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 |  Aug 30 2010, 6:53 AM


With seven years of roaming the streets (in Japan), the second generation Subaru Impreza body became a familiar sight to many. And now that the third generation Impreza STi is out, we’re expecting to see less and less of the second gen bodies. But leave it to the crazy tuners in Japan to come up with this idea: taking a second generation model and outfit it with a front end from the the current model.

Some of us here at AutoGuide think it’s just too weird. The second-gen STi is notorious for its boxy shape and large headlights while the new generation is more streamlined and bubbly. Pairing the two together doesn’t quite flow well. (Some other crazy folks here in the office are big fans and made me write this sentence).

Complementing the transformation is also a full body kit from Charge Speed, which definitely gives the car a much sportier and more aggressive profile. Thumbs up for being unique, but much like the R35 front end on an R34 Skyline, we think they should belong on their respective bodies.

GALLERY: Car Service Hiro Converted Subaru Impreza STi

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[Source: Farm Of Minds]