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 |  Feb 20 2011, 2:32 PM


With Mercedes-Benz‘s new CLS-Class impressing many, we knew it would just be a matter of time before Brabus stepped into the picture with its rendition. And just as we assumed that a new Brabus Rocket wouldn’t be too far off, the famed Benz tuner has released these teaser photos hinting that the Geneva Auto Show will be the venue where all is revealed.

Over the years, the Brabus Rocket has become the staple of high performance engineering for a luxury sedan, at one time holding the title of the world’s fastest sedan at over 225-mph. And with Mercedes’ CLS-Class getting a revamp, it was safe to assume that Brabus would introduce a new Rocket to dominate its own predecessor. We’ll anxiously await March to come around to see what all Brabus will be showing off to the world.

GALLERY: Brabus Rocket Teaser

new_brabus_rocket_1.jpg new_brabus_rocket_2.jpg new_brabus_rocket_3.jpg

[Source: GTspirit]

 |  Feb 16 2011, 12:10 PM

StarTech, a division of Brabus, is bringing performance and design options for Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles this side of the Atlantic. And if parent company Brabus is any indication, the results will be wild.

Or, maybe not as much. So far StarTech’s available packages are larger wheels, suspension lowering and interior trim. The company has just established itself in Irvine, CA, and already has appearance packages for the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport, including the company’s signature Monostar IV alloy wheels, full leather interiors, and custom luggage.

There are no twin-turbo 700-horsepower V12 Rockets just yet for the British marques. But StarTech plans to unveil a customized Jaguar XJ at the Geneva show next month which may have some surprises.

[Source: Autoweek]

 |  Feb 07 2011, 2:47 PM


One solid given in life is that with every Mercedes-Benz model, there will be a Brabus variant featuring sportier styling and outfitted with a nice set of wheels. And with all the hype surrounding Mercedes’ new CLS model, it’s no surprise that Brabus isn’t be far behind with photos of their own version of the sporty luxury sedan.

No technical specs have been announced, but we wouldn’t be surprised if they are able to push the limits of the AMG’s 5.5-liter bi-turbo engine. From the factory, the CLS AMG will makes 525-hp and our guess is that Brabus will easily touch the 700-hp mark, matching its predecessor.

Given that Brabus’ Rocket (their previous generation CLS rendition) was at one time the world’s fastest sedan, we wouldn’t be one bit surprised if Brabus would try to one-up the Rocket with an even faster and better looking one.

GALLERY: 2011 Brabus Mercedes-Benz CLS

2011_brabus_cls_2.jpg 2011_brabus_cls_3.jpg 2011_brabus_cls_4.jpg 2011_brabus_cls_5.jpg 2011_brabus_cls_6.jpg 2011_brabus_cls_7.jpg

 |  Nov 26 2010, 10:21 AM

Brabus WideStar Mercedes SLS 01.JPG

Debuting today at the Essen Motor Show in Germany, famed Mercedes tuner Brabus took the wraps off the modified SLS we’ve been waiting for. We’ve seen several modified SLS models already, but they’ve either been minor tweaks or massively overdone monstrosities.

Brabus, however, has managed to go all-out while still remaining true to the SLS. The wide-body conversion uses new carbon fiber fenders that add 20mm (almost 1-inch) to the width of the rear of the car. This allows for wider rear tires, measuring 21×11-inches with 295/25/21 tires. The fronts measure 275/30 and are wrapped around 20-inch wheels. Those wheels, a stunning new design by Brabus, are Monoblock F Platinum Edition rollers, that weight 12 percent less than the factory SLS rims.

A complete Brabus aero package has also been used and is wind-tunnel tested to reduce lift and increase downforce, with some nice custom details as well – like the air outlets on the front fenders, and Brabus logos on the side skirts, with many of the items in exposed matte-carbon.

The ride height has been dropped by 1.2-inches with Bilstein coilovers with stiffer sway bars to further reduce body roll. An integrated Ride Control function will let the drive choose a softer setting for a more relaxed ride.

