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 |  Mar 06 2014, 9:31 AM

hyundai intrado concept

The Hyundai Intrado concept car showcases the South Korean brand’s vision for future motoring with a carbon-fiber structure and hydrogen fuel cell.

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 |  Mar 05 2014, 5:45 AM

MINI Clubman Concept Front

MINI revealed an intriguing design study at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. The Clubman Concept hints at a future “higher class” automobile from the famous British brand.

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 |  Mar 05 2014, 3:19 AM


Along with media from around the world auto shows host all kinds of product reveals, things like the breathtaking McLaren 650S, the intriguing Jeep Renegade and the obscenely luxurious Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe. But they all can’t be heart-stopping; sometimes you have to report on vehicles people actually drive.

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 |  Mar 04 2014, 1:11 PM

MINI Clubman Concept

Every vehicle seems to get bigger with each generation; it’s really news if something is lighter or more compact than its predecessor. Of course not even is MINI immune to this diabetic swelling; you could say it’s because they’re so sweet to drive. The company’s latest Hardtop is a good bit larger than its forebear. But the vehicle I’m standing next to takes the cake, and eats it all in one sitting.

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 |  Mar 04 2014, 2:05 AM

Volvo Concept Estate

This beautiful vehicle is the Volvo Concept Estate and it just made its global debut at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. It may simply be a design study but what exactly is it? Is it a station wagon, a hatchback or a shooting brake? Volvo calls it a three-door sports wagon but we call it beautiful.

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 |  Jan 29 2014, 9:32 AM

2016 acura nsx

People with 3D printers are now able to make their own versions of past Honda concept cars from home.

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 |  Jan 13 2014, 11:21 AM

Toyota-FT-1-Concept-01-Main-ArtToyota took the wrapper off an exciting new concept car at the 2014 North American International Auto Show. The FT-1 is a stunner! Continue Reading…

 |  Oct 23 2013, 11:45 AM

Kia-GT-Main-ArtSlowly but surely Kia is transforming itself from a provider of inexpensive transportation appliances to a purveyor of premium automobiles. Further pushing the brand up-market, reports indicate the South Korean firm will build a production version of its dramatic GT concept.

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 |  Sep 10 2013, 4:30 AM


The folks at Infiniti have revealed their latest concept vehicle at the exciting 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show. The Q30 hints at what a future compact car from the brand might look like.

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 |  Sep 06 2013, 2:39 PM


French automaker Citroën may be struggling but it ain’t dead. The beret-wearing brand will reveal a new concept vehicle called the Cactus at next week’s vehicular blowout in Frankfurt.

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 |  Aug 22 2013, 8:31 AM


It’s not every day you get to sit inside a concept car, and driving one is an even rarer occurrence since these special vehicles are typically one-offs that are more precious than gold to automakers. Against the odds AutoGuide got a very brief test drive of the beautiful Infiniti Emerg-E show car at the Nissan 360 media event in Southern California.

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 |  Jul 23 2013, 2:23 PM


Cadillac is planning to scrap the laurel wreaths that surround its crest for a refreshed badge that will debut in Pebble Beach next month.

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 |  Mar 07 2013, 7:19 AM

It’s not an official Alfa Romeo, but maybe it should be. Called the Gloria Concept it made its debut at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show this week thanks to the work of some inspired students.

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 |  Aug 17 2012, 4:51 PM

Lamborghini‘s Sesto Elemento hypercar is such a special vehicle, that Lamborghini had to make a unique factory just to produce them. The Italian exotic car maker has brought one along to Pebble Beach just to show how special it really is.

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 |  Aug 09 2012, 3:34 PM

Lamborghini just announced that it will bring both the $2.2 million dollar Sesto Elemento track car and the Urus SUV concept to this year’s Monterey Classic Car Week for their North American debuts.

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 |  May 17 2012, 1:32 PM

Nissan‘s Delta Wing Le Mans race car looks like something out of a comic book, and as much as imaginative thinking went into it, the real magic came from the engineers who managed to make it work. 

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 |  Apr 04 2012, 2:40 PM

At the 2012 New York International Auto Show, Mazda has announced that the production version of the new Mazda6 will be on display at the 2012 Paris Motor Show in September. 

Today marks the North American debut of the Takeri concept car at the New York Auto Show, and it seems this is more than just a meaningless design, as Mazda revealed that this might be very close to the production Mazda6. Seeing how the production CX-5 looks very similar to its concept version, they could be onto something here.

The new Mazda6, will feature all the latest SKYACTIV technologies, from the engine to the gearbox, and its innovative chassis which is both light and very rigid. However, while Mazda is developing new SKYACTIV diesel engines, North America will only see the petrol variants of this car, at least in the start. We hope Mazda will start offering diesel models in North America soon.

The new Mazda6 will start arriving in North American showrooms sometime next year as 2014 models. No prices have been mentioned yet, but expect them to be similar to the current model.

 |  Dec 22 2011, 6:00 PM

With the companies current shift towards inspired design, Kia motors will produce the GT concept which was first shown at the Frankfurt auto show in 2011. The GT’s slick design is clearly aimed at competing with European luxury brands such as Audi.

