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 |  Sep 17 2013, 1:02 PM


Tesla is looking trouble in the face again, this time because the California New Car Dealers Association says its advertising is in violation of various state and federal laws. 

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 |  Feb 14 2013, 9:32 AM

Tesla spokeswoman Shanna Hendriks’ world turned upside down on Monday after CEO Elon Musk issued a stiff rebuke over an article in the New York Times he called fake.

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 |  Dec 05 2012, 11:06 AM

Some might have expected a small riot after news surfaced that Hyundai inflated its mpg claims on more than 1 million recently sold cars, but the media brouhaha was worse than any other backlash — so far.

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 |  Nov 22 2012, 7:15 PM

Bertrand Delanoë, mayor of Paris, is angling to ban cars built before 1997 and motorcycles more than 10 years old.

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 |  Nov 19 2012, 8:02 PM

Left in the wake of Hyundai’s debunked fuel economy claims, brands that vowed to catch up are unexpectedly well-positioned. 

As gas mileage lurches to the forefront of many driver’s minds, car buyers are considering which product will be the least thirsty. It’s an issue that easily put Hyundai atop many lists until recently when the EPA found Hyundai to have exaggerated its mileage claims. Of course, that revelation is expected to hurt Hyundai’s sales, but a recent report fro Bloomberg suggests it will also be particularly good for Honda, which was formerly the U.S. fuel economy leader.

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Hyundai’s efficiency claims were a face-full of cold water for several automakers not the least of which was Honda. It, along with many others including Ford, Nissan and Toyota, worked vigorously to improve fuel consumption figures. Much like a student pouring over a term paper without knowing the deadline has been pushed back, those brands find themselves ahead of Hyundai.

“We’ve been conservative in our EPA estimates,” said Mike Accavitti, Honda’s head of U.S. marketing, to Bloomberg. “We triple check everything so customers are satisfied with the mileage they get in the real world.”

In 2012, Honda’s generally-popular civic took a beating with negative reviews. Quick to turn around, the brand will already offer a refreshed version for 2013 which could be timed perfectly to steal business away from Hyundai and Kia as customers shaken trust in the brand shoos value-minded buyers in other directions.

[Source: Bloomberg]

 |  Nov 13 2012, 7:02 PM

Jeff Gordon was fined $100,000 and 25 points for his deliberate retaliation toward Clint Bowyer during Sunday’s AdvoCare 500 at the Phoenix International Raceway.

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 |  Nov 05 2012, 11:16 AM

As webs meant to catch flies go, the Environmental Protection Agency‘s might soon look tattered and threadbare as its investigation expands to suggest Hyundai and Kia might not be the only brands fudging mpg claims. 

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 |  Jul 13 2012, 5:48 PM

Consumer Reports is, to an extent, corroborating Swedish magazine Teknikens Varld‘s accusations that the 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee is a rollover hazard.

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 |  Jul 13 2012, 1:51 PM

Swedish magazine Teknikens Varld’s accusations toward the 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee became much harder to dispute with the rag’s latest video. Both the clip and brief article that accompany it end with a pointed message that says: “Don’t buy the Jeep Grand Cherokee, for you and your family’s safety.”

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 |  Apr 11 2012, 3:46 PM

Throwing a curve ball right down the media’s throat, Lotus issued a press release today that aimed to disarm and diffuse the flurry of speculation and jokes.

It did so by writing in completely unacademic, and some might argue, unprofessional style. Above the text, a borrowed copy of Sniff Petrol’s satirical photo (seen above) that portrays CEO Dany Bahar as “Baghdad Bob,” Iraq’s ex-information minister notorious for insisting things were fine.

Here’s a quick recap of what lead into today’s hilarious SNAFU.

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 |  Apr 09 2012, 2:32 PM

At this past weekend’s Barrett-Jackson auction, a Shelby GT500 decked out in American flag livery sold — twice, for a combined total of $950,000, with all proceeds going to the Wounded Warriors Family Support charity (WWFS).