While we’d like to see a big horsepower upgrade, Brabus adds just 10-hp thanks to a new exhaust system, which also cuts weight by 26 lbs and includes a pneumatic flap that can be opened or closed by the diver from the cockpit for maximum sound fro the 6.2-liter V8.

Brabus will custom tailor the interior to meet the driver’s desires and the press release includes a note about a 250-mph speedometer, that suggests a more significant power package will be available soon.

GALLERY: Barabus Widestar Mercedes SLS

Brabus WideStar Mercedes SLS 05.JPGBrabus WideStar Mercedes SLS 06.JPGBrabus WideStar Mercedes SLS 14.JPGBrabus WideStar Mercedes SLS 02.JPGBrabus WideStar Mercedes SLS 09.JPGBrabus WideStar Mercedes SLS 10.JPG

 |  Oct 15 2010, 9:00 PM


Now here’s a pleasant surprise. Famed Mercedes-Benz tuner, Brabus has teamed up with Hyundai to spice up their new i20. The result is the i20 Sport Edition. Over in Europe, Hyundai’s i20 is one of its most successful vehicles in the Hyundai lineup and now with a stylish kit and wheels, it could bring more fun to the car.

The exterior of the Hyundai i20 has been outfitted with a new front lip and fender flares, giving the car a much more aggressive profile. The headlights are now equipped with new daytime running lights and have received a black bezel treatment. A glossy radiator grille mesh insert was also added to spice up the front bumper. On the side of the car, the windows have been tinted and glossy B-pillars have been installed while the rear taillights received a dark red tint treatment. Outfitting each corner of the car is a set of 17-inch Brabus wheels wrapped with Yokohama tires.

The interior modifications seem to be trendy for the upcoming Halloween season. It has received a set of orange-themed Recaro seats, a black leather gearshift cover with orange stitching and a chrome shift knob. Receiving the leather treatment is the center console and door panels. In car entertainment gets a little added to it with a 7-inch touch screen nav.

We’ll probably never see the i20 Sport Edition stateside, but it’ll be hitting the European market in the first half of 2011. They’ll be available in three- and five-door setups.

Brabus Equus anyone?

GALLERY: Brabus Hyundai i20 Sport Edition

brabus_hyundai_2.jpg brabus_hyundai_3.jpg brabus_hyundai_4.jpg brabus_hyundai_5.jpg brabus_hyundai_6.jpg brabus_hyundai_7.jpg

Official press release available after the break.

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 |  Oct 01 2010, 1:57 PM

Hyundai is planning to introduce a “supercar-inspired” Sonata Turbo, taking cues from the Brabus Rocket super sedan. The concept is being produced in collaboration with 0-60 Magazine and Rides Magazine and will feature matte white paint, 20″ wheels and carbon fiber exterior bits.

Hyundai hasn’t announced any performance improvements beyond bolt-on intake, exhaust and turbo enhancements, but the “Ferrari F430 inspired” interior should make it obvious that function follows form with this concept.

Hit the jump to see the official press release

[Source: Hyundai]

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 |  Aug 27 2010, 9:13 AM


Apparently the adage of “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” stuck with some Brabus engineers. The famed Mercedes-Benz tuner is apparently a huge fan of Cupertino’s prized child stuffing a modified 750-hp Mercedes-Benz S-Class with every Apple product they possibly could.

We won’t get into much details on the actual engine and aesthetic modifications since it’s run-of-the-mill Brabus and is actually old news for the S-Class, but rather the nerd in us can’t even count how many Apple components are in the vehicle. The headliner has been integrated with a 15.2-inch TFT display with screens in the back of each front headrest. USB ports are integrated into the rear compartment to allow hook-up of any other devices while UMTS and HSDPA provides wireless Internet. We’re not quite sure how that will translate over to America since T-Mobile is just now launching HSDPA+, but we’re guessing you lucky Sprint 4G users can just WiMAX your phone and provide all the passengers with fast Internet.

