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 |  Sep 02 2014, 4:29 PM

Cars That Are Available in North America but Not in the USA

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Think we have it good in the US when it comes to automotive selection? Think again. There are quite a few cars available to our neighbors from the North and South, but not in our dealerships. What gives?

Here’s the scoop: many of these cars might not pass our emissions or safety standards, while others don’t fit into some automakers US lineups. Other cars, like the Nissan Micra may just exist in these smaller markets to test the waters.

Despite these reasons, we still wish that the following cars could make their way to the US, even if takes black-magic or voodoo to bring them. Check out our list and let us know which Non-US, North American car you pine for.

 |  Sep 04 2013, 11:02 AM


Alfa Romeo is in the midst of relaunching its brand worldwide, but its future model lineup is a little hazy.

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 |  Jul 21 2013, 9:29 PM


Alfa Romeo will be making some major changes to its lineup, as the Italian automaker will be dumping its MiTo and Giulietta hatchbacks around 2015 to make room for rear-wheel drive sedans.

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 |  May 06 2013, 1:32 PM


As we get closer to the premiere of Fast & Furious more details on the movie’s star vehicles are spilling out.

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 |  Dec 26 2012, 4:56 PM

A leaked roadmap has revealed that Alfa Romeo is planning on launching nine new models by 2016, with the Italian automaker setting its sight on the premium market.

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 |  Dec 06 2011, 12:24 PM

Dodge revealed teaser shots of their Dart compact car, designed to replace the wretched Caliber crossover, and so far it looks to be the first hit of Alfa Romeo-inspired product for North America.

Using the underpinings of the lovely Alfa Giulietta compact, the Dart will use a 1.4L turbocharged Fiat MultiAir engine – good for 168 horsepower and 180 lb-ft of torque while returning a reported 39 mpg. Other engines include a 2.0L and 2.4L “Tigershark” 4-cylinder, mated to a 6-speed dual-clutch gearbox. A 9-speed automatic is said to be available at a later date.

Other features include a dual exhaust and 4-wheel independent suspension. The Dart will be built at Chrysler’s Illinois plant, and will get a proper reveal at the 2012 North American International Auto Show.

GALLERY: 2013 Dodge Dart


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 |  Aug 28 2011, 1:30 PM


The leading tuner of Alfa Romeos, Novitec, has added some spice to the sporty Giulietta, giving owners several power package options, a styling kit and an assortment of wheels to choose from. Power packages are available for the 1.4L TB 16V engine, 1.8L turbocharged engine, 1.6L JTD 16V engine and the 2.0L JTD 16V engine. The most powerful 1.8L turbocharged engine gets an increase of 26-hp, bringing its peak to an impressive 261-hp figure. To match the horsepower increases, Novitec also offers stainless steel rear mufflers with dual- or quad-tipped designs, giving the Giulietta a sportier tone to match its new performance.

Wheels that fit the Giulietta from Novitec range from 18- to 20-inch in sizing with the demo car featuring a “king-sized” Novitec N10 in a 20-inch fitment available in a silver or matte black finish. Novitec recommends a 20×8.5-inch set paired with 235/50/20 Pirelli P Zero rubber. Giving the Giulietta the sporty stance it needs to go with the massive wheel and tire upgrade, Novitec offers a lowering spring package that gives the Giulietta a 1.37-inch drop. Those seeking for even more adjustability can opt for their coilovers that also give the ability to adjust dampening while lowering the car 1.37-inch to 2.95-inch.

Along with all that, a sporty body kit is available giving the front bumper a subtle front lip for around $360, a pair of side skirts for $340 and a rear apron for $240. The rear apron comes in different versions with cutouts depending on if you have a dual- or quad-tipped exhaust system.

With Alfa Romeo set to return to North America soon, look for Novitec to become a household name among tuners.

GALLERY: Novitec Alfa Romeo Giulietta

novitec_alfa_romeo_giulietta_10.jpg novitec_alfa_romeo_giulietta_12.jpg novitec_alfa_romeo_giulietta_14.jpg novitec_alfa_romeo_giulietta_15.jpg novitec_alfa_romeo_giulietta_19.jpg novitec_alfa_romeo_giulietta_20.jpg

 |  Jun 18 2011, 7:34 AM

Remember when your parents told you that if you didn’t do well the first time, try, try again? Fiat and Dodge have heeded that advice. So when you’re at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show, expect to see Caliber: Round Two.

