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 |  Nov 10 2010, 9:19 PM


There’s no better way to build success than to take a winning formula and applying it on a larger scale. That’s what BMW did with their X5 and X6, and exotic car tuner Mansory has followed suit, taking the foundation from their BMW X5 M tuning program and applying it to the X6 M. But this time Mansory wanted to match the performance prowess and sportiness of the X6 M by mixing in more carbon fiber components.

Similar to the X5 M, Mansory’s X6 M sports widened front and rear fenders. The front has been widened around 2.75-inches while the rear gets around 3.15-inches of widening. Side skirts were designed to match the widened fenders, while the front bumper is much more aggressive than the factory unit, but very much similar to what’s seen on Mansory’s X5 M.

Back in the rear is a diffuser styled for Mansory’s quad-tipped exhaust system while the trunk and roof receive a carbon fiber spoiler.

Performance is also a focus for any Mansory package, and the X6 M receives plenty of it. Horsepower jumps from the factory 555-hp to 670-hp while torque goes from 501 ft-lbs to to an astonishing 700 ft-lbs. Along with the Mansory exhaust system, new headers and an ECU tune is all it takes for the added power.

To match the widebody, Mansory outfits the X6 M with a set of 23-inch wheels while a larger brake upgrade enhances stopping performance. And of course, Mansory will custom tailor the interior to suit the owner’s wants and needs.



 |  Sep 01 2010, 12:10 PM


Admittedly we’ve never heard of Enco Exclusive until now (OK, maybe once), so we decided to do a little research and dig a little into the company to see what they’re all about. A quick visit to their website reveals that they actually work on a lot of different cars, from German to Italian but mostly focusing on high-end automobiles. Your typical Audi, Porsche, Maserati and Bentley are in their gallery along with Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maybach. So it seems like they definitely have the experience in customizing cars, having been in the business for around 10 years.

Their BMW X6 project has us torn as to whether or not we like it. We attribute it mostly to the two-tone silver and matte black paint, which doesn’t flow so well on the SUV. But the widebody (courtesy of fender flares) and the body kit as a whole is pretty clean, with a menacing look to the front. What we’re really digging about the entire package however is the custom rear conversion and how they housed the rear exhaust.

It takes a little bit of getting used to after seeing it initially, but it’s pretty sleek and definitely something we don’t see very often. It’s probably a little too high up for most people’s tastes but it gets a ton of unique-factor points from us. As mentioned before, the Enco X6 sports a new front and rear bumper, side skirts and wider fender flares along with 23-inch Enco-Jura wheels in a glossy black finish. The doors are also modified for the widebody conversion.

It looks like the entire package including wheels and tires is available for around $19,000 USD. Probably not made for everyone, but we’ve definitely seen worse.

GALLERY: Enco Exclusive BMW X6

enco_x6_1.jpg enco_x6_10.jpgenco_x6_2.jpg enco_x6_6.jpg enco_x6_9.jpg enco_x6_8.jpg

[Source: Zer Customs]

 |  Aug 21 2010, 4:26 PM

We’ve seen so many variants of BMW‘s X6 by now that we’re not even sure which one is our favorite anymore. But it’s clear that the aftermarket has really embraced BMW’s performance SUV despite its odd identity crisis. This time it’s AC Schnitzer with a widebody X6. Interestingly AC Schnitzer hasn’t officially released this kit yet, with the vehicle making its first appearance at the National BMW Festival out in the United Kingdom.

AC Schnitzer is well known for tuning BMWs and their styling has always been unique. Simply put, it’s hard to mistake AC Schnitzer’s body kits. Clearly what we can see on the X6 is a full body kit (front bumper, side skirts, rear bumper, rear trunk and roof spoiler), alongside widebody arches that allows 11-inch wide wheels to look comfortably at home.

A set of traditional AC Schnitzer wheels also outfit the car. We found this X6 to be one of the cleaner yet more aggressive ones out of all the X6s we’ve seen, with the widebody fitting the style of the X6 quite nicely. As for the Aston Martin-inspired frong grille, well, we’ll pass on that.

We’re sure it’s just a matter of time before someone in the United States pops up with one for us to check out.

GALLERY: Widebody AC Schnitzer BMW X6

[Source: Vivid Racing]

 |  Jul 15 2010, 8:50 PM


This isn’t the first time we’ve shown off Lumma’s CLR X650 M, but we felt obliged to post this one up because of just how different it looks compared to the previous black and white variants. It’s amazing how the exterior color of a vehicle does to transform the overall impression the customization does to the vehicle. The bold one-piece design wheel also does wonders in shaping the BMW X6 M’s lines without a deep lip taking precedence.

The CLR X650 M is another product from Top Car in Russia, and you can clearly see in this shoot the unique design in the rear bumper, the fine carbon fiber weave in the rear wing and vented hood. There are some nice profile shots that really allows us to see the true lines of Lumma’s product. All in all we feel like we have a better idea of how this CLR X650 M would look like in real life compared to the black and white ones that we’ve seen previously.

In fact, we can’t believe we’re admitting this, but this Lumma X6 M is one seriously awesome machine. You absolutely have to check out the gallery below, in particular the view from the back.

[Source: Jon Sibal]

GALLERY: Blue Lumma CLR X650 M

lumma_clr_1.jpg lumma_clr_3.jpg lumma_clr_4.jpg lumma_clr_5.jpg lumma_clr_7.jpg lumma_clr_9.jpg