A paid of iPads can control the entire Brabus multimedia system along with the car’s Command system, tying-in full functionality with the factory radio, navigation and phone. And possibly taking a note out of Rolls-Royce’s design handbook, Brabus outfits the S-Class with two tablet computers with Bluetooth keyboards that fit comfortably in the Brabus rear tables. There’s plenty of space in these infinitely adjustable tables, giving room for documents, a mouse and/or keyboard.

And best of all, special compartments were designed to hide all of these Apple components from plain sight when you leave your vehicle. Brabus says that the multimedia system can be offered in any S-Class from the S350 to the S65.

GALLERY: Brabus Mercedes-Benz iBusiness S-Class

brabus_ibusiness_2.jpg brabus_ibusiness_3.jpg brabus_ibusiness_4.jpg brabus_ibusiness_5.jpg brabus_ibusiness_6.jpg brabus_ibusiness_9.jpg

Official press release available after the break:

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 |  Aug 25 2010, 8:48 PM


Not to be outdone by Hamann and their SLS AMG tuning kit, famed Mercedes-Benz tuner Brabus has unleashed their rendition and we’re picking our favorite: Brabus. And while there isn’t any sort of real performance tuning being done (just yet), we’re still favoring the mild aesthetic upgrades over Hamann’s version. Or maybe we just find the sleek black more fitting to the SLS AMG’s sexy lines.

And as we all know, Brabus does some serious testing on their products prior to releasing them out on the market. Their body kit for the SLS AMG is no different, getting thorough runs through the wind tunnel prior to getting the stamp of approval. And with a car as high-profile as Mercedes-Benz’s SLS AMG, we’d expect actual aerodynamic improvements from Brabus. So up front is a carbon fiber front spoiler, new front fenders, covers for the upper air inlets and a subtle rear spoiler. The fenders feature illuminated letters that is pretty sleek.

For wheels, we’re actually digging the Monoblock F Platinum Edition mesh-design wheels they put on their demo car. Brabus states that they’re available in 20- or 21-inch variety. The demo car features a staggered 20/21 front/rear setup. Brabus is also offering suspension upgrades to either lower the vehicle 40 mm or raise it by 50 mm.

And for those that are looking for some performance, Brabus did release a titanium sport exhaust system for the SLS AMG. There’s no horsepower figures, but we’re guessing it’s significantly lighter than the factory unit with Brabus’ weighing in at a scant 26 lbs.

Official press release available after the break.

GALLERY: Brabus Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

brabus_sls_amg_12.jpg brabus_sls_amg_11.jpg brabus_sls_amg_13.jpg brabus_sls_amg_20.jpg brabus_sls_amg_23.jpg brabus_sls_amg_2.jpg

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 |  May 28 2010, 9:26 AM


We’ll say it since everyone’s thinking it. Mercedes-Benz is really milking this generation E-Class for all it’s worth. First the sedan was released to much praise; then the coupe comes out and everyone rejoices, and now the cabriolet. But who benefits more from Mercedes-Benz’s continual segmentation from their E-Class? Brabus of course!

After releasing tuning packages for both the sedans and the coupes, their natural progression is over to the cabriolet. And this time they’ll have everything ready for the vehicle’s market launch. Clearly this luxury convertible screams sportiness which is what Brabus built off of: exclusive, sporty and highly individual.

All Brabus tuning packages are comprehensive from bumper to bumper, engine to interior and this package is no different. Starting with engine upgrades, various packages are available based on the E-Class model. We’ll skip over the boring E 250 CDI, CGI and E 350 CDI, CGI and go straight to the E500 (E550 in North America). A stroker kit increases displacement of 5.5-liters to 6.1-liters, which starts the bottom end modifications. New cylinder heads with special camshafts are paired up to the V8 block while bolt-ons include a Brabus stainless-steel exhaust system and high-performance catalytic converters. And of course the ECU is re-programmed. This program throws down 462-hp with 453 ft-lbs of torque. That’s good for 0-62 mph in 4.7 seconds!

