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 |  Oct 20 2010, 8:51 PM

Yeah, so… what happened? How in the world does a convertible Corvette end up in the water? Better yet, how does a Hertz rental convertible Corvette end up in the water? And of course, everything’s all captured on video and shared with the world via YouTube.

The story according to NBC San Diego is that a visiting couple had rented the Corvette and hit up Pacific Beach in San Diego for a night filled with festivities. Apparently one too many festivities. They met up with an unsuspecting individual at the bar and after he disclosed that he had never driven a Corvette before, the couple felt obliged to offer him the keys to their rental.

And the result? Well, apparently the driver took more than just a joyride by taking the Corvette out onto the beach, doing a couple of donuts and pointing the nose straight into the water. Unfortunately no video footage of the actual event unfolding has surfaced, but the aftermath is pretty entertaining.

Just another reason to never buy a rental car. Tsk tsk. By the way, the driver wasn’t harmed; he just ran away from the scene. The couple was held and released by the local police.

Check out the hilarious video after the break.

[Source: NBC San Diego via Autoblog]

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