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 |  Feb 24 2014, 9:02 AM


An overwhelming majority of the cars Rolls-Royce sold in 2013 were individually customized for their owners.

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 |  Aug 15 2013, 1:00 PM


Lincoln, Ford’s struggling luxury division, just revealed the next mile marker on its long road to revitalization at the Pebble Beach Concourse in Monterey, California this afternoon. The company is borrowing an idea from the long ago to exceed customers’ expectations today.

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 |  Mar 04 2013, 5:01 PM

It’s a big year for celebrating anniversaries at the Geneva Motor Show this year, and Aston Martin’s “Centenary Edition” Vanquish was uncovered today before the show’s official beginning.

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 |  May 01 2012, 9:52 AM

What you’re looking at right now is a Lamborghini Aventador J, only it’s got a twist. Unless you’ve had your eyes shut for the past couple months, pictures of the wicked Lambo have probably crossed your path, but this version has a roof and is a lot faster.

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 |  Apr 27 2012, 4:04 PM


In the skiing world Jon Olsson is known for innovating new tricks, in the automotive world he’s known for taking supercars through weather that might make some SUV drivers cringe.

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 |  Jan 24 2012, 3:15 PM


It turns out that owning a Rolls-Royce isn’t rare enough on it’s own for the majority of people buying these ultra-luxury cars.

No, the people willing and able to shell out for the best of the best seem to be afraid the valet will confuse their Ghost with the others outside the country club. According to the company, 56 percent of Rolls-Royce Ghosts and Ghost Extended Wheel Base Models featured a bespoke design in 2011.

The Ghost is actually a late-comer to the bespoke game as far as the Rolls-Royce family is concerned. The company sells a healthy chunk of their cars to the Middle East, where 99 percent of Phantoms sold featured bespoke designs.

“It is always our goal to exceed our clients’ highest expectations and fulfill their innermost desires,” said Torsten Müller-Ötvös, Rolls-Royce CEO. “With highly bespoke Phantom and Ghost models, we are able to achieve this. The passion with which our bespoke craftspeople create these beautiful cars is reflected in some truly outstanding examples delivered across the globe last year.”

The company is on an upwardly bespoke trend: demand increased an average of almost 35 percent over the last six years worldwide. North America actually represents the most rapidly increasing demand, increasing 54 percent over that time period, though the Middle East is the highest overall with 99 percent demand for bespoke vehicles.

So what’s all this fuss about? Well, Rolls-Royce makes it their business to bend over backwards to ensure client satisfaction. Your new Rolls can come with paint of your choice, tread plates, champagne sets or even a picnic set for those balmy Sunday afternoons in the park.

GALLERY: 2011 Rolls-Royce Ghost


 |  Jan 22 2012, 3:59 PM

Exotic and luxury automobiles shouldn’t have to share a space in the garage with everyday, average cars. Fine automobiles need a storage space that’s fitting to its stature – they need the Autospace.

Designed by Ecospace, the AutoSpace lets you safely store and display your exotic cars for your jealous neighbors to envy. This bespoke garage can be designed for multiple cars, and can feature a workshop, store, a garden studio or office complete with modular storage. Just a few of the options you can add to the AutoSpace include floor-to-ceiling glazing, security blinds, ambient lighting and electric roller shutters.

Made using sustainable wood and cedar cladding from renewable, certified sources, the AutoSpace is designed to maximize energy efficiency. For this purpose, it utilizes high insulation values through thick multi-layered floor, walls and roof. Once it’s built for you, the AutoSpace won’t need any extra maintenance, treatment or decoration to its external or internal walls.

“Certain cars become an iconic benchmark in automotive design, and we wanted to create a more appropriate solution where your car can be kept, enjoyed and admired,” said Amira Idris-Town, partner of Ecospace. “Whatever you drive, from a rare classic to the latest supercar, you need somewhere to keep your pride and joy safely and have convenient access it.”

Prices for the AutoSpace start from around £18,000 – that’s about US$28,000. If you’re interested in ordering one for your prized possessions, you can find out more at the Ecospace website.

 |  Dec 08 2011, 1:00 AM

Back in the 1950s and ’60s, when you bought or ordered a Ferrari, being able to select individual colors, features or options was virtually par for the course, a big reason why today, survivors from that era tend to fetch huge money when they come up for sale.