An aerodynamic package is manufactured from high-quality Pur-R-Rim plastics which resembles OEM quality – just what we’d expect from Brabus. A front spoiler incorporates daytime LED running lights while front sport fenders sports some air vents. The rear diffuser is setup to incorporate the Brabus quad-tip exhaust.

As always, plenty of wheels can be selected from Brabus from 17- to 19-inch with a recommended staggered 19-inch setup sporting 235/35/19 and 275/30/19 sized tires. Brabus did hint that 20-inch wheels are on the horizon. Lowering options are available from sport springs (1.2-inch) to adjustable coilovers with variable damper rates.

Never to overlook any aspect, Brabus six-piston aluminum calipers with 14.2-inch slotted and drilled rotors in the front while the rear sports four-piston calipers. And if your wallet is still full after all this, talk to them about some custom interior upgrades. You know you wanna.

GALLERY: Brabus Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet


Official press release after the jump:

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 |  May 14 2010, 7:03 AM


So how do you go about making something good, better? How about after it’s better, even more better? Well, that’s exactly what Brabus has done with its T65 RS Tuning for the SL65 AMG Black Series. Mercedes-Benz‘ SL65 is good. The AMG Black variant is better. Arguably much better. Now comes Brabus’ package on the Black Series that makes the better, even more better. Perhaps, dare we say it, the best.

We previously reported on the Brabus Vanish, that was a one-off, 800-hp SL65 AMG Black Series. It’s not one-off anymore with Brabus publicly announcing the T65 RS Tuning package for the SL65 AMG Black Series. So for those with the really, really, really deep pockets, Brabus will outfit any SL65 AMG Black Series with 800-hp and give you close to 740 ft-lbs of torque. The sprint to 62 mph takes just 3.6 seconds with top speed of 206 mph on the horizon.

This T65 RS package includes an upgraded twin-turbo system with new exhaust manifolds, turbochargers and four giant intercoolers under the carbon fiber hood. Brabus also tunes a new exhaust system to freely flow all the extra forced induced air.

The interior isn’t left stock either with a nice combination of leather and Alcantara. It’s also nicely outfitted with red stitching and Brabus garnishes. And flat black isn’t the only shade available, Brabus will further customize your SL65 AMG Black Series if you want to any special paint job or customization.

GALLERY: Brabus T65 RS Vanish SL65 AMG Black


Official press release is available after the break.

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 |  Apr 13 2010, 11:07 AM


What could possibly be more hard-core than the Mercedes SL65 AMG Black Series? Why, a Brabus tuned version, painted matte-black, of course. Living up to the unofficial Brabus slogan of “Fast, Black and Expensive” the world-renowned Mercedes tuner has built a one-off SL65 AMG Black Series for an private client in the Middle East.

According to a report by TopSpeed, the already potent SL65 AMG Black Series gets upgraded turbos to boost output from 670-hp to 800-hp. Other upgrades include modifications to the transmission, upgraded brakes and a massive exhaust system – not to mention plenty of custom Brabus details inside, with red stitching, Brabus logos and a special “Vanish – One Off” plaque just above the shifter.

Check out the gallery below or read out review on the standard SL65 AMG Black Series

2009 Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black Series Review

GALLERY: Brabus Vanish


[Source: TopSpeed]

 |  Dec 11 2009, 11:26 AM


The team at German Mercedes-tuner Brabus have just announced that their V12-powered Mercedes GLK has achieved a world record for the fastest street-legal SUV at 322.3 km/h. In miles, that is a fraction over 200, at 200.3 mph!

The record-setting run was achieved at Italy’s Nardo high speed ring during an event hosted by Continental Tires.

Under the hood of the GLK V12 is a Mercedes 5.5-liter V12 engine that has been extremely modified. With two larger turbochargers and a displacement of 6.3-liters, it pumps out 740-hp and 811 ft-lbs of torque. The engine itself actually makes 995 ft-lbs of torque but is limited in order to avoid damaging the drivetrain.

