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 |  May 11 2012, 4:02 PM

The One Lap of America race event looks to pit race teams against each other in a variety of automotive challenges, one of which saw this Cadillac CTS-V Wagon end up on its roof. 

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 |  Jul 02 2011, 12:00 PM


Modifying wagons isn’t very widely accepted, especially not in Dubai. And that’s a shame because nicely tuned wagons look killer. Needless to say, we were pretty excited as soon as we saw this Cadillac CTS-V Wagon Race Car. Then reality stepped when we realized it’s just a rendering.

The concept is the child of Lap 57′s Emirati race driver Omran Al Owais, and in his own words, “A typical Emirati thinks a wagon is as cool as a chauffeur driving an old smelly Camry Wagon with trunk full of fish baskets.”

Omran and his brother Mohammed both imported CTS-V Wagons from America in hopes to stir the pot a bit in Dubai. “We are hoping this fetish might catch on with other Emiratis and see them ditching their X6Ms and G55s, so that we start seeing serious girls on the road such as the RS6/E63 or the new exciting M5 Wagon. The streets of Jumeirah at night will never be the same.”

Currently the two brothers plan on taking their wagons from Dubai to the Nurburgring and then converting one of them into a true race car, ideally making this rendering a reality. They’re hopes are that these renderings get to the hands of famed Cadillac tuners such as D3 and Hennessey Performance here in America so that brothers can campaign a CTS-V wagon in the UAE GT Championship.

We’re thinking that if the guys want a CTS-V Wagon race car, they should call the team behind the Corvette race cars, Pratte & Miller.

GALLERY: Cadillac CTS-V Wagon Race Car

cadillac_cts_v_wagon_racer_1.jpg cadillac_cts_v_wagon_racer_2.jpg cadillac_cts_v_wagon_racer_3.jpg cadillac_cts_v_wagon_racer_4.jpg cadillac_cts_v_wagon_racer_5.jpg

[Source: Jalopnik]

 |  Sep 21 2009, 12:44 PM


As unlikely as it seems, Cadillac may be preparing to launch a high-performance V version of the CTS SportWagon.

The rumors of a 556hp CTS wagon re-emerged when an Autoblog reader reportedly had an email exchange with GM’s product boss Bob Lutz where he asked Lutz if a manual transmission version of a CTS-V wagon were to be built, then he would buy one. Lutz is reported to have responded saying, “Since we do market the V with a 6-speed manual, and since the V-wagon is in the plan, we’ll be selling you a car in one year!”

When asked about this conversation, Cadillac spokesperson David Caldwell responded that, “There’s not been an ‘official’ or announced change in the status of this car. It’s certainly a car we’re thinking of, and one we know how to do. I can’t really speak to what’s inside your reader’s email account. I don’t doubt him… not would I doubt Bob Lutz.”

We still have our doubts about the V-Wagon, and after Lutz’s comments about the Pontiac G8 living on turned out to be false, we’ll take his comments with a grain of salt.

There is still hope, however, as the arguments for why most European automakers don’t bring over their high-powered wagons doesn’t hold up with GM. BMW has never offered its M5 wagon here and neither has Audi offered its RS6 Avant. The issue with those cars, however, is their price. Already extremely expensive overseas, cars like the RS6 are prohibitively priced for the U.S. market, with the twin-turbo V10 wagon commanding 110,000 Euros, or $160,000. With the CTS-V and CTS SportWagon already both existing, and priced significantly less than European competitors, the price issue wouldn’t be nearly as big a factor. Demand for the car still remains a big question mark.

[Source: Autoblog]