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 |  Mar 30 2012, 8:55 AM

We fell in love with the Toyota GT 86 when we first drove it, so how could it get any better? Well, try more than doubling the car’s factory displacement by swapping out the Subaru-sourced 2.0-liter boxer 4-cylinder for a 5.0-liter V8.

Donated from a Lexus IS-F, this custom machine is the ride of choice for Japanese drift and road racer Max Orido, who will compete in the D1 drift series this year.

Watch the video below and we sure to check out our Scion FR-S First Drive here:

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 |  Mar 28 2012, 7:32 PM

Some automotive enthusiasts saw EVs as a sign of motorsport’s eventual dom, but electric vehicles are proving that to not be quite true.

Quimera Responsible Racing wants to be the first on the market with a true All Electric Drift Car (AEDC). While electric cars won’t roar like a V8 they can burn serious rubber.

It isn’t actually far-fetched to imagine them competing at an actual drift event. Quimera sure hopes that its AEDC will be well-received by drifters nationwide, and is currently hosting a design contest for the car’s livery.

The international competition will grant the winner and a friend a trip to California’s Irwindale Speedway – aka The House of Drift – for the car’s official unveiling on October 12. Quimera will also give the winner $5,000 in spending cash, so if you’re interested click here.

Quimera hopes to encourage all forms of motorsports through its electric vehicle platforms in the future. We’re curious to see how their AEDC will perform out at Irwindale Speedway later this year.


 |  Mar 21 2012, 2:01 PM

Drifting is becoming a worldwide phenomenon, with car enthusiasts yearning to go sideways all over the globe. In this video a driver doing his best Initial D impression comes up a little short.

The driver catches a mound of sand and rolls his car right over. The car is clearly more injured than the driver’s ego, who continues to drive the vehicle past the stunned audience.

Hopefully this will remind viewers that drifting can be a dangerous pass time, and to try and not hit the only sand mound in the vicinity when you have tons of asphalt to have fun on. Just a suggestion.

Check out the video below.

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 |  Mar 13 2012, 8:02 PM

Not that it seems like something most people would dream of spontaneously, but if the idea of tossing the engine from a Toyota Supra into an E30 BMW tickles you, this video is up your alley.

There isn’t a lot more to say about it — 535 horsepower to the rear wheels in a small car like that means a lot of noise and tire rubber spread over parkinglot pavement like peanut butter.

The almost-three-minute video features the one car floating around cones while snarling in what some YouTube viewers said sounded like an AK-47 or helicopter.

Watch below and decide for yourself.

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 |  Feb 16 2012, 1:45 PM

The Scion FR-S is hotly anticipated to say the least. When we test drove one,  it certainly did not dissapoint.

Scion’s Canadian FR-S website went live today and brought with it the release of some new video’s which add to the excitment surrounding the coupe. The videos showcase Ken Gushi drifting the FR-S, how the painting process works, lots of driving footage, an FR-S being assembled and even footage from the video game Gran Turismo. The clips aren’t all new, but they’re still fun to watch.

Scion even borrowed some AutoGuide footage of the FR-S reveal, yeah we’re that good.

If you’re a die-hard FR-S fan, these videos will get your heart beating a little quicker. We included the best ones after the jump.

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 |  Feb 06 2012, 12:02 PM

The Toyota GT 86 is being hyped as a drift car extraordinaire, which seems to be a fitting title after watching the video below.

This video comes out of Japan, and shows off two GT 86s, (which will be badged as Scion FR-Ss in North America), drifting around an impromptu pylon marked track. Both the drivers are out having some fun, and showing off their skills for the crowd.

Check out the video abelow, and let us know what you think of the Toyota GT 86 in the comments section below.

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 |  Jan 20 2012, 10:30 AM

Toyota motorsports partner Gazoo Racing is known for its Super GT teams and Nurburgring race cars. How do they stack up when it comes to the sport art of drifting? Not too well, judging from this video.

As part of a demonstration event held at the Tokyo Auto Salon each year, automakers, tuners and racing teams get the chance to display the power of their vehicles on a small course set up outside the venue. One of the vehicles this year was a Lexus IS-F prepped by Gazoo.

We don’t want to ruin it for you, but let’s just say, perhaps there’s a reason pylons are made of plastic.

Watch the video below:

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 |  Dec 15 2011, 1:24 PM

Rhys Millen drifts through hyundai headquarters

Hyundai Motor America is just about ready to open its new California headquarters and decided a proper send-off for the old building in Fountain Valley was in order. The idea, dreamed-up by Hyundai service tech Dustin Loranger, has pro drifter Rhys Millen stealing his own drift car from the compound, only to run circles (literally) around the facility – both outside and in.

