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 |  Aug 28 2012, 12:32 PM

Hyundai has teamed up with ArmorTech to develop an armoured limousine variant of its Equus sedan which will be heading to the 2012 Moscow International Automobile Salon for its European debut.

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 |  May 31 2011, 11:24 AM


ArmorTech Motors out in Russia is adding even more luxury to Bentley‘s Mulsanne by offering a few options to extend the wheelbase and raise the roof.  Two options are available for the Mulsanne; ArmorTech is willing to lengthen the wheelbase either 20-inches or 45-inches depending on what you’d like. Those looking for more headroom can also have the roof raised 3.9-inches.

The stretched Mulsanne truly looks like a limousine after ArmorTech’s treatment on it. Along with the stretching, ArmorTech also does the requisite changes to the vehicle’s brakes, chassis and suspension to make it safe to drive.

Now that there’s more interior space, ArmorTech can also outfit your Mulsanne with a variety of in-car-electronics  or even a partition wall that’s hand-crafted.

No pricing was announced for the Mulsanne options, but we’re guessing it’s not cheap.

GALLERY: ArmorTech Motors Stretched Bentley Mulsanne

armortech_stretched_bentley_mulsanne_1.jpg armortech_stretched_bentley_mulsanne_2.jpg armortech_stretched_bentley_mulsanne_3.jpg
 |  Jul 17 2010, 7:28 AM


As if we couldn’t get anymore confused about BMW‘s X6 and its purpose in life, ArmorTech out of Russia has decided to offer a coupe conversion. This whole sport activity vehicle (SAV) thing keeps getting a new take and now ArmorTech has probably done what we never thought would happen…or probably deep down hoped would never happen.

But now it’s here so we should take some time to see what it’s all about. ArmorTech takes a standard BMW X6, pushes the B-Pillar back, essentially adding 9.8-inches to the front doors. In addition they move the rear window forward by 7.9-inches. Naturally the conversion requires new front seats that tilt and slide forward to allow your passengers access to the rear.

We’re still not sure why anyone would want this, other than to have a sporty, yet not-so-full-of-utility, sport utility vehicle. (Sorry, sport activity vehicle). And for those not happy with just the coupe conversion, ArmorTech claims they can order engine upgrades, as well as a  sports suspension, exhaust, wheels, brakes, body kit, interior upgrades… and, well, just about anything that’s available in the aftermarket.

So what’s next? Will ArmorTech take an X6 M and convert that into a coupe?

GALLERY: ArmorTech BMW X6 Coupe

x6_coupe_7.jpg x6_coupe_6.jpg x6_coupe_5.jpg x6_coupe_4.jpg x6_coupe_3.jpg x6_coupe_1.jpg

[Source: WorldCarFans]