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 |  Sep 09 2012, 12:01 PM

To promote its new 2013 Ford Fusion EcoBoost model, the American automaker grabbed its NASCAR team drivers and pitted them against one another in a MPG challenge.

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 |  Jan 03 2012, 2:30 PM

Daytime TV is about to go into overdrive, as 2011 NASCAR Sprint Cup runner-up Carl Edwards will co-host LIVE! with Kelly on January 10. Edwards will being making his appearance during a special themed week of sports co-hosts.

This isn’t the first time Edwards has been a guest on LIVE! With Kelly – he starred on the show last June after his win in the Sprint All-Star race, and has also made an appearance with the NASCAR Chase contenders in the past. The January 10th show will mark his first time as co-host.

Just one of the guests scheduled to appear on Edward’s co-hosting gig will include actress Kate Beckinsale – just one more reason to tune in.

 |  Dec 27 2010, 2:39 PM

Even NASCAR is getting into the action when it comes to making guest appearances on TV historical dramas. Coming soon to your small screen is Roush Fenway Racing driver Carl Edwards who will be playing General John B. Gordon on HBO’s forthcoming mini-series “To Appomattox.”

The mini-series features eight parts and revolves around the last battle of the Civil War. “To Appomattox” stars Michael C. Hall as General Ulysses S. Grant, William Petersen as General William Tecumseh Sherman, Paul Giamatti as James “Pete” Longstreet and Bill Paxton as Stonewall Jackson. The series will start filming in the spring 2011.

But HBO isn’t stopping with Edwards. According to a press release, they are negotiating with other NASCAR personalities for the mini-series. “This production is honored to have developed a connection between this ultimate American sport with the ultimate American story,” the release stated.

[Source: Hardcore Racefans]

 |  Apr 29 2009, 1:23 PM


On Saturday, April 25th at 8:15 a.m., Ford set out to show just how fuel-efficient its new Fusion Hybrid sedan really is. With drivers including NASCAR racer Carl Edwards, as well as founder Wayne Gerdes and several FoMoCo engineers, the team drove the 2010 Fusion Hybrid non-stop until it ran out of gas.

Ford called this the 1,000 Mile challenge, and when all was said and done, and the last drop of fuel consumed, the car came to a stop this morning at 5:37 a.m. on the George Washington Parkway in Washington, D.C. – after 69 straight hours of driving. The Fusion Hybrid easily surpassed the 1,000 mile mark with the final odometer reading at 1,445.7 miles. This distance is a world-record for a mid-sized gasoline powered sedan and works out to 81.5 mpg – almost double the car’s EPA rated fuel-economy.

Ford also used the stunt to help raise $8,000 towards the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

“Not only does this demonstrate the Fusion Hybrid’s fuel efficiency, it also shows that driving technique is one of the keys to maximizing its potential,” said Nancy Gioia, director of Ford Sustainable Mobility Technologies and Hybrid Vehicle Programs. “The fact that we were able raise much needed funds for JDRF while raising the bar on fuel efficient driving performance made the effort doubly worthwhile.”

Gerdes, who pretty much wrote the book on fuel-efficient driving said the car works “brilliantly.”

“When you don’t need acceleration power while driving around town, the gas engine shuts down seamlessly. There’s not another hybrid drivetrain in the world that does that as effectively. The Fusion engineering team really knocked it out of the park.”

As for NASCAR star Edwards, he was equally impressed. “Having driven the car, I feel strongly about how great it is,” he said, “so strong that I’ve purchased one myself.”

The team used many of Gerdes’s fuel-saving driving techniques to achieve maximum fuel-efficiency. These include:


  • Slowing down and maintaining even throttle pressure;
  • Gradually accelerating and smoothly braking;
  • Maintaining a safe distance between vehicles and anticipating traffic conditions;
  • Coasting up to red lights and stop signs to avoid fuel waste and brake wear;
  • Minimize use of heater and air conditioning to reduce the load on the engine;
  • Close windows at high speeds to reduce aerodynamic drag;
  • Applying the “Pulse and Glide” technique while maintaining the flow of traffic;
  • Minimize excessive engine workload by using the vehicle’s kinetic forward motion to climb hills, and use downhill momentum to build speed; and
  • Avoiding bumps and potholes that can reduce momentum


Official release after the jump:

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