A small hatchback in the vein of the Caliber will debut for the 2013 model year at the Detroit Auto Show in a few months. It will ride on Fiat’s C-Evo platform that also underpins the Alfa Romeo Giulietta, which is scheduled to arrive in America sometime this year.

Not much is known about the Caliber right now except for this Bigfoot-esque blurry, grainy render above: it’s not known what engines will be inside, or whether it will even be called Caliber. After the dismal vehicle it replaces, we won’t be surprised if Dodge chooses to damnatio memoriae that nameplate. But, in traditional fashion, it will be larger than the car it replaces.

[Source: Ward's via Autoblog]

 |  Oct 25 2010, 11:23 AM

Dodge‘s largely unloved Caliber compact hatchback will get the ax in 2012, with Chrysler replacing the car with a model based on Alfa Romeo’s much lauded Giulietta hatchback.

Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne confirmed that the mid-size Alfa hatch would underpin the new Dodge model while commenting on Fiat’s 3rd quarter earnings. The Giulietta will likely be a positive fit in the Dodge lineup, which is Chrysler’s “sporty brand”, although the reaction of Alfa Romeo purists remains to be seen.

[Source: USA Today]

 |  Sep 14 2010, 4:08 PM

Alfa Romeo’s Giulietta and MiTo hatchbacks will get an all-new, in house dual clutch gearbox, known as the TCT, which will be unveiled at this month’s Paris Auto Show.

The TCT gearbox will initially be available with the 1.4L Multiair engine making 168 horsepower, followed by the 2.0L diesel outputting the same amount of power. The TCT will also feature a new stop-start system designed to cut down on emissions. The diesel engine will also be unveiled alongside the TCT gearbox and is aimed at the fleet market. With 138 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque, the new 2.0L oil burner will be able to get 62 mpg combined, leaving us wondering when it will make its way to a Chrysler product.

[Source: Autocar]

 |  Jul 07 2010, 3:25 PM

Alfa Romeo is looking to emulate Porsche, another sporty brand, and produce two new SUVs designed to go head to head with Audi’s Q5 and upcoming Q3 crossover vehicles.

Autocar suggests that the smallest one will be based on the highly acclaimed Giulietta compact hatchback(pictured above), and will likely use Alfa’s Q4 all-wheel-drive system. It would logically follow that the larger SUV will be based on the upcoming mid-size Giulia sedan, but a partnership with Jeep is also being discussed.

With Alfa’s stated goal of increasing sales from 100,000 to 500,000 units, two SUVs would help the company reach those targets, especially in North America, a crucial market Alfa has failed to re-establish a presence in.

[Source: Autocar]

Report: New Alfa Romeo Platform to Underpin 2012 Dodge Caliber, PT Cruiser

Could turbocharged 1750cc Fiat motor be the new SRT?

 |  Feb 15 2010, 7:17 PM


The upcoming Alfa Romeo Giulietta, set to debut at the Geneva Auto Show next month, will likely underpin the next generation Dodge Caliber and Chrysler PT Cruiser. According to a report by Automotive News, Fiat (Alfa’s parent company) is looking to sell one million vehicles based of the Giulietta platform, 700,000 of which it intends to move in the U.S. as Chrysler company products.

The Giulietta will have to be made larger for the North American market and Alfa is reportedly working on a widened version called “Compact Wide,” which will not only underpin the Caliber and PT Cruiser, but five other Chrysler brand products. Both front drive and AWD versions of the platform can be had and yes, that does mean a Jeep version is included in Chrysler’s Fiat’s plans.

Above we have an early design sketch of what an Alfa Romeo Giulietta-based Dodge Caliber would look like, provided by Dodge Brand CEO Ralph Gilles. A gallery of Giulietta images can be found below, including one image of a 1750cc turbocharged Fiat engine, with 200-hp and 236 ft-lbs of torque, which could likely be tweaked further for an SRT4 version. The 2012 Dodge Caliber, at least in base trim, is likely to get the company’s revised 2.4-liter four-cylinder with 190-hp and 175 ft-lbs of torque.

GALLERY: Alfa Romeo Giulietta


[Source: Automotive News and Autoblog]