Watch the video after the jump: Continue Reading…

 |  Aug 05 2011, 4:30 PM


Versus, the network that currently airs Formula Drift coverage, was recently acquired by NBC Sports. Starting on January 2nd, 2012, Versus will officially become the NBC Sports Network.

The name change will start with the coverage of the NHL Winter Classic and NBC Sports will continue to market and brand on previous-Versus programming. As part of the Versus rebrand, the NBC Sports Group will also be updating its logo, making its peacock larger and using new fonts for the NBC Sports.

It will be interesting to see if Formula Drift will continue to air on the new NBC Sports Network, which could impress potential sponsors of the drift series more so than hearing that their television coverage comes from Versus – even though they’re just the same.

[Source: AOL Sporting News via Wrecked Magazine]

 |  Aug 01 2011, 9:00 PM


Multi-talented driver Tanner Foust is looking for a new challenge in 2012, hoping to get himself behind the wheel of an Indy Car towards the end of this year. With a busy schedule of rally racing this year, Foust put aside the sport of drifting (where he is a two-time champion) this year and it looks like drifting will be without Foust for at least another year.

The interview with Foust was conducted at this past weekend’s X-Games 17 courtesy of MotorWorldHype and Foust looks determined to get an Indy Car ride for 2012. He did state that he would like to return to drifting down the road, saying that he misses the sport and the driving, but it’s a very good chance it won’t happen for 2012.

Check out the interview after the break.

[Source: Youtube via Wrecked Magazine]

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 |  Jul 28 2011, 10:20 AM

The video (below the jump) is the stunt that was most voted on by fans of the Mercedes-Benz Facebook page. So if it’s not extreme enough, you have a lot of people to blame.

How about a C111 rotary gullwing jumping the St. Lawrence? Why not a bunch of E-Class convertibles and GLKs in a symphonic destructo-thon? Alas, those harebrained ideas detract from the impressiveness of this stunt already, where a C63 AMG coupe drifts figure-eights around a pair of C63 AMG sedans. It’s no Saab Suite, but it’s still pretty damn cool.


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 |  Jul 20 2011, 9:30 AM

2010 Formula Drift Champion Vaughn Gittin Jr. takes his dog and pony show to the Middle East: drifting Saudi Arabia in his Ford Mustang.

At the Al Reem Circuit, he puts on a show that would make Ken Block proud. Titled Drifting In The K.S.A, Gittin was given permission to do basically anything around the racetrack, which he takes full advantage of: he first tackles the course grounds in a Boss 302 before bringing out his Monster-liveried Falken Mustang in a cloud of tire smoke.

“Everyone I met, from Princes, to other professional drivers, to swarms of fans, treated me with amazing hospitality and kindness.” Said Gittin. “It was an incredible experience that I will never forget and I look forward to coming back to the K.S.A!”

Click the jump to watch the video and to gain terrible ideas on doing this yourself. But as always…don’t. Unless you were 2009′s Formula Drift Champion.


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 |  Jun 18 2011, 8:45 PM


Currently up on eBay is Hubinette Racing’s / NuFormz Dodge Charger SRT8 originally built for the Formula Drift competition. And while it’s a truly formidable drift machine – it captured first place in Summit Point in 2007 – it’s more about owning a piece of history if you’re a a fan of the sideways sport. The reason? It was the first domestic four-door drift machine ever built, having spent the last couple of years sitting in the NHRA Museum after Sean Carlson’s untimely passing.

The only steel piece left on this car is the roof, while all the other panels have been swapped out for carbon fiber and fiberglass counterparts. It features a fully built 6.1L HEMI engine, naturally aspirated, though the exact specs of the powerplant were not mentioned in the auction. What is mentioned however is the extensive suspension and drivetrain modifications and the car currently sits on 18-inch Intro wheels.

The starting bid is currently at $39,000 and we certainly hope whoever does end up buying it takes it back out to compete.

[Source: eBay via Wrecked Magazine]

 |  Jun 15 2011, 10:29 AM

Mercedes-Benz demonstration driver, Mauro Calo, is attempting to set a new world record, the longest ever powerslide. Calo will attempt this feat this coming weekend at Mercedes-Benz World, located close to the historic Brooklands circuit in Surrey, United Kingdom.

Calo, piloting either an E63 or S63 Mercedes AMG, will attempt to hold the car in a third gear drift for four minutes at a speed of 55 mph, covering a distance of 10,000 ft, in order to beat the current 8,000 ft record.

However, doing it on the narrow perimeter track at Brooklands means there’s little margin for error, nevertheless, he stated “I’m 100 percent confident I can do it.”