The car was purchased first by Ronnie Rains, a Vietnam veteran, for $500,000. Rains immediately donated the car back to the auction to be sold again, saying that he wanted to show his strong personal support for the WWFS charity. The car was then sold again, this time fetching $450,000 from a Florida man.

The auctioned GT500 participated in a cross-country drive to tour 48 states and be covered in signatures from veterans and others who have been affected by war.

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 |  Feb 20 2012, 6:00 PM

Jeremy Clarkson was invited to the BBC1′s The One Show’ last November where he remarked that the striking public sector workers should be shot. Striking controversy once again, Clarkson’s comment caused more than 30,000 complaints to the BBC and almost 800 to media regulator Ofcom.

Responding to the public reaction, Ofcom held an investigation to decide whether the show had broken any rules on taste and decency. Finally, Ofcom has announced that the program is cleared of breaching broadcasting regulations, defending that viewers should be familiar with Jeremy Clarkson’s “provocative and outspoken nature.”

Ofcom director Christopher Woolard stated in a four-page letter that, “The editorial nature of the program as a whole would have prepared viewers for the type of comments Jeremy Clarkson would be likely to make” and when considering Clarkson’s “well-established public persona,” Clarkson’s comment wasn’t overly offensive.

Woolard also added that, “The audience for this edition of The One Show would have expected Jeremy Clarkson to make potentially controversial or offensive statements… his comments were not an expression of seriously held beliefs or views that should be literally interpreted.”

In the past, Jeremy Clarkson has always been known to make a wide range of brash remarks. By now, victims to Clarkson’s insensitivity will have to accept this is only Clarkson being himself.

Check out Jeremy Clarkson’s controversial segment on The One Show after the jump:
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 |  Jan 18 2012, 12:45 PM

Mercedes-Benz made waves for the wrong reason at this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

It didn’t have anything to do with their cloud-based Mbrace2 system that brings everything from Yelp! to Facebook right into the latest Mercedes models, or anything related to the cars, for that matter. In fact, what’s really making a stir is how the company chose to use the iconic image of Ernesto “Che” Guevara as a backdrop with their emblem stamped on his beret.

Mercedes told that it was one of many images used during their presentation and that they only meant to evoke the idea that their cars are revolutionary, but that they do not condone Guevara’s actions. Trouble bubbled up, however, after the Heritage Foundation, a conservative political group in Washington published a blog with the headline ”Mercedes-Benz Uses Communist Madman Che Guevara to Sell Luxury Cars.”

Regardless of what the company actually meant by putting the image up, it created a notion that Mercedes might, on some level, condone the communist revolutionary’s actions in Cuba, which isn’t an easy message for everyone to swallow, regardless of its validity.

[Source: MSNBC]

 |  Dec 07 2011, 6:00 PM


Maybe the staff at Aptera watched the printer-smashing scene in Office Space too many times and felt like taking some frustration out on inanimate objects.

Whatever their reason the video footage of their antics is creating a stir. Last Sunday we reported that Aptera, the environmentally focused startup responsible for building funky-looking 3-wheeled EVs would cease to exist. They had no choice but to shut their doors after failing to find investors willing to match a $150 million Department of Energy loan offer.

Had they succeeded, Fox News reported that the company was aiming to market a family sedan similar in size to the Toyota Camry.

Aptera co-founder and former Chief Technical Officer Steve Fambro expressed his dismay on the Aptera forum yesterday, saying These were beautiful, fully functioning vehicles.” He went on to say that there was ”no viable or logical reason for this to have been done, only to prevent the founder from ever seeing their functioning [cars] work again.”

Fambro left the company in 2009 after a failed coup attempt aimed according to him at trying to save the company “from team B’s failed path of waiting for the DOE.”

The videos feature unnamed employees destroying what looks like body shells of the raindrop-like 2e. You can watch them below.