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 |  Jun 04 2013, 8:09 PM


One of the more extravagant offerings BMW has for new-car buyers is to take European delivery of their vehicle. What could possibly go wrong with flying to Germany to pick up your new Bimmer at the BMW Welt and driving it on the Nurburgring before it gets shipped to America? As it turns out, lots.

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 |  Sep 08 2011, 12:00 PM


BMW M3 owners looking to transform their ride to a GT-inspired race car lookalike can now turn to CLP Automotive’s Interceptor kit to accomplish the task. The full carbon fiber widebody conversion kit doesn’t come cheap though, priced at around $12,400. Your hard-earned dollars will get you a new front bumper, hood, fenders (with lower vents), side skirts, flared rear quarter panels, rear bumper and a rear spoiler.

Those looking to complete the entire transformation however, can shell out even more money to get a set of center-locking 19×9-inch (front) and 19×12-inch (rear) wheels – complete with conversion kit for the center lock – and Bilstein race suspension. To back it all up, CLP Automotive will also outfit your M3 with a G-Power supercharger kit, and Akrapovic titanium exhaust system, giving the M3 a new net horsepower of 600-hp. Inside, CLP also offers a roll cage and lightweight Recaro seats. The complete package (including the body kit) comes in at a little more than $96,500 but includes installation.

GALLERY: CLP Automotive BMW M3

clp_interceptor_bmw_m3_kit_1.jpg clp_interceptor_bmw_m3_kit_2.jpg clp_interceptor_bmw_m3_kit_3.jpg clp_interceptor_bmw_m3_kit_4.jpg clp_interceptor_bmw_m3_kit_5.jpg clp_interceptor_bmw_m3_kit_6.jpg


bmw_m3_gt_race_car_1.jpg bmw_m3_gt_race_car_2.jpg bmw_m3_gt_race_car_3.jpg bmw_m3_gt_race_car_4.jpg bmw_m3_gt_race_car_5.jpg bmw_m3_gt_race_car_6.jpg

 |  Jul 05 2011, 11:11 PM


Martino Auto Concepts in Glen Cove, New York, started out by specializing in repairing accident vehicles and are only one of eight facilities in North America to feature a Celette fixture bench and a Carbench Octopus. This allows Martino Auto Concepts (MAC for short) to become a factory approved BMW repair facility while having the capabilities of reconstructing some of the world’s finest exotics including Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Porsches. So naturally with all their talent and expertise, they decided to branch off to customizing high-end vehicles, and MAC Auto Couture was born in 2008.

To show off what their customizing division can do, MAC Auto Couture teamed up with BMW tuner Active Autowerke to build two completely killer BMW M3s with their own themes and personalities. Both feature Active Autowerke’s Stage II supercharger kits and custom paint jobs by MAC Auto Couture. From there, the rest of their accessories contrast one another to show off two complementary builds.

On the one side is a Matte Reventon-colored BMW M3 with a race-inspired theme, featuring an AE Performance roll cage and Stoptech’s Trophy big brake kit. Both of those components have been painted a flashy Ithaca Verde (the actual color of the other M3) which contrast the matte, dark exterior of the car. For aesthetics, Vorsteiner came into play with a GTS3 front bumper with carbon kevlar front splitters, a vented race hood with double sided carbon kevlar vents, a carbon kevlar rear diffuser and a carbon kevlar boot lid. Suspension comes from KW’s Clubsport coilovers while this M3 sports a 20-inch staggered set of ADV1 5.0 Trackspec wheels. STRI gauges along with Recaro’s Profi XL seats round off the race-styled look.

The other M3, featuring the Ithaca Verde exterior paint, features an all steel widebody conversion to the quarter panels, giving it an even bolder look. The roof is a full dry carbon fiber piece which is accompanied with Vorsteiner’s dry carbon front spoiler, rear diffuser and bootlid. The moldings and mirror bases have been painted matte black to contrast the bright green exterior while 20-inch D2 Forged CV2 wheels can be found on all four corners.

While the interior of this M3 also features a custom Ithaca Verde roll cage, this M3 received a much more luxurious interior treatment with reupholstered panels featuring green stitching. In the trunk is a custom JL Audio stereo installation, giving it a more complete in car electronics package.

We applaud MAC Auto Couture’s work on the pair of M3s, which really shows off how great a car can look when you pay attention to the details.

GALLERY: MAC Auto Couture / Active Autowerke BMW M3

active_autowerke_martino_auto_concepts_bmw_m3s_10.jpg active_autowerke_martino_auto_concepts_bmw_m3s_15.jpg active_autowerke_martino_auto_concepts_bmw_m3s_20.jpg active_autowerke_martino_auto_concepts_bmw_m3s_17.jpg active_autowerke_martino_auto_concepts_bmw_m3s_22.jpg active_autowerke_martino_auto_concepts_bmw_m3s_11.jpg

 |  May 27 2011, 4:52 PM


Vorsteiner has made quite a splash with its GTRS3 carbon fiber wide body conversion for the current generation BMW E92 M3. And for Bimmerfest 2011 (which just passed), Vorsteiner decided to debut another widebody M3 project; this time sporting a red and white theme that won itself the nickname of Candy Cane.

