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 |  Mar 18 2009, 10:03 AM



According to a report in U.K.-Mag AutoExpress, MINI and BMW are currently working with Fiat to develop several new cars, including a new light-weight MINI model that will have its engine out back.

That’s right, the new car will be a small four-seater with as long a wheelbase as the body will allow – giving the new model a safe and stable ride as well as a gripping driving experience. It will also feature plenty of glass up front and on the sides, making visibility as ideal as possible.

The car will use both aluminum and composite materials (like carbon fiber) for a light weight chassis and may come with plastic bodywork, like that found on SMART models.

An electric model is also planned with the batteries located under the floor and individual electric motors powering each wheel. Apparently the technology will be similar to that which is currently being tested in the MINI E.

A concept of this new MINI is expected at the Frankfurt Auto Show this Fall, although this story could change significantly throughout the year. AutoExpress reports that this new vehicle will be a small urban vehicle and yet continually refers to it as a flagship of the MINI line – seemingly contradictory comments.

This partnership between BMW and Fiat will also bring about the return of two other famous automotive names, the Fiat Topolino and the BMW Isetta.



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