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 |  May 17 2010, 5:34 PM


While our most popular sedan-based racing series involves only left turns, Europe has a long, storied history of touring car racing, where pumped up sedans go head to head on some of the world’s most famous tracks. British automaker Jaguar is hoping to get into the action with a new touring car of its own.

Belgium, home of the hallowed Spa-Francorchamps race circuit, is getting a new competitor in its touring car series, as Jaguar prepares to enter an awesome, British Racing Green liveried XF sedan in the series. Details are scant, but some kind of 3.5L V6 making oodles of power will propel the car around the track, as it does battle with the likes of the Volvo S60 Touring Car.

The season f the Belgian Touring Car Series is already underway but we can’t wait to see what Jaguar’s new entrant is capable of doing.

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 |  Apr 07 2010, 12:44 PM


It’s not ever often that we get to use the words Volvo and cool in the same sentence, but this is definitely one of those times. In fact, the last time we did so might be when K-Pax unveiled its World Challenge Volvo S60 race cars. Well, it’s no surprise then that the newest cool Volvo is also an S60, and it’s also a race car.

Along with its amazing looks, what makes this S60 so badass is the fact that it features a mid-engine setup. On top of that, the 3.5-liter V6 engine has been pumped up to 410-hp, making it to the ground through a six-speed sequential transmission and a rear-drive setup. It has been built by Volvo’s Belgian S60 Racing Team and will compete in the Belgian Touring Car Series this year, driven by Vincent Radermecker and Eric Van De Poele.

“We are very happy about this development,” says Bart Crols, Managing Director at Volvo Cars Belgium. “The all-new Volvo S60 sports sedan is Volvo’s most exciting driving experience so far and there is no better way to show this than by bringing it to the race track. Volvo and the all-new S60 have a special place in the people’s hearts here as several Volvo models, including the new S60, are built in Belgium at theVolvo Cars Ghent plant.”

The BTCS Volvo S60 will take to the track for its first competition, during the season opening race this weekend, April 9-11 at Zolder, Belgium.



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