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 |  Dec 02 2011, 12:30 PM

We hope you haven’t sent off your Christmas wish list to Santa just yet, because we have something you’ll want to add, especially now that the temperatures are dropping – the Car Interior Preheater.

If you feel bad about remote car starters that let your car idle until it’s warm enough to get into, this is the car heater for you. This programmable heater will defrost your car’s windshield and get it toasty warm inside. Just set it for 20 minutes before you’re going to drive away and you’ll be treated to a comfortably warm car in the morning – even in the middle of winter.

The Car Interior Preheater comes with two heat vents that tilt 180º to direct the hot air onto the windshield or throughout the car. Just put it on your car’s dashboard – no professional installation is required. You can start the heater up from about 200 feet away, thanks to a remote control. It can be recharged through an AC outlet or a car charger, which comes included with the heater.

The Car Interior Preheater costs $119.95.

[Source: Oh Gizmo!]