For more information about the activities going on at Mercedes-Benz World, this coming weekend, click here.

[Source: Mercedes-Benz World]

 |  May 27 2011, 10:03 PM

The Romanian racing company Dacia famous for winter racing has joined Renaultsport, and a number of independent firms to build the Dacia Duster. The “No Limit” race car driven by Jean-Phillipe Dayraut was built for the Unlimited class at Pikes Peak.

In this class, there are essentially no restrictions placed on a car’s specifications. In this case, the Dacia Duster features a twin-turbo 3.8-liter V6 from a Nissan GT-R. The engine is tuned to 850-hp, and is mounted behind the cabin, connected to a 6-speed sequential gearbox.

The car will be raced at Pikes Peak on June 26,2011.


 |  May 16 2011, 7:16 AM


In what is a clearly a great marketing stunt, BF Goodrich is teaming up with Olympic Gold Medalist Shaun White to teach him how to drive. And by driving, we mean the typical fashion we expect to see with BF Goodrich – tearing up tires all over the track.

White had the privilege of going to San Bernardino Airport where he met up with three of Team BFG’s members: Samuel Hubinette, Lars Wolfe and James Shearer. Each driver represented a different facet of motorsport, drifting, time attack and King of the Hammers, respectively.

Despite not even knowing how to drive a manual when the day began, White seemed to be a quick learner and was extremely fascinated with drifting – something expected from a persona like White.

Check out several videos after the break of Shaun White and BF Goodrich.

GALLERY: BF Goodrich and Shaun White

bfgoodrich_shaun_white_1.jpg bfgoodrich_shaun_white_2.jpg

[Source: Autoblog]

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 |  May 11 2011, 8:21 AM


Red Bull has made a name for itself with crazy motorsport antics. The latest stunt is profiled in a video of their drifters, Rhys Millen and Ryan Tuerck, piloting Red Bull-sponsored machines sideways through Peachtree Street in Midtown Atlanta, Georgia. The tandem street drifting was part of a promotion for the Formula Drift event in Atlanta and even gave the mayor of Atlanta, Kasim Reed, a ride-along.

Rhys Millen was piloting his Hyundai Genesis Coupe while Ryan Tuerck was in his Pontiac Solstice Coupe, which is now retired from competition – Tuerck is now competing with a Chevrolet Camaro. Needless to say, Red Bull did a fantastic job capturing it all on video for us to enjoy.

Check out the video after the jump:

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 |  Apr 30 2011, 8:10 AM

Nothing thrills us more than a show-quality built car getting thoroughly abused on the track. And in true Vaughn Gittin Jr. form, his 1969 Ford RTR-X Mustang has finally gone sideways. Originally built as a SEMA project vehicle, Gittin Jr. promised many that he would take it out on the track proving that every bit of the car was as functional as it was show.

Unfortunately we didn’t get to witness it first hand, but the photos prove that Gittin had no reservations in whipping the RTR-X around Willow Springs Raceway. There’s no denying Gittin probably put the Boss 302 5.0L V8 through some work and clearly all the suspension tweaks that Gittin wanted done on the project paid off. We’re digging the color scheme of the car on the track and those Work Meister’s do a good job on some old school American muscle.

Hit the link below to see all the pics.

[Source: Autoblog]


 |  Jan 19 2011, 6:30 PM

Audi‘s finest test drivers got to wring out the new RS3 Sportback in on some powder-strewn Canadian roads this past week, and lucky for us, they were kind enough to film the whole thing. Powered by the same 340 horsepower 5-cylinder in the TT-RS, the cost of the TT-RS will likely stop it from being imported, but at least we can marvel at its capabilities from afar.

[Source: Audi]

Hit the jump to see the video

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 |  Jan 14 2011, 11:50 AM


Over in Japan, the Lexus GS is sold as the Toyota Mark X, meaning that you can get the rear-drive sedan at a more affordable price.

While not exactly the most dynamic diver’s car, the folks at Goodyear Racing though it would be perfect for their new race car – if you can consider the D1 Grand Prix drift series racing.

Debuting the car at the Tokyo Auto Salon, it’s hard not to love the NASCAR-esque look of the machine, with what Goodyear Racing refers to as a DTM-style widebody. There’s now word on a powerplant, but the car is scheduled to hit the track for testing soon in order to be ready for the start of a new D1 GP season.

GALLERY: Goodyear Racing Toyota Mark X Drift Car


See AutoGuide’s 2011 Tokyo Auto Salon coverage here

 |  Dec 28 2010, 9:59 AM


We’ve seen some crazy car builds in our time, but this one might top the list. SVK Customs based out of Sweden has been overhauling a Ferrari 550 GTR to one exotic machine. Just a brief overview will make any enthusiast drop their jaw: custom carbon fiber widebody kit, BMW powerplant and custom fabricated suspension components to give it some extreme steering angles for drifting – yes drifting.

