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 |  Apr 29 2010, 12:53 PM


With his already amazing collection of classic, exotic and rare automobiles, Jay Leno has just added one more specimen – the Koenigsegg Trevita. Number three of three, the Trevita is based on the 1,018-hp CCXR and gets a special Simmering Diamond carbon fiber body, with a diamond coating layered over the special lightweight weave.

Thanks to the folks at JP Logistics we have a selection of photos of the car – and a bit of a look inside one of Leno’s garages. There are even a few snaps of Leno and Christian von Koenigsegg.

Browse our gallery below or hit up the photog’s Photobucket page here.

GALLERY: Jay Leno’s Koenigsegg Trevita


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 |  Sep 10 2009, 11:22 AM


Koenigsegg’s bid to purchase GM’s Swedish Saab brand was contingent on the company securing additional funding, either through external investment or through loans. With the Swedish government not overly excited about bailing out Saab and after rejecting attempts by Volvo to secure assistance, Keonigsegg has looked to the private sector and overseas for an interested party.

Koenigsegg Group AB has now announced it has found just that in Chinese automaker Beijing Automotive Industry Holdings.

The deal has yet to be finalized and no monetary amount has been given, but Koenigsegg did say that Beijing Auto will be a minority non-controlling shareholder.

In return Saab will not only get much-needed funding but also access to the massive Chinese marketplace.

“This is an important step on the road to a new SAAB Automobile. We have a solid business plan, an important partnership and we are now in a position to go ahead without any governmental financing,” said Christian von Koenigsegg, CEO of Koenigsegg Group AB.

Official release after the jump:

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Report: GM Signs Over Saab to Koenigsegg

Deal contingent on additional investment, bank loans

 |  Aug 18 2009, 9:49 AM


General Motors has signed an agreement to sell off its Swedish Saab unit to the Koenigsegg Group. Led by supercar maker Koenigsegg, the group includes several additional investors. The deal will see the Koenigsegg Group take a 100 percent stake in Saab.

In a statement Koenigsegg Group CEO Christian von Koenigsegg said that the group plans to “transform Saab into a stand-alone vibrant entrepreneurial company and make it ‘sustainable’ by making it profitable.”

The deal is still contingent on additional funding, which Koenigsegg plans to raise through government loans and additional investors. According to a report in the Swedish newspaper Dagens Industri, a Koenigsegg Group executive said that the company requires $413.6 million in additional investments. Currently the Swedish government is reviewing a plan to secure a loan from the European Investment Bank.

Both Koenigsegg and General Motors seem to have differing opinions on how long it will take for the funding issue to be solved. Koenigsegg spokeswoman Halldora von Koenigsegg said she expects funding to be secured by in a month, while the less-optimistic GM is reported to have the end of 2009 pegged as a deadline to finalize the sale.

Additional specific terms of the agreement are not known, but it is expected that GM will supply the Koenigsegg Group with resources to assist in developing one additional model. Currently Saab is set to launch its latest model, the 2010 9-5 (pictured above) at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

[Source: Automotive News]