Kia is saying that the introduction of the GT will not be a one off model but will be followed possibly by a two-door coupe and even a station wagon thus adding a new family of vehicles to the already growing brands ranks. The GT shown at the Frankfurt show was presented with a 390 horsepower turbocharged V6 which seems like part of the ploy to convert a few Audi and BMW owners over to the Korean brand. Kia wants to present the GT as a cheaper alternative to those interested in buying a luxury car at a cheaper than luxury price.

Peter Schreyer, Chief designer for Kia has even hinted that he would like to design a budget sports car for the brand that would compete with the Mazda MX-5. Although the general direction of the company as of late would suggest that this could be a reality, there is nothing concrete to say that it is.

[Source: InsideLine]

 |  Dec 19 2011, 8:30 PM


Last week we received a macro image of a new concept car from Lexus that will be fully revealed at the upcoming 2012 North American International Auto Show. Lexus PR literature revealed only that the concept will introduce a new design direction for the luxury brand but did not hint what role the concept will play for the future line-up.

A new image has been released today revealing an illustration of the concept’s interior. The press release remained just as brief, stating, “The interior of this Lexus design concept hints at the new contemporary, upscale and uniquely Lexus design direction. Created by Calty, the company’s design studio in Newport Beach, Calif., the concept vehicle will debut at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit at 1:25 pm Eastern time on January 9, 2012.”

Details regarding technology or powertrain are unknown but the need for secrecy suggests an imminent paradigm shift for Lexus.

 |  Dec 15 2011, 5:00 PM

While the city of Detroit is preparing itself to host the next major auto show on the global calender in January, Hyundai is looking to the future and preparing a concept for the Geneva Motor Show in March.

Their latest concept is called i-oniq and it is the work of Hyundai’s European research and development center in Russelsheim, Germany.

This latest concept is described by its chief designer Thomas Burkle as a “fluidic sculpture.” Burkle said, “two strong arched curves define the silhouette of i-oniq, creating a playful contrast between the sharp character lines and soft but muscular features.”

More information on this concept will be revealed at the Geneva Motor Show.

 |  Nov 28 2011, 2:45 PM

Toyota unveiled today their Fun-Vii concept car ahead of its official debut at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show. The concept, dubbed as a “smartphone on wheels” by Toyota President Akio Toyoda, allows drivers to customize the skin of the car to display anything from stock quotes to advertising to pictures downloaded from their phones.

Seating three, the Fun-Vii’s ultimate goal is to add a fourth dimension to the driving experience. That is, interconnectivity will join driving, turning and stopping. Toyota of course has no realistic release date for such a concept (if it even goes into production in any form), but has envisioned it to have other features such as auto-pilot and an onboard 3D hologram avatar for a year 20XX release. That’s right, 20XX – Toyota is pretty confident something like this will be manufactured in this century.

 |  Nov 09 2011, 5:30 PM


While Suzuki cars might not be very popular in North America, in its home market of Japan, they are a very big deal indeed. So to serve their home market, Suzuki is bringing a trio of concept cars for the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. These are the Regina, Q Concept and the Swift EV Hybrid.

The Regina is a lightweight city car that can seat four, and despite just having a gasoline engine, should manage 72.3-mpg. Apart from the low weight, its low drag co-efficient also helps it achieve its impressive fuel economy figures. Suzuki didn’t mention the exact Cd figure but says its 10% lower than similar sized city cars.

GALLERY: Suzuki Regina Concept


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 |  Nov 01 2011, 7:55 PM

SEMAAssortedPics 014.jpg

The Scion iQ has still yet to go on sale, but Scion came out in full force with their new subcompact, presenting a multitude of concepts aimed at all corners of the aftermarket segment.

The Pit Boss iQ by Cartel is the wildest interpretation of the iQ we’ve seen so far, with the roof completely chopped off and an electric blue paint scheme applied. Massive 18″ wheels and an iPad with an integrated Wi-Fi hotspot are also included, though it adds an extra element of danger in the event of rain.

At the other end of the spectrum is the iQ-RS, designed to look like a full-blown race car. With a classic white paint scheme, red wheels, a front splitter, rear wing and fender flares, the iQ-RS looks the part, and a roll cage, racing seats and a stripped out interior re-enforce the iQ-RS’ mission.

Finally, the Scion iQ-MR blends race car style with the ever popular “stance” movement, with both a roll cage, fender flares and Axis Sakura wheels fitting flush to the iQ’s body. A mid-engine conversion has been carried out to make the iQ rear-wheel drive while the engine itself features a thorough re-build and new internals. KW Variant 3 coilovers let the car sit low to the ground while offering excellent damping.

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Gallery: Scion iQ

SEMAAssortedPics 013.jpgSEMAAssortedPics 015.jpgSEMAAssortedPics 018.jpgSEMAAssortedPics 022.jpgSEMAAssortedPics 026.jpgSEMAAssortedPics 050.jpg

 |  Nov 01 2011, 2:22 PM

SonicConceptSEMA 015.jpg

Following our coverage of the Chevrolet Sonic Ricky Carmichael Concept and the Chevrolet Sonic Super 4 Concept, AutoGuide got to sit down with both Ricky Carmichael and John Buttermore, the men behind the two vehicles.

Carmichael and Buttermore were kind enough to walk us through the two cars and explained the philosophies behind the two very different Sonics. Check out the videos after the jump.

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