A closer look at the suspension components reveals plenty of custom fabrication along with center-bolt hubs for the wheels.

For horsepower, SVK wasn’t content with the factory Italian V12, so in went a BMW European V8 with desires of obtaining over 1,000-hp. Yikes.

GALLERY: SVK Customs Ferrari 550 GTR

carbon_drift_ferrari_1.jpg carbon_drift_ferrari_2.jpg carbon_drift_ferrari_3.jpg carbon_drift_ferrari_4.jpg carbon_drift_ferrari_5.jpg

[Source: Jalopnik]

 |  Dec 15 2010, 5:42 PM

Tim Aldrich, a Florida resident and Nissan 240SX owner, passed away in early August, 2010. Although I never knew Tim personally, he was a larger than life presence on Ziptied, an online forum that I’ve frequented for a number of years, where Tim’s ribald humor and offline friendships with a number of other Ziptied members provided fodder for countless memes, vulgar jokes and spirited arguments. Nearly all of Tim’s comments are too explicit to print, but his username, “EAT S**T, DIE SLOW” should provide you with ample indication of Tim’s sense of humor.

Offline, Tim was known as a true stand-up guy, who loved animals and shied away from drinking alcohol and other indulgences. Tim’s death at age 30 hit hard precisely because so many members had a personal relationship with him that extended beyond a keyboard. Shortly after he passed away, one member announced that Tim’s father had given permission to some of Tim’s friends to crush his Nissan 240SX.

The genesis of the idea came from Tim’s repeated distaste for the idea that his car, or any part of it, should fall into the hands of a teenaged wannabe drifter who would defile his car by crashing it during a lame attempt at emulating their D1 heroes, or modifying it in a way that Tim would find offensive. Rather than sell the car and have it end up in the wrong hands, Tim’s friends decided to crush the car and videotape the proceedings.

A variety of ideas were bounced around Ziptied, with some suggesting the car be chopped into pieces, others commenting that Tim’s long standing wish of being “f***ing buried in this car” be honored. In the end, one member’s idea of having a backhoe trample the car won out.

Yes, the car was crushed with the RP-F1′s on it, but again, it was done in accordance with Tim’s wishes, and with the blessing of his family. In the end, the motor and transmission were sold, with the proceeds going to Tim’s family, but everything else was mangled in a final tribute to a dear friend of many in the Tampa Bay area, and online. Video of the ceremony can be seen after the jump.

Donations to the Tim Aldrich memorial fund can be made here, with proceeds going to the SPCA

[Source: Ziptied]

Video after the jump

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 |  Nov 25 2010, 1:15 PM

After teasing us a few days ago, the complete Rhys Millen “Climb Attack” video has now been released. Showcasing Millen’s talents, the 750-hp RMR/Red Bull/ Hyundai Genesis Coupe and some impressively windy mountain roads in Brazil, “Climb Attack” is definitely worth your 4 minutes.

The exact location is a mountain road that runs up the side of Serra Do Rio Do Rastro in Santa Catarina, Brazil. The video was shot and the driving performed as part of the Red Bull Xtreme Drift.

See the video after the jump:

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 |  Oct 16 2010, 10:17 PM

There was certainly a lot of hype around Vaughn Gittin Jr’s Ford Mustang at the beginning of this year’s 2010 Formula Drift season. The newly built 2011 Ford Mustang, with help from sponsors Monster Energy Drink and Falken Tire, featured every bit of experience Gittin and his team has developed over the years of drifting American muscle. And all the hard work has finally paid off as Gittin Jr. has taken the 2010 Formula Drift championship.

This past weekend, the season finale took place at Irwindale Speedway. And while Vaughn Gittin was clearly the leader in points, Tanner Foust and teammate Daijiro Yoshihara still had an outside chance of taking the championship. But Gittin wasn’t letting off the gas anytime soon facing two-time champion Tanner Foust in the grand finale. Even with the championship locked down at that point, Gittin put on a show for the spectators, taking Foust to a one-more time battle. Ultimately the Irwindale event would belong to Foust with Gittin still taking home for the 2010 championship.

This season was a dominating one for Gittin Jr and his Falken Tire / Monster Energy Drink team. He found the podium at six of seven events showing just how much experience pays off. So a huge congratulations goes out to the Falken Tire team for finally locking down a championship and we look forward to seeing what they have in waiting for 2011.

Official press release available after the break.

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