding-edge interior of the Ferrari 458 Italia might be confusing to those whose last brush with prancing horse greatness came with a wooden steering wheel and Moreschi driving gloves.

So to help, this video was released by Ferrari to introduce you, the potential six-figure customer, to the driver-centric controls, features, and gee-whiz gizmos of the 458 Italia that will help you go fast. For those of us that don’t have six figures at our disposal, however, it’s nice to know that after watching this video we’re prepared to commandeer a 458 Italia in the wild. Just in case, you know…