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 |  Jan 01 2013, 11:43 PM

Ahead of its official debut at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show, Bentley has unveiled its newest Continental GT Speed Convertible; the brand’s open-top performance flagship and the world’s fastest four-seat convertible.

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 |  Dec 26 2012, 2:11 PM

Photos of the 2013 Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible have leaked onto the Internet, ahead of the vehicle’s official debut at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show.

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 |  Dec 18 2012, 2:01 PM

10. 2013 Mercedes-Benz G65

Day three of our Dream Car Garages series is brought to you by the wishful mind of Road Test Editor Richard Cazeau. First on his list, the Mercedes G65.

Why an SUV? Because it all about the “just in case” factor of: hauling in-laws, moving a buddy to a new apartment or a jaunt to Lake Tahoe. And since Land Rovers and Range Rovers are so played-out by Hollywood celebs, why not opt for a classic?

Why this SUV? Well, regular richies can have the G63 with its 544 hp twin-turbo V8. Instead, the not-sold-in-America G65 gets four more cylinders and makes an outrageous 612 hp and 738 lb-ft of torque! That’s why.


 |  Nov 27 2012, 11:48 PM

On the eve of the 2012 LA Auto Show‘s kickoff, Bentley unveiled its Continental GT3 Concept Racer in America for the first time.

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 |  Sep 27 2012, 11:23 AM

Bentley revealed more than just the GT3 concept here at the 2012 Paris Motor Show, as the brand also announced its return to the race track. 

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 |  Aug 22 2012, 3:41 PM

The Bentley Continental Speed GT made its North American debut over the weekend at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, and now Bentley has a released a video of the car taking laps around a track.

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 |  Aug 22 2012, 7:31 AM

The 2013 Bentley Continental GT Speed model debuted at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, but didn’t make its North American debut until this past weekend at Pebble Beach.

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 |  Aug 19 2012, 8:33 PM

The new Bentley Continental GT Speed made  its North American debut at this year’s Pebble Beach Concours, with an eye-popping 616-hp, making it the fastest ever production model Bentley.

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 |  Aug 16 2012, 7:01 PM

The new Bentley Continental GT Speed will be making its North American debut at this year’s Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, boasting 616-hp and heralded as the fastest ever production model Bentley.

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 |  Jun 20 2012, 7:31 AM

As expected, Bentley has announced its newly updated Continental GT Speed model ahead of its official debut at the upcoming Goodwood Festival of Speed.

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 |  Jun 12 2012, 7:02 PM

Awhile back, we spotted Bentley preparing for this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed by putting its Continental GT V8 through its paces for the hill-climb event.

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 |  Nov 25 2010, 11:36 PM


With the acclaim Anderson Germany got with the release of its tuning package for Bentley’s Continental Supersports, it’s no surprise the German team went straight to the drawing board for Bentley‘s Continental GT Speed. For those not wanting to upgrade to the newer Continental model, Anderson Germany is releasing a very limited quantity styling package (at 150 units) to the general public.

Dubbed the Elegance Edition, Anderson Germany adds more sport than elegance to the exterior of the Continental GT Speed – something we really dig. Lightening up the load is a carbon fiber hood with additional air intakes, and a matching rear deck lid. The front and rear bumpers are also constructed out of lightweight carbon fiber, matching the paired side skirts to the kit. LED daytime running lights are also added to the front, giving the car a more modern appearance along with its new chrome grilles.

Performance is also enhanced, giving GT Speed owners a little bit of ammo against Supersports owners. Anderson Germany ups horsepower output to 685-hp from the stock 601-hp thanks to a new air filter, exhaust system and ECU upgrade.

Inside the cabin, subtle carbon fiber accents can be seen. The leather seats also receive a reupholstered black leather finish, accented with white logo stitching.

GALLERY: Anderson Germany Bentley Continental GT Speed

bentley_2.jpg bentley_3.jpg bentley_4.jpg bentley_5.jpg bentley_6.jpg bentley_7.jpg

 |  Sep 11 2009, 9:35 AM


German luxury tuner Mansory is full of surprises. Just when you think the creative minds at Mansory might have reached the limits of excess by fitting a Murciélago exhaust to a Ferrari 599, painting an SLR in Matte gold or completely modifying a Bugatti Veyron, they do this. Called the Vitesse Rosé, this baby pink Bentley is a perfect Barbie-mobile.

While the pink paint is the most obvious, this Bentley Continental GT Speed also gets a complete Mansory aero kit including a new front bumper with wider openings, side skirts and a new rear bumper with a diffuser. There is also an exposed carbon fiber hood to drop a few pounds on the hefty Bentley, with a carbon rear lip out back.

Additional exterior details include the set of 21-inch wheels, but the real surprise is inside, where a pink and purple diamond stitched leather and Alcantara cockpit assaults the eyes.

Mansory will debut this Vitesse Rosé for the first time at the Frankfurt Auto Show next week. The car will be available in a limited edition for a price of 269,000 euros ($383,000).

GALLERY: Mansory Vitesse Rosé


Official release after the jump:

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 |  Feb 27 2009, 10:39 AM


Looking more like something that might roll out of a SoCal tuning shop like Platinum Motorsport, German tuning house Edo Competition has just released details of its version of the Bentley Continental GT Speed.

The Edo Conti GT Speed makes a total of 680hp and 649 ft-lbs of torque, thanks to a modified ECU and a stainless steel exhaust system. The new exhaust system even features butterfly valves with an optional remote so driver’s can decide when they want to open up the valves and let the full sound of the W12 engine be heard.

Thanks to these performance mods, Edo Competition claims its new GT can hit 62 mph in just 4.2 seconds and blast on to a new top speed of 211 mph!

Other modifications include 20-inch wheels (which can be custom painted) and new control unit for Bentley’s air suspension, which allows the car to sit up to 35mm lower than stock.

Surprisingly, the aftermarket extremists seem to have been outdone by the OEMs this time, as Bentley’s Continental Supersports, while making less power, has a significantly faster 0-60 time of just 3.7 seconds.

For more on Edo Competition visit:

GALLERY: Edo Competition Continental GT Speed