In addition to the amazing top-speed run, the GLK V12 can also hit 62 mph in 4.2 seconds and takes just 12.8 seconds to hit 124 mph.

Brabus has held several past top speed records, with the Mercedes CLS-based Brabus Rocket the one-time fastest street-legal sedan in the world at 225 mph!

The GLKV12, which Brabus will debut at the 2009 Dubai Auto Show this week, is available to purchase at a cost of roughly $580,000.

For full specifications on the Brabus GLKV12, see after the jump:



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 |  Sep 16 2009, 9:48 AM


Unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show, the latest Brabus E V12 might be typically Brabus in that, like almost all Brabus models, it is “fast, black and expensive.” It’s also very uncharacteristically Brabus-like due to the wider rear end with bizarre fenders that cover over most of the wheels. Add on matte black paint and we’d almost think we were at Mansory’s booth.

Designed to hit 230mph, the E-Class’s new rear fenders were tested in a wind-tunnel to help reduce lift on the rear end and are made of light-weight carbon fiber. And because the rear end is now also 1.4-inches wider, it is possible to fit wider 285 rear tires for better high-speed stability.

Under the hood is the latest version of the Brabus twin-turbo 6.3-liter V12 engine called the SV12 R Biturbo 800. Making 800hp (788bhp) at just 5500 rpm, torque is an incredible 1,047 ft-lbs. Due to safety concerns with tires, Brabus chose to electronically limit torque to “just” 811 ft-lbs.

Brabus claims its new E v12 can hit 62 mph in 3.8 seconds and 124 mph in 9.9 seconds.

Just 10 of these special edition high-performance models will be built at a price of 498,000 Euros (roughly $730,000).

GALLERY: Brabus E V12 “One of Ten”


Official release after the jump:

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 |  Sep 14 2009, 3:53 AM


Brabus will introduce what it calls the world’s “fastest and most powerful office on wheels” at the Frankfurt Auto Show on September 15th.

The Brabus SV12R is based on the latest Mercedes S600 facelifted model. Brabus designers gave the SV12R a custom-tailored aluminum sport fenders with clear-coated carbon air vents.

The SV12R is powered by a Biturbo 6.3-liter twelve-cylinder engine that Brabus says can produce 750 hp and a peak torque of 995 ft-lbs. With those stats, Brabus says the SV12R can go 0-100 km/h (62 mph) in 4.0 seconds and reach 124 mph in 11.9 seconds. The SV12R is electronically capped to a top speed of 211 mph.

The SV12R comes with a 3 ghz tablet notebook computer that docks in a drawer hidden in the trunk. A 15.2 inch monitor inside the car is fully integrated with the interior leather. Internet access is provided by a Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS).

We’ll have more details when the car is introduced at the Frankfurt Auto Show, starting Sept. 15.



 |  May 20 2009, 2:04 PM


Hot on the heels of its modification program for the E-Class sedan, German Mercedes-tuner has released a full line of products for the E-Class Coupe.

Highlights include a full aero kit, new 20-inch wheels and, or course, a massive engine upgrade with 462hp.

The aero kit includes a new polyurethane front bumper with integrated LED lights, side skirts and a rear bumper with special cutouts for the Brabus exhaust system. Aluminum front fenders are also available.

Brabus offers 17, 18, 19 and even 20-inch wheels for the E-Class Coupe with the largest 20s measuring 20×9.5-inches up front and 20×9.5-inches in the rear with 235/30/20 and 265/25/20 tires. Different suspension parts are available from lowering springs to a full coilover setup.

A big brake kit is also available with six-piston front calipers, four-piston rear calipers and 14.2-inch rotors all around.

As for the engine, Brabus offers its 6.1-liter V8 engine for the E-Class Coupe, which delivers 462hp and 453 ft-lbs of torque at 3100 rpm. Brabus claims a 0-62 mph sprint in just 4.7 seconds and a top speed of 196 mph.

