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 |  Apr 19 2011, 6:00 AM


Bugatti president and CEO Wolfgang Durheimer confirming that Bugatti will move forward with producing the 16C Galibier isn’t the biggest news about the super sedan, rather, it’s the fact that Bugatti will be offering a hybrid variant of the car. In an interview with CAR Magazine, Durheimer announced more details on the Galibier program and what Bugatti will be offering for its luxury sedan.

As we already know, the standard Galibier will also utilize Bugatti’s potent W16 power plant but a hybrid option will also be available. Durheimer expressed the importance of being socially acceptable in various markets that might demand a more quiet vehicle. By offering an EV mode with the Galibier, the luxury sedan will have more versatility in an already limited market.

“When the mayors of cities know we can make cars that run silently, I don’t expect they will allow cars that pollute into city centres,” Durheimer said. “But I can’t imagine a Galibier owner leaving their car at the park-and-ride and catching a bus. That’s why we need to offer a hybrid with this car, so owners drive up to the hotel silently in EV mode. But not every Galibier needs to be a hybrid – in places like Dubai it is not what the market wants.”

With the Veyron’s production fading into the horizon, many will anxiously await the production of the Galibier which will be limited to 3,000 units.

[Source: Car Magazine UK]

 |  Jan 31 2011, 12:31 PM

Two mainstays of the buff book world have been sold as part of a package deal, after their parent company, French publishing giant Lagardere, dumped a variety of print properties, including Car and Driver as well as Road & Track.

In a shedding of properties that Lagardere no long deems “strategic”, the two magazines, as well as 100 other publications, were sold for $889 million to U.S. publishing giant Hearst. Lagardere’s CEO said that the company could no longer compete effectively in the United States, especially with the downturn in advertising revenue. Women’s magazine Elle was among the titles sold, but the brand will remain under the stewardship of Lagardere, unlike the two car mags. Lagardere subsidiary Hachette Filipacchi Media was the previous owner of the magazines.

[Source: New York Times]

 |  Jan 21 2009, 10:00 AM


According to a report in the UK’s CAR magazine, Kia has entered into a partnership with Lotus that will see the British light-weight sportscar maker develop the suspension for all future Kia models – starting with the Soul. The only problem is, this special suspension setup with be specifically for the UK – or so CAR’s sources tell them.

The fact that Kia’s are priced so low in the marketplace does, however, make UK specific suspension setups seem improbable. The other side of the coin could be that Kia sells so few vehicles in the UK that having specific suspension setups on each one of them would not be a big issue (or investment).

According to the CAR report, the new suspension would be less for zipping around corners and more for softening the blow of Britain’s poorly-kept streets. The new setup would have greater compression and rebound with revised bumpstops to ensure the car used less of the full suspension range available.

There is no word from Kia on if the UK will serve as a test case to attract more performance oriented buyers – after all, the company is targeting a particular segment of the population (cough, Scion owners, cough) with vehicles like the Soul.

[Source: CAR]

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