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 |  Jun 04 2010, 1:45 PM

What if your car knew exactly when the traffic lights would change, letting you crawl slowly towards a light at a pace that would let you hit the gas upon a green light, never having to come to a full stop? Or made irrelevant that game of brinksmanship, where you and the car next to you slowly creep away while the light is still red, rocketing away from an intersection when it changes color? What if you could be warned upon an amber or red light with an audible and visual warning?

Audi is working on a system that can do this, and it’s called Travolution. Already in place on a test fleet of 25 cars, the system uses wireless LAN to interact with traffic signals, and then display the data on the in-car display coupled to Audi’s MMI system. Audi claims that Travolution has the potential to save nearly 185,000 gallons of fuel every year. We’d like to see the math behind that, and an assurance that this wouldn’t lead to some kind of Skynet autonomous driving program.

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[Source: Audi]

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