Now, Maranello has launched a new bespoke cosmetic program, that aims to build on those age-old traditions of customer excellence and exclusivity. Called “Tailor Made,” it allows Ferrari clients to essentially personalize every last interior and exterior detail of their new car, with assistance from a Personal Designer who works with them through the entire selection and creation process, right up to the point at which the customer takes delivery.

In fact, customers are actively encouraged to visit the Ferrari facilities where they can browse different materials and concepts, as well as preview the final results of their selection. They can even collect their completed car from Maranello personally if they so choose.

The Tailor Made program embodies three distinct elements;

Scuderia, a race inspired category which provides customers with such options as carbon-fibre trim, rubberized leather, Alcantara, chamois and other such finishes such as diamond quilted fabric (inspired by such a pattern found on the 1957 250 Testa Rossa), as well as specific exterior colors and even, racing stripes, such as those found on original North American Racing Team (NART) cars.

Classica, which includes pastel colors inspired from Ferrari exterior hues of the past, along with traditional materials such as rich wools, cashmere, leather, or velvet.

And finally, Inedita, which takes an experimental approach, combining new themes with traditional ones,  such as as offering a novel range of materials, like as denim or suit fabric, for upholstery.


 |  Sep 19 2011, 2:00 PM


Take care of business on the go. Busy executives will be able to multitask while being driven to their next meeting, thanks to the Bentley Mulsanne Executive Interior Concept.

Premiering last week at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show, the Mulsanne Executive Interior is a multimedia connectivity concept that was showcased in the hand-crafted cabin of the Bentley Mulsanne. Boasting an impressive array of bespoke business, comfort and entertainment features, this interior took over 170 hours to create.

If you’re sitting in the back seat, you can take advantage of individual Apple iPad workstations with full internet access that sit on integrated retractable picnic tables. If you want to take a break from work, watch a movie on the large, drop-down LED screen.

Feeling a little thirsty? You’ll find a bespoke bottle cooler in rear center console that comes equipped with an illuminated, double-glazed frosted glass door. In the way of lighting, there are multi-directional reading lights for each rear passenger that can be operated with Apple devices, and mood lighting in the rear center console keeps stowage areas well lit. Even the  docking station and cupholders are illuminated for extra brightness.

As for the stylish interior, the Mulsanne showcases a distinctive Yachting-style veneer, blending light and dark contrasting tones. And for one of its many finishing touches, Bentley commissioned a Tibaldi fountain pen (found in the center armrest) that takes its cues from the Mulsanne’s knurled-metal rotary switchgear.

Although it’s just a concept, it’s amazing to see the next generation of conveniences that will hopefully be available in vehicles in the near future.

GALLERY: Bentley Mulsanne Executive Interior Concept


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 |  Sep 09 2011, 6:30 PM

It’s not outrageous enough! That’s apparently the line from Bugatti‘s CEO Wolfgang Durheimer in reference to the Galibier sedan. He says that the 800 horsepower four-door needs more power and even more interior space and luxury appointments in order to make it viable for production.

Considering how outlandish the current concept already is, it begs the question just how much further Bugatti can go with a four-door sedan based on its Veyron hyper car.

We’re likely to find out more in the coming months, since Bugatti management is expected to make a decision on the Galibier’s future later this year. The question is, what can we expect? Six turbos? Interior crystal chandeliers? For an elite few, the possibilities are endless.

[Source: Inside Line]

 |  Aug 30 2011, 3:45 PM

If you are among those who feel that your upcoming McLaren MP4-12C is not special enough, then the new catalog from McLaren Special Operations would be of interest to you.

As part of this program, you can have your new supercar painted in any hue you want, and garnish it with add-ons like a gloss black roof, diamond cut wheels, MP4-12C branded carbon door sills, carbon steering wheel and plenty of other carbon bits to have your car stand out from the crowd.

McLaren launched this program at the recent Pebble Beach Concours event, where a Volcano Orange example was on display.

Paul Mackenzie, Programme Director at McLaren Automotive, with responsibility for McLaren Special Operations said: “It was a pleasure to meet some of the first 12C customers in North America at Pebble Beach.  For nearly twenty years we have been closely managing relationships with owners of the McLaren F1, and understanding their needs is a great foundation on which to launch a service that will now include 12C customers. McLaren Automotive already offers 12C customers extensive options to personalise their car.  However we recognise some owners have specific tastes and we have the knowledge and capability to design, engineer and produce almost anything a customer may desire for their 12C.”

