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 |  Oct 05 2010, 9:26 PM

One of our biggest gripes with so-called ‘street’ drag racing classes are that the cars aren’t really streetable. In the loosest of sense, the rules are geared towards cars that could be put on the street (whether it requires a catalytic converter or full interior or whatever the case is). Nine times out of ten, however, the cars just aren’t streetable.

We would love to see some of those 900 horsepowers Honda Civics reliably drive 200 miles at a time, then go tear it down the track.

Needless to say, our skepticism crept in when we heard about Larry Larson’s 6-second 1966 Chevrolet Nova ‘street car’. But lo and behold, we’re eating our own sarcastic internal monologue. Hot Rod Magazine has conjured up an event called Drag Week, which is similar to the One Lap of America. Basically, cars that wish to compete must race on five different tracks across five different states in five days. The cars must be driven from track to track (inevitably from state to state) and whoever gets the lowest ET wins. Simple enough.

Larry Larson’s 1966 Chevy Nova took the crown this year, having commuted well over 1,200 miles on the streets, highways and even in the rain to each track. And to top it all off, he piloted the car to a very impressive 6.95 second pass at 209 mph. The old Nova sports a twin-turbocharged 565 ci big-block Bowtie V8. Larson’s never dyno’ed the car but guesses it probably pumps out over 2,300-hp.

Kudos to you Larry Larson, you truly deserve a huge round of applause.

Check out three videos of this real deal street bruiser after the break:

[Source: Autoblog]

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