GALLERY: Brabus E-Class Coupe


More on the Brabus E-Class Coupe after the jump:

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Brabus Tunes The 2010 E-Class

462 horsepower and 62 mph in just 4.7 seconds

 |  Mar 27 2009, 10:42 AM


Quick on the heels of the release of the new 2010 Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Brabus has a new line of products for those seeking a more extreme E.

For starters the new Brabus program includes a significant performance increase thanks to a displacement bump to 6.1-liters for the V8 engine – up from 5.5-liters for the E550 model. This is done through the use of a new crankshaft and larger pistons, as well as high flow cylinder heads with more aggressive camshafts. A new exhaust system with high flow catalysts are also a part  of the package.

Output of the larger engine is rated at 462hp at 6200 rpm and 453 ft-lbs of torque at just 3100 rpm. The package also includes a Brabus limited slip differential, which helps get the power to the ground and delivers an impressive 4.7 second 0-62 mph time. Brabus rates the top seed of its new E-Class at 191 mph.

In typical Brabus fashion, the modified E-Class includes a subtle aero kit, which includes side skirts, a new rear bumper, a trunk-lid spoiler and a new front bumper with LED daytime running lights and additional headlights. Also available are the new Brabus front fenders, which add a sporty flare to the sedate sedan with their carbon fiber inserts. The vents are also functional and help to keep the brakes at an ideal operating temperature.

And on the topic of brakes, the Braus setup for the new E-Clas is outrageous with 12-piston front calipers and 14.8-inch rotors up front and 6-piston calipers with 14-inch rotors in the rear.

Brabus offers several different wheel designs and sizes for the new E-Class, but if that big brake upgrade is on your list then a 20-inch set of rollers is required. Shown here are a set of the new Monoblock Q wheels in a 20×9-inch front fitment with 245/30/20 tires and a 20×10.5-inch rear fitment with 285/25/20 tires.

Other upgrades for the new E-Class include an electronic control module for the Mercedes Airmatic suspension, as well as a sport steering wheel, stainless-steel door sill plates with illuminated Brabus logos, a full line of interior accessories and made-to-order custom interiors.

GALLERY: Brabus E-Class


More on the Brabus tuning options for the 2010 E-Class after the jump:

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 |  Feb 17 2009, 4:02 PM


FAB Design, a German tuner shop famous for West Coast Customs-style rapper-trash modifications on Mercedes vehicles, has outdone itself by blinging out a Maybach 57 S. Notice we said, “ruin” in the headline.. with quotes… as Maybach models aren’t exactly gems to begin with.

Other than the obvious blue paint, the car features ASMA-like fenders that extend the width of the car by 30cm – essentially one foot (although that sounds like an exaggeration based on the photos). Up front a new bumper has some large square cutouts that match the rear exhaust outlets.

Inside the wheel wells are 20-inch rims, with some extra wider rubber that measures 265/30/20 up front and 325/25/20 out back.


FAB Design says that thanks to their engine tuning the car now makes 650hp and 756 ft-lbs of torque and can hit 62 mph in just 4.9 seconds. Top speed is rated at 186 mph – the same speed the Brabus modified Maybach achieved to set a record for the world’s fastest Maybach. Again, it sounds like FAB Design is embellishing.

The interior of the car features white leather and gobs and gobs of blue Alcantara.


On a positive note, the company did make use of some nice carbon fiber details around the door handles and other areas.

FAB Design says just 15 version of this vehicle will be built for customers and while we can see some of them being ordered, with Maybach’s low sales volume 15 sounds like wishful thinking.

FAB Design is usually at the Geneva Auto Show so we’ll be sure to get more info if we can. And if you thought this was over the top, we’re certain Mansory has something just as even more ridiculous in store for Geneva.


[Source: WorldCarFans via Auto Motor Und Sport]

 |  Feb 11 2009, 7:01 PM


On display at the 2009 Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto was one of only 10 SMART fortwos that will be built to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the car. And this particular vehicle will be given away to one lucky person. But more on that soon.

