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 |  Mar 08 2012, 6:32 PM

Last year, poor sales caused the Alfa Romeo 159 to be discontinued and it appears that its successor won’t be making any sort of debut until 2014. Sergio Marchionne, CEO of Fiat-Chrysler, spoke at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show saying that the 159′s replacement has been delayed once again. 

Currently the Alfa Romeo brand only has the MiTo and Giulietta hatchback models to sell, causing concern among Alfa Romeo dealers in Europe. When the news of the 159′s cut first hit, Fiat claimed that the 159′s replacement was delayed to 2013 because of design issues. Now another year of delays could put a strain on the Alfa Romeo’s limited brand.

“We are not delaying the Alfa because of architecture but because of availability of powertrains that match the DNA of the brand,” said Marchionne.

[Source: What Car?]

 |  Sep 02 2011, 3:45 PM

Fiat will be gradually discontinuing the beautiful Alfa Romeo 159, as reports have indicated that production of the 159 has come to an end at the assembly plant in Naples, Italy. Last minute 159 buyers may have some luck because the vehicle has been stockpiled by dealers ahead of the factory’s temporary closure.

Sadly, the 159 suffered from its edgy front end, making for poor aerodynamics and although the vehicle was built to meet U.S regulations, the vehicle was never sold stateside.

Enthusiasts are complaining that with the absence of the 159, there is a gaping hole left in both Alfa Romeo and Fiat’s line-up. Neither the Alfa Giulietta, Lancia Delta nor the Fiat Bravo can pass as a compact executive car. The 159 is expected to be replaced by the Giulia but won’t hit the road until 2013, and will likely stay that way for another few years. The Naples plant will now produce the Fiat Panda.

GALLERY: Alfa Romeo 159


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