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 |  Dec 18 2013, 9:32 AM


A single claim on your auto insurance policy can increase your rates by up to 67 percent depending on where you live.

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 |  May 11 2012, 2:54 PM

Some bizzare news comes from the North today, as a woman hit a moose and kept on driving to work. In fact, she didn’t even notice her car was damaged until a co-worker noticed her injuries and nearly destroyed roof.

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 |  Jul 25 2011, 1:00 PM

It is a sad day for Bimmer fans everywhere, as the first ever recorded accident of the powerful 1-Series M Coupe occurred in South Korea.

The 1M crash took place in South Korea and the owner, who was the first customer to receive the 1-Series M in South Korea, posted the pictures on the BMW 1Addicts forum. He explained that it wasn’t his fault, because another car ran through a red light.

Usually for a car accident to end up on the auto news section, the vehicle in question tends to be a pricey supercar. However this is a very exlusive model. BMW admits that its latest high performance two door rocket will have a very limited run of one model year. With limited production in place, the $47,010 price tag may be a bargain should this car appreciate in value in the future. BMW stated that “less than 1,000 units” will be produced in 2011.

[Source: 1 Addicts]

 |  Jul 14 2011, 4:35 PM

We’ve all seen our fair share of bad drivers but this driver takes the cake. In the show, De Allerslechtste chauffeur van Nederland? also known as “Who Is The Worst Driver In The Netherlands?” the driver almost kills several people.

Pim, the driver, mistook the accelerator for the brake, veered off the course, covered his eyes instead of steering the car, ran over a camera man and the show’s host. By some miraculous miracle, no one was seriously injured even though Pim hit with such force, that the airbags were deployed. Neither of the girls in the car were injured but the video is very graphic.

Check out the video after the jump… if you can stand it.

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 |  Apr 27 2011, 12:32 PM

Arizona officials say a 21 year old motorist survived a 200 foot drop after his car plummeted into the Grand Canyon. The driver in question claims it was an accident and was treated for non-life threatening injuries, and was able to remove himself from the car and ascend the 200 feet to seek help. No word on what kind of car he was driving either.

 |  Mar 28 2011, 3:19 PM


There’s risks when you take your vehicle to tackle land speed records at the Texas Mile. Hinson Motorsports’ Chevrolet Corvette Z06 experienced everyone’s biggest fear when the vehicle flipped going an astonishing 230-mph. Luckily the driver didn’t sustain any major injuries, a huge testament to Hinson Motorsports in focusing on safety as much as performance.

Unfortunately, cars speeding beyond 200-mph is a little commonplace out at the Texas Mile, so not a lot of cameras were shining on the Corvette when the incident happened. One video did surface, and is available after the break, that shows the Corvette Z06 zooming along before it rolls over and landing back on its four wheels. We’ll just keep to our boring, mundane commuter cars after watching this video, thanks.

[Source: Autoblog]

GALLERY: Hinson Motorsports’ 230-mph Corvette Crash

hinson_motorsports_corvette_z06_flip_1.jpg hinson_motorsports_corvette_z06_flip_2.jpg hinson_motorsports_corvette_z06_flip_3.jpg hinson_motorsports_corvette_z06_flip_4.jpg

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 |  Sep 18 2010, 4:40 PM


How the driver was fortunate enough to survive this freak accident is beyond us. Apparently the crash occurred in Washington State, where this lucky driver fell asleep behind the wheel of his Chevy Suburban and ended up colliding head first into the guard rail. It immediately penetrated the passenger side of the SUV, through the motor, passenger seat, and out the rear window.

Somehow it didn’t even touch the driver – not even a scratch. He was cited with careless driving, but we’re sure he learned a big enough lesson waking up and seeing 90 feet of guard rail through his car. What a story to tell your grandchildren huh? Drive through a guard rail and live to tell the story. Make sure to check out the rear photo of the accident – it really puts it into perspective just how bizarre this was.

GALLERY: Freak Guard Rail Car Accident

[Source: MT Standard]

 |  Aug 21 2010, 4:45 PM


While most of us won’t admit it, we’ve all had our bouts of road rage, but this guy or gal takes it to a whole new level. It’s hard to tell exactly where the individual is, but clearly everyone is waiting patiently in line. Apparently this driver was rather impatient and instead of casually trying to cut the line, he (or she) basically loses their mind driving erratically all over the place.

Even though the clip is short (thank God) and we hope no one was hurt in the making of it, we still can’t help but chuckle that someone can be this ridiculous and be behind the wheel. The best part of it all, they end up back where they started after their little temper tantrum.

Don’t miss the video after the break, it’s one of a kind.

[Source: LiveLeak]

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 |  Apr 30 2010, 5:08 PM


Drifting is a dangerous sport, and not just for the drivers. Having photographed several drift events this author is well aware of the risks involved -  I’ve have even had a few close calls, on one occasion a friend of mine pulling me away right as the vehicle struck the K-rail. At another event the “track mats” shot up (while the vehicle was doing a burn out over them) flying right past my head. So needless to say, as safe as they try to make it for the photographers, there’s always a risk with cars going sideways.

During the recent SSS Gecko Cup drifting event in Warsaw, Poland a camera man became collateral damage when an Nissan S13 went flinging sideways a little too quickly. The car slammed into the safety rail (which wasn’t the concrete K-rails we’re used to) which in turn knocked into the camera man. Clearly the camera man takes a nice fall and apparently he was unconscious for a few seconds, thought it doesn’t seem so. But hey, he lives to shoot another day and that’s all that matters!

Make sure to check out the video after the break, it makes you think twice how closely you stand next to the action!

[Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner]

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 |  Apr 24 2010, 8:23 PM


In other news that we’re tired of hearing about, but can’t stop being interested in, Hulk Hogan has filed a lawsuit on his insurance company over his coverage. As the blame game continues, Nick Hogan’s father is now pursuing the family’s insurance company after paying tens of thousands of dollars over the last 10 years and not being entirely covered for Nick’s accident that left his passenger and friend, John Graziano, severely injured.

Apparently the insurance company never bothered to advise the Hogans to increase their insurance or to purchase additional insurance – which Hogan claims they should have when his children got driver’s licenses and were able to drive his high-performance vehicles. As a result, Hogan has had to dig into his own pocket when the estate of Nick’s friend, John Graziano, slapped him with a lawsuit, because Graziano’s medical bills far exceeded Hogan’s own insurance payout – which was limited to $250,000 in medical bills per person.

Hogan also claims that his insurance company Wells Fargo Southeast, should have offered him additional coverage when he signed for his son’s driver’s license – a move opened up Hogan to personal liability.

This is the second lawsuit the Hogans have pursued, the first one against their own attorneys for the wreck. It seems like this saga will not be dying out anytime soon, and Nick will be living in the shadow of his irresponsible accident for quite some time.

[Source: Tampa Bay Online]