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 |  Jan 15 2010, 12:29 AM


Custom paint has always been a staple of modifying a car. Over the years trends have come and gone, many of them debuting from Tokyo such as Maziora or “color changing” paint. We ran across this pair of cars with a paint style we have yet to see.

The car above is called the Toban Shokunin by a shop called And Factory Produce and appears to have started life as some sort of Suzuki. We honestly can’t say what the other car is, or was.

Regardless, the new paint scheme is brilliantly metallic and has a serious 3D look to it. Who knows, perhaps we’ll see more cars painted this way in the future. It’s definitely extreme, but used in moderation, it could really work for some nice pinstiping action on a classic American hotrod.

GALLERY: And Factory Produce Toban Shokunin