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 |  Aug 04 2014, 9:02 AM

The Auto Industry's Semi-Secret Language

Top 10 chassis codes

If you’re even a little bit of a car nut, there’s a good chance you know about chassis codes. Car geeks can go through entire automotive conversations without ever mentioning a model name. Continue Reading…

 |  Mar 17 2014, 4:04 PM


Every one of Porsche’s already-built 2014 911 GT3 sports cars will undergo an engine replacement.

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 |  Jan 02 2014, 9:02 AM


A version of the Porsche 911 Carrera 4 with a taller suspension could be coming as early as 2016, primarily targeting parts of the world where demand exists for Porsche’s sports car, but smooth roads do not. 

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 |  Dec 27 2013, 8:34 AM

This is Our Holiday Wish List

2014 Nissan GT-R

It has been another busy year at the AutoGuide office. Once again we have driven and evaluated hundreds of cars this year ranging from the Mitsubishi Mirage to the Dodge Ram to the Rolls Royce Ghost.

We love testing cars and will test anything we can get our hands on. However, every once in a while we come across a car that is something special; a car that separates itself from the over-populated crowd and wins over our automotive hearts.

These here are the top ten vehicles that stuck in our minds. They may not be the fastest or flashiest cars out there (though most of them are), but long after we had to return these press vehicles, we were still longing for just one more drive.

 |  Dec 15 2013, 10:01 AM


Porsche has officially named its newest LMP1 race car as the 919 hybrid.

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 |  Dec 09 2013, 10:45 AM


The first-ever season of the new TUDOR United SportsCar Championship is less than two months away.

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 |  Nov 30 2013, 10:31 PM


Actor Paul Walker, 40, died today in a fiery single car crash that left the star and an unidentified person dead.

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 |  Oct 31 2013, 9:01 AM


The Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger are the top three most stolen sporty cars in America according to a recent report.

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 |  Sep 27 2013, 5:49 PM


Porsche’s upcoming Macan crossover will initially reach the U.S. with a 3.0-liter V6 and a 3.6-liter turbo unit according to leaked slides from a dealer meeting.

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 |  Aug 22 2013, 9:34 AM

Mercedes AMG SLC Main

Mercedes-Benz is still hard at work preparing a small sports car that will fight head to head with the Porsche 911, and the brand is testing the car at the famed Nürburgring to hone its handling. 

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 |  Jul 31 2013, 1:45 PM


Porsche will continue to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its 911 model at this year’s Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance with a stunning display of new and historic models.

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 |  Jul 16 2013, 8:02 AM


Sharing almost all of its specifications with the 911 Turbo coupe, Porsche’s open-air turbocharged sports car was spied testing today on the Nurburgring. 

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 |  Jul 11 2013, 3:02 PM


Porsche is celebrating 50 years of its 911 model at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, announcing an impressive lineup for the event.

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 |  May 25 2013, 12:01 PM


We are back with this week’s installment of AutoGuide’s newest, interactive weekly feature ‘Commute, Toy or Destroy’.
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 |  May 21 2013, 9:32 AM


The new Porsche 911 GT3 isn’t just another generation in the German automaker’s GT3 lineup; it’s packed with next-generation technology that makes it a true track monster.

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 |  May 07 2013, 5:14 PM


Earlier, Porsche unveiled the next iteration of its 911 Turbo and Turbo S, and now the German automaker has released a first look video of its next great sports car.

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 |  Apr 28 2013, 3:01 PM


Each week, we recap the most popular videos from AutoGuide‘s YouTube channel just in case all seven days passed you by and you missed out. This week, the battle of of mid-size sedans from Toyota and Honda takes top honors.

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 |  Apr 14 2013, 1:21 PM


While the Porsche 911 RSR certainly looks good in its 2013 race livery, it looks even better stripped down to its carbon fiber glory.

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 |  Apr 01 2013, 9:10 AM


To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Porsche, the German automaker has unveiled its latest 911 RSR race car which will be campaigned this race season by the Porsche AG Team Manthey works squad.

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 |  Feb 26 2013, 3:45 PM

Porsche is recalling 111 of its 911 Carrera and Carrara 4 sports cars from the 2013 model year because the exhaust tailpipe can fracture and fall off the muffler.

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 |  Feb 07 2013, 9:54 AM

Porsche’s iconic sportscar is turning the big 5-0, and the German company has some major plans to celebrate all year long.

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 |  Dec 26 2012, 9:01 AM

Maserati is currently working towards having a 100-percent coverage of the luxury sports car market, which means a Porsche 911 rival is in the works.

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 |  Dec 17 2012, 12:01 PM

Final Bespoke Slant Nose Porsche 911


It’s the second day of AutoGuide’s Dream Car Garage list. This time News Editor Luke Vandezande compiled his list of the 10 cars, a word used loosely at points, that he would pick if money weren’t a factor.

Bespoke programs are wildly popular in the high-end car market, but this one-off from Porsche is probably one of the most interesting 911s to come from the Porsche factory.

SEE ALSO: Final Porsche Slantnose Defines ‘Factory Custom’

There isn’t another one like it. From the leather-backed gauges to the adjustable boost meter and limited slip differential and a six-speed manual transmission, this is what every Porsche product of the time should have been.

 |  Dec 10 2012, 5:32 PM

Porsche is recalling its 2010 model year 911 GT3 vehicles in Canada for a possible rear wheel hub failure.

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