Gallery: McLaren Special Operations


Check out the video below

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 |  Aug 10 2011, 3:30 PM

When you’re dealing with higher echelons of motoring, like Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, then usually, more than a few customers want something that’s just a little bit exclusive, to set their particular car apart from the Jones’ example next door in Mayfair. And that means spending  a little extra on Bespoke touches.

Rolls has been performing Bespoke builds for years, adding unique features, such as unique picnic tables, upholstery patterns, or custom crafted Champagne coolers. However, now it seems that as the rest of the world becomes increasingly homogenized, when it comes to goods and services, more and more people with the means to purchase a Roller, want to make sure it stands apart from the herd.

As a result, the company is expanding Bespoke operations, recruiting more design and engineer staff to help keep up with demand as well as augmenting marketing and sales programs related to handcrafted products and features.

“The ability to bespoke one’s vehicle has always been at the heart of Rolls-Royce, so it is very encouraging to see that after more than one hundred years at the very pinnacle of the automotive world, our Bespoke services are still very much in demand from customers all over the world today,” declared Rolls-Royce Member of the Board and Director, Sales and Marketing, Jolyon Nash. Indeed.

 |  Aug 08 2011, 6:52 AM

If you’ve ever wanted the ultimate level of garish customization, fear not! Ferrari is willing to open up its entire upholstery and custom department to owners, called “Tailor-Made.”

If you can dream it, Ferrari can do it. The company states: “this innovative programme enables clients to create an individual car, using exclusive and unique materials, colour and trim with the support of a dedicated team, as if it were a bespoke suit.”

But it’s clear who this is aimed at: those who want their 458s to be just that certain level of special. If you want Ohio State colors, a center console wrapped in crocodile skin, or Gaddafi-like patterns across the headliner, then go ahead and write them a check. How about bright orange, for an example of taste and restraint? Or denim seats as on Fiat manager and sartorialist Lapo Elkann’s personal California, giving Ferrari its long-sought connection with AMC? They’ll probably even do whale penis leather if you ask nicely. Porsche and Bentley have similar programs, but with a Ferrari there’s just that extra amount of attention-seeking that owners can afford.

Xzibit would be proud.

[Source: Auto Express]

 |  Sep 23 2010, 7:32 AM


Rather than introduce a new model at the Paris Auto Show next week, Rolls-Royce will show-off its in-house vehicle customization expertise, allowing owners to ensure their already exclusive Rolls is one-of-a-kind. In total, the regal British coachbuilder will display five bespoke models including the gunmetal metallic long-wheelbase Phantom above.

In addition to the custom Phantom, Rolls will also display a Phantom Coupe, Drophead Coupé and two Ghost models, all displaying exclusive touches that include special fabrics and interior materials. Rolls-Royce will even outfit a vehicle with specific materials for small items like the control knobs and instrument dials.

Be sure to check out AutoGuide’s Paris Auto Show Coverage starting September 30th.

GALLERY: Bespoke Rolls-Royce Phantom


Official release after the jump:

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 |  Jul 13 2010, 9:06 PM

Picnicking has never been so elegant, now that Rolls-Royce has added a picnic set to its Phantom model.

Finished in polished aluminum, veneer and leather, this four-person picnic set is just one of the many new additions created by the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars in-house Bespoke design and engineering team. About 100 chic and unique bespoke features have been added to the Phantom, but the picnic set certainly has to be the epitome of fine outdoor dining.

“Bespoke is the jewel in our crown, the perfect complement to our luxury product line-up,” explained Torsten Müller-Ötvös, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars CEO. “Customers expect a Rolls-Royce Phantom to be tailored to their individual desires and our team of talented designers and craftspeople are more than happy to deliver.”

Bespoke can include anything from personalized tread plates, contrast stitching and seat piping to an individual’s tastes and desires in the form of personalised veneers and unique exterior paints. It also includes items like luggage and glassware. All of the Rolls-Royce’s bespoke items are designed in-house at Goodwood.

The Bespoke picnic set will be on display at the Salon Privé at the Hurlingham Club in London from July 21 to July 23. It was first debuted at the Villa d’Este in Italy back in April.

[Source: Worldcarfans]