The car started its life as your typical M3, sporting 414-hp and 295 ft-lbs of torque from its 4.0L V8 powerplant. Vorsteiner opted to take the vehicle over to Auto Talent to have an AA M3 supercharger fitted on bringing its performance level to a daunting 620-hp. Every bit of that power is put to good use, spinning the 20×10.5-inch wheels up front and the 20×12-inch wheels in the rear. There’s plenty of rubber protecting the Vorsteiner V-309 Forged Concave wheels with 285/25/20 Michelin PS2 rubber in the front and a massively wide 325/25/20 in the rear.

While the exterior is majority white, the widebody converted M3 sports red accents giving it the appearance of a candy cane… sort of. It’s a cute nickname at best with red accents seen on the wheel faces, mirror covers, hood vents, BMW roundels, and side vents. In addition to the carbon fiber wide body, Vorsteiner also outfitted the body with a vented carbon fiber race hood and VRS carbon fiber boot lid.

Additional performance for the BMW comes from a Vorsteiner lightweight titanium exhaust system and a set of Brembo GTR big brakes in the front and the rear. Giving the widebody M3 the stance that it needs on those 20-inch wheels is a set of KW V3 coilovers. For the inside, the red and white theme continues with embroidered floor mats featuring red accents.

GALLERY: Vorsteiner Widebody Candy Cane BMW E92 M3

vorsteiner_bmw_e92_m3_10.jpg vorsteiner_bmw_e92_m3_11.jpg vorsteiner_bmw_e92_m3_12.jpg vorsteiner_bmw_e92_m3_2.jpg vorsteiner_bmw_e92_m3_3.jpg vorsteiner_bmw_e92_m3_4.jpg

[Source: Teamspeed]

 |  Oct 21 2010, 9:03 PM


BMW is certainly rolling out a lot of special edition models lately. The Japanese have already seen the BMW X6 Performance Unlimited, while the Australians got the M3 Pure Edition and China got the M3 Tiger Edition. BMW has come back full circle by offering the Japanese market with another special edition vehicle, this time in the form of their popular E92 M3 dubbed Competition Package.

The exterior shade is the identical Fire Orange metallic shade as seen on the Chinese Tiger Edition M3. The car also features BMW’s 359M styling wheels, which are 19-inches in size and come in a black finish. Up front the air intake ducts on the hood are also painted black with a matching pair of kidney grilles. The rear exhaust receives some shiny chrome tips. The mirrors receive a carbon fiber cover while the interior is accessorized with carbon fiber trim throughout.

For the most part, it’s essentially the same as the China Tiger Edition M3, though there’s no word on how many will be produced for the Japanese market yet.

GALLERY: Japanese BMW M3 Competition Package

bmw_competition_2.jpg bmw_competition_3.jpg bmw_competition_4.jpg bmw_competition_5.jpg bmw_competition_6.jpg

 |  Sep 15 2010, 8:44 PM


We already knew that Will Turner from Turner Motorsport got the first of 30 Frozen Gray BMW E92 M3s, and we’d be ignorant to say that he’d be keeping it completely stock. Turner Motorsport also has an extensive history of racing their vehicles on the track and it looks like their Frozen Gray BMW M3 is getting ready to do just that.

While we’re not very impressed with the idea of the Frozen Gray M3, a limited edition anything is still pretty cool. And to see that Turner Motorsport is willing to take one of only 30 of these vehicles out onto the track deserves a whole lot of respect. We’re guessing they just got started transforming the car into a track machine but it’s already been outfitted with a custom set of 18×10-inch Volk Racing G2 Forged wheels. Turner Motorsport opted to run the same size all around rather than a staggered setup to make it simple to rotate tires on the track – not to mention it’s cost effective. The G2 Forged wheels weigh in at a scant 19 lbs and are wrapped with 275/35/18 Continental Grand-Am spec race slicks.

What’s cool to us is how just the addition of the car’s wheels and tires have already made it that much more aggressive looking. Our assumptions is that a set of coilovers and a big brake upgrade is on the horizon. We’ll be curious if they’ll be adding any cosmetic upgrades to the car and how they’ll go about it.

GALLERY: Turner Motorsport Frozen Gray BMW M3

turner_m3_2.jpg turner_m3_3.jpg turner_m3_4.jpg

[Source: M3 Post]

 |  Sep 07 2010, 12:16 PM


BMW‘s international strategy has been interesting of late, with the M3 Tiger Edition in China, and the Performance Unlimited Edition X6 in Japan. Now those in The Land Down Under can enjoy their own limited edition BMW M3, dubbed the Pure Edition. Just 50 of them will be produced in coupe form, while the other 50 will be a sedan and if you’re Australian and interested, better get in line now.

Most of the enhancements are cosmetic, with the M3 receiving a set of 19-inch M double-spoke wheels finished in a glossy black. The hood air intake are also in a glossy black and the front kidney grilles, side gills and exhaust tips are finished in a dark chrome shade. Those interested are able to select from all of BMW’s standard E92 M3 colors including Alpine White, Silverstone, Space Grey and Melbourne Red – just to name a few.

Inside, the interior receives an Anthracite cloth and black leather combination while the headrests are refinished with black Novillo leather and embossed with the BMW’s M moniker.

We guess the most disappointing part about this limited edition is the ease of replicating the accessories put on it. No pricing was announced.

GALLERY: BMW M3 Pure Edition

m3_pure_2.jpg m3_pure_3.jpg

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