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 |  Aug 05 2011, 4:30 PM


Versus, the network that currently airs Formula Drift coverage, was recently acquired by NBC Sports. Starting on January 2nd, 2012, Versus will officially become the NBC Sports Network.

The name change will start with the coverage of the NHL Winter Classic and NBC Sports will continue to market and brand on previous-Versus programming. As part of the Versus rebrand, the NBC Sports Group will also be updating its logo, making its peacock larger and using new fonts for the NBC Sports.

It will be interesting to see if Formula Drift will continue to air on the new NBC Sports Network, which could impress potential sponsors of the drift series more so than hearing that their television coverage comes from Versus – even though they’re just the same.

[Source: AOL Sporting News via Wrecked Magazine]

 |  Sep 19 2010, 5:28 PM

The folks at Wrecked Magazine have started/elaborated on the rumor that Titan Motorsports would be turning towards drifting for 2011. With their dominance in sport compact drag racing and their expertise in all things horsepower and motorsports, it wouldn’t be a surprise that Titan would get their hands dirty in some sideways action. So instead of just hunting around, we went straight to our insider source at Titan Motorsports to get some of the details.

We expected to hear that Titan is working on a RWD-converted 2011 Scion tC sporting a 2JZ powerplant, given Titan Motorsports’ relationship with Scion in drag racing and their expertise with Supra tuning. Instead we’ve been informed that while Scion hasn’t completely shut the door on the deal, but they aren’t looking to add a third car to the series.

Titan is, however, looking to get involved and did confirm that they’re in talks with a current top 16 drifter. Our guess would be Frederick Aasbo, a Supra drifting expert. Even though Titan hasn’t confirmed that they’ll even be running a Toyota, our guess is they’ll still want to end up wit ha 2JZ in whatever they work with. That is unless an opposing OE manufacturer is willing to step in. Titan did confirm that they are open to various manufacturers if Toyota or Scion decide not to be involved.

So in summary? Titan Motorsports is definitely interested in getting into Formula Drift competition for 2011, but has no confirmed plans on driver or car. They are currently exploring manufacturer and tire support and while they’d love to continue building their relationship with Toyota and Scion, they are opened to exploring new platforms as well.

 |  Aug 05 2010, 8:33 AM

Here’s the most anticipated, yet expected drift news of the year. D1 Grand Prix has announced that their US-based events will be pushed until the 2011 season, and even then we find that hard to believe. All the rumors that were brewing about a 2010 season had basically faded away, and as much as we’d hate to say it, a lot of people just stopped even caring if the D1 Grand Prix had a presence this year.

The fact is, D1 Grand Prix was great for the sport of drifting in America in its initial stages, bringing in all the excitement that drift enthusiasts yearned for. But the company’s trials and tribulations in America have really left a sour taste in everyone’s mouth. Combine that with the fact that Formula Drift is very much alive and well, running extremely successful events and at the end of the day we’re not really sure who would care for D1 Grand Prix in America.

But the good news is, Japan’s series will still be shown on SPEED TV and that is still scheduled as promised. We’ll just have to enjoy the drama on the television.

Official press release available after the break.

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 |  May 13 2010, 11:59 AM


We’d be kidding ourselves and the entire world when we say we watch videos on YouTube looking for substance or a plot. When it comes down to it, car videos are like porn for us. We don’t care about a story, we’re drooling over the action.

Vernal Equinox is a fancy 12-minute flick by French filmmaker Stephane Benini. Truth be told though, it’s not exactly 12 minutes, the last three minutes and change is a nice long credit roll reminiscent of what you’d see out of Hollywood. But nonetheless the video is entertaining for any car nut out there, especially those in love with drifting.

The video is well thought out and there’s no denying the editing and quality of filming. Each shot took quite the setup and direction to do and all of it flows nicely together. But hey, we’re no Roger Ebert over here, but we’d give it two thumbs up and well worth the watch.

[Source: Cartech Blog]

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 |  Apr 12 2010, 8:47 PM

pic 752.jpg

Breaking into its seventh season, Formula DRIFT took to the Streets of Long Beach for its trademark season opener. This event is always a fan favorite being one of the only, if not the only, drift event that takes place on actual streets rather than a race track, course or parking lot. Many new cars made their debut at this event, some having great success while others clearly have a lot of bugs to figure out. American muscle prevailed however, as Vaughn Gittin Jr.’s new 2011 Falken Tire / Monster Energy Drink Mustang claimed the top podium spot with its debut.

Rhys Millen and his Red Bull Hyundai Genesis has clearly benefited from an off-season of thorough testing and upgrades as he finished up second place. Two-time champion Tanner Foust found himself in third with his Rockstar Energy Drink / AEM Scion tC. The threesome made for a colorful podium with three different brand of energy drinks being represented.

What made this event even more exciting was the debuts of several new drivers from all around the world seeing their first action in competitive American drifting. “With drivers from 13 nations and 12 current and former drifting champions, Formula Drift continues to grow drifting globally with the most diverse field of competitors than any other drifting series in the world,” said Jim Liaw, president and co-founder of Formula Drift.

Samuel Hübinette’s Dodge Challenger looks to have a few more bugs to work out, but his skill and expertise made sure he wasn’t far from a podium finish. Other new muscle cars included Conrad Grunewald in his Hankook Chevy Camaro and Tony Brakohiapa in the Sam’s Autoboy Ford Mustang. Noticeably missing, and without controversy, was Robbie Nishida’s Hankook Nissan GT-R and Eric O’Sullivan’s Subaru. Both were supposed to be big-name competitors and it must have been truly disappointing for both of these drivers flying over 10 hours to not see any competition.

Round Two of Formula Drift is scheduled to invade Road Atlanta on May 7-8th, 2010. We’ll be keeping a close eye on any testing during the break and will be sure to report on the second event of another exciting season of drifting.

GALLERY: Formula DRIFT Long Beach 2010

pic 227.jpgpic 365.jpgpic 387.jpgpic 589.jpgpic 635.jpg

 |  Apr 09 2010, 2:24 PM


We broke the news last month that Samuel Hübinette would be campaigning his own two-car drift team for 2010. His new 865-hp Dodge Challenger would be campaigned with his previous championship-winning Dodge Viper, now driven by Canadian rally-star Andrew Comrie-Picard. With Formula Drift Long Beach competition starting today, the new team was out testing at Riverside, California this past week.

We spotted this video on YouTube and figured we’d share. It’s the best we can do to whet our appetite for this weekend’s competition. Things look extremely exciting with all the major teams finally making their official announcements, debuts and testing videos. We’ll be sure to report on all the results from the first event of the 2010 Formula DRIFT season. Check out the video of the Challenger swinging sideways, burning BFG rubber after the break.

GALLERY: Samuel Hubinette Testing Drift Dodge Challenger


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