Toyota Sleeper Camry Dragster Video, First Look

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This thing from Toyota is a Camry in name and appearance only, otherwise you can just call it a crazy dragster. Continue Reading...

R/C Dragster Toy Can Hit 70 MPH – Video

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The one thing electric motors are best at is in delivering instant torque, so it would only make sense to make electric dragsters. While the full-size dragster still prefer to burn alcohol, Traxxas will sell you a miniature, radio controlled, electric dragster for your amusement. This 1/8 scale model features Traxxas’ ET-3s brushless motor, which… Continue Reading...

Hot Rod Warms Our Hearts in This Video

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Hot Rods are pretty cool, but the one in this video sure is hot. Watch  “Wild Thang” at the National Hot Rod Racing Association spit up flames during the 2012 the organization’s Winter Nationals. Heed our warning, if you stare to long, the video starts to have hypnotic effects. Especially if you’re a gear head…. Continue Reading...