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 |  May 10 2012, 5:15 PM

Ben Collins revealed himself to be The Stig from Top Gear, as he felt his days on the show were numbered. He went on to publish an autobiography on his experiences as The Stig and now his newest gig is on the movie set of the upcoming James Bond film.

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 |  Apr 29 2011, 7:51 AM

We don’t know if he read Forbes’ list of worst cars for 2011. All we do know is that he’s made his own list, and that he is called the Stig.

That’s right, Top Gear’s ‘the Stig’ has released his list of the worst five cars he’s ever driven, with some shocking surprises and some rather obvious ones. The Stig in question here is the second Stig or the White Stig, Ben Collins, who joined the show in 2003 after the Black Stig was killed off and who left the show last year.

The list includes a total of five cars, two American, two Italian and even one from the UK. Hit the jump for a brief summary.


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 |  Sep 01 2010, 8:53 AM

The reputation of Top Gear‘s “The Stig” has become synonymous with anonymity and was quite possibly one of the industry’s greatest mysteries. In a way it gave viewers a lot to chat about, with this growing aura of secrecy around The Stig. But now Ben Collins has been ousted as The Stig from Top Gear due to a breach in a non-disclosure agreement and we have to wonder…was Ben the only Stig for the past few years to ever entertain our eyes?

We can’t help our skepticism to believe that Collins was the one and only Stig, but rather one of the drivers that played the Stig’s identity. Collins has quite the driving resume, having competed in American Le Mans, Formula Three, GT3, ASCAR and NASCAR.

Now knowing how big of a secret The Stig’s identity is to Top Gear, we find it really odd that Collins would risk that portion of his career for the sake of publishing an autobiography. But maybe he was taking some notes from Perry McCarthy, the former Black Stig that also appeared on Top Gear. When McCarthy published his autobiography, Top Gear killed off the Black Stig.

UPDATE: The BBC has lost an appeal in the British courts system to block publishing house HarperCollins from confirming the identity of The Stig. That hearing was attended by Ben Collins.

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