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 |  Oct 18 2011, 6:30 PM

Not so long ago, we told you about the special edition satellite navigation device by TomTom which features the voice of the Stig (!) and Jeremy Clarkson, both of TopGear fame.

Now due to a clause found in BBC’s own contact, this device had to be pulled off the shelves. According to the BBC, all its presenters “must take particular care not to endorse any product or service which could be covered in the programmes on which they work.”

Since this TomTom device could have easily been featured in an episode of TopGear, it would breach the contract rules and thus cannot be allowed to be put on sale.

However, the issue only came out after the device had already gone on sale. A reported 54,000 of these TopGear special edition sat nav’s have been sold thus far, however the BBC is not allowed to make any money due to its breach, and thus will have to donate all proceeds from its sale to its charity – BBC Children In Need.

Similarly, TomTom will also make a donation from its profits to a charity of its choice.

Clarkson, who had nothing to do with the brokering of this deal will also make no money from this transaction. However, anyone who currently owns this now very rare TomTom Go Live TopGear Edition, could sell it for a profit.

No word yet if this BBC clause will effect the new Forza4 video game, which also features the voice of Jeremy Clarkson.

[Source: The Guardian]

 |  Sep 23 2011, 1:43 PM


After a two year alliance between Volkswagen and Suzuki, relations and communication quickly deteriorated earlier this September after Suzuki had gone to Fiat to supply their engines. Volkswagen, upset at the deal, very publically claimed it was a serious breach of Suzuki’s contract.

Now, Suzuki Chairman and CEO, Mr. Osamu Suzuki, is demanding Volkswagen to withdraw the claim, as it stains Suzuki’s global reputation and public image. Osamu also insists that the deal with Fiat does not violate any contractual agreements with Volkswagen.

According to Suzuki, the matter of buying Fiat engines had been discussed with Volkswagen back in January and both sides accepted the terms. The reason behind the deal is Suzuki’s need of an engine that would meet specified parameters for their Sx4 compact. Fiat had such a 1.6 liter diesel engine available while Volkswagen did not.

The unraveling relations have accelerated as a very upset Osamu Suzuki says, “Volkswagen’s notice and press release hinder our effort to develop attractive new products and significantly disparage Suzuki’s honor. I think you can share my view why Suzuki would like to dissolve partnership and cross-shareholding relationship with Volkswagen.”

Volkswagen currently owns a 19.89 percent share of Suzuki while Suzuki holds 1.49 percent of VW. Initially expecting benefits from the alliance, Osamu is frustrated by two years of, “Ball and chain for our managerial independence.” Osamu intends for Suzuki to abandon its 1.49 percent holdings of VW and demands that VW sell all 19.89 percent of its stake in Suzuki as well.

While it is clear that Suzuki is stubbornly convinced their relationship with Volkswagen has come to an end, VW has no intention of selling their stake in Suzuki. Earlier this week, Volkswagen also announced their ambitions to grow into a larger automaker.

[Source: Automotive News]