The SMART fortwo 10th Anniversary Edition is based on the Brabus SMART fortwo and comes with many special details – most obviously is the car’s Arctic Gray Matallic paint. Another key exterior highlight are the flat black Brabus Monoblock VII wheels, measuring 15-inches up front and 17-inches in the rear. 10th Anniversary Edition logos appear on the A-pillars and rear tail gate.

The interior is stunning (in true Brabus style) with Chalet brown leather and contrasting gray Alcantara piping, with gray stitching. The Chalet leather can also be found on the door panels, shift knob, handbrake and steering wheel.

As one PR rep told us, “you’d think you were in a Maserati.”

The 10th Anniversary Edition SMART fortwo is powered by the same 70hp three-cylinder engine as the standard fortwo, however, it does feature a Brabus sport tuned exhaust system. Brabus also worked on the suspension of the car.

As for the contest, those interested can enter at

The remaining nine cars will be available through a reservation lottery that begins February 12, 2009.

SMART fortwo 10th Anniversary Edition:


Official release after the jump:

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LA Auto Show: Brabus smart fourtwo

Special Edition smart now available in the U.S.

 |  Jan 02 2009, 4:15 PM


Penske Automotive, the distributor of smart vehicles in the U.S., used the LA Auto Show to announce that for 2009 the special Brabus edition cars will be part of its product lineup. Offered initially to current smart owners, the Brabus fourtwo can be had as a Coupe or Cabriolet in either silver or black at a starting price of $17,990 or $20,990, respectively. (A $4,000 premium over the standard production models).

“This car has always been about personal expression,” says Dave Schembri, president of smart USA, “and as we approach our first anniversary of sales in the United States, Brabus adds a new dimension, extending our brand into new areas of customization and personalization.”

The Brabus edition smart fortwo comes with a complete aero-kit including a front lip that is designed to reduce lift on the front axle – giving the car increased stability at highway speeds. Side skirts are also a part of the package as is a new rear bumper with cut-outs for the Brabus exhaust. Most noticeable, however, are the Brabus Monoblock VII wheels in a front 15-inch and rear 17-inch fitment.

Inside there are plenty of other Brabus accessories, like brushed aluminum sport pedals, a Brabus sport steering wheel and Brabus floor mats.

Surprisingly, while the car does have improved shifting and an upgraded suspension that sits 10mm lower thank stock, Brabus did not do any engine tuning – something it is famous for with Mercedes vehicles. Because of this, smart can still market the Brabus fortwo as getting an EPA rated 41 mpg.

Penske also used the LA Auto Show to announce that Brabus accessories for smart vehicles will be sold individually.

A complete list of those accessories can be found after the jump:

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Fastest Sedan in the World

750hp G-Power BMW M5 HURRICANE RS sets new record

 |  Dec 19 2008, 10:45 AM


BMW Tuner G-Power has just announced that during recent testing at the Papenburg test track in Germany, its 750hp twin-supercharged HURRICANE RS M5 set a new WORLD RECORD for the fastest sedan.

With a stop speed of 367.5 km/h (228.4 mph) the Hurricane eclipsed the Mercedes CLS-based Brabus Rocket, which set a speed of 365.7 km/h (227.2 mph).

The Hurricane RS is a slightly more powerful version of the standard production Hurricane with 750hp versus 730hhp. The gain was made by raising boost pressure in both ASA superchargers from 10.1 lbs to 11.6 lbs.
According to G-Power CEO and engineer Christian Stöber, the
Hurricane is capable of topping its own record as boost can be raised as high as 14.5 lbs. “We are curious if this will be necessary…” reads the end of the company’s press release, a definite challenge to the boys at Brabus.

While this new record is certain to help G-Power sell more vehicles, most likely in places like Dubai, the speed record won’t be possible in the production cars because they will not be equipped with the gearing necessary to do so. Brabus does, however, offer the Rocket to customers with longer gears. Regardless, unless those customers own their own airstrip, 220-plus mph speed runs are unlikely.


Official press release after the jump:
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