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 |  Oct 25 2013, 11:47 AM

Carroll-Shelby-Main-ArtHe’s one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood. Over the course of his career he’s starred alongside quite a few good men; you could say he’s something of a Maverick, but the only thing that’s certain is he’s a Scientologist. Now rumor has it Tom Cruise will be playing the legendary Carroll Shelby in an upcoming movie.

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 |  Mar 15 2012, 11:01 AM


Located at the actual birthplace and childhood home of Enzo Ferrari, an all-new Ferrari museum recently opened called Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari in Modena, Italy.

Unlike the Ferrari museum in Maranello however, Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari puts a focus on celebrating Enzo Ferrari’s life in addition to the exotic automobiles Ferrari produces.

Originally designed by architect Jan Kaplický, the Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari project went to the capable hands of Andrea Morgante when Kaplický tragically passed away. Morgante, Kaplický’s protege, continued the project in the vision that he believes his mentor would have, but emphasized that they wanted the museum “to be more of an art gallery than a place dedicated to hard-core motoring.”

The museum is built on the same European home that Enzo Ferrari sold to finance his dreams of building exotic automobiles. A group of investors were able to convince the owners to convert it to a museum that now showcases much of Enzo’s life as both driver and builder. Some of the things visitors will be able to see include Enzo’s trademark dark sunglasses, his birth certificate, and a violet pen he used to sign contracts.

Though that may not sound overly exciting to some, there is also an exhibition center that was designed to “resemble a piece of a Ferrari.” In there will be exhibits showcasing a mix of automobiles that will change from time to time. The first exhibit is titled “The Origins of the Myth” and has a mix of Ferraris, Maseratis, Alfa Romeos, and Fiats that Enzo Ferrari raced and built.

Visitors to the museum will also be able to stop at a documentation center, an education center, a conference room, a book shop, and a cafeteria. The museum will also be available for conferences, launches, and cultural events.

GALLERY: Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari


[Source: Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari]

 |  Oct 03 2011, 1:30 PM

Before the Ferrari factory was built and before Formula 1 took to the tracks, there was a man named Enzo Ferrari who loved “the race.” Take a trip back to the 1920s and experience the romantic racing culture and passion for the sport in ‘Coppa di Sicilia’, a film commissioned and screened at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi’s Cinema Maranello.

Awarded an Ottocar by the international automotive film and multimedia festival AutoVision at the International Auto Show in Frankfur, this short film was recognized for its production values and vivid story telling techniques. The film takes place in the 1920s, and highlights Enzo Ferrari’s love for the races. You’ll feel like you’re actually at one of the races, watching the young driver in action as he races for Alfa Romeo, blazing across the rural roads and rocky mountain trails of Sicily.

“Coppa di Sicilia takes visitors back to a period in Enzo Ferrari’s past that isn’t really common knowledge,” said Andy Keeling, Park Manager of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. “It’s not until Enzo Ferrari had considerable success as a driver racing that he was inspired to actually go ahead and design his own Ferrari race car.”

If you a big fan of classic automobiles, you can see the Alfa Romeo produced and used in the making of ‘Coppa di Sicilia’ first-hand at the Ferrari Past and Present boutique at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. If you can’t make it in person, you can watch highlights of the movie after the jump.

[Source: Albawaba]

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 |  May 04 2010, 2:19 PM


While most luxury vehicle manufacturers are turning in their sports cars to invade the luxury sedan segment, Ferrari is standing firm stating that they are officially ruling out sedans from their production. “As Enzo would say, we will never do four doors,” said Amedeo Felisa. “And we will keep this tradition.”

It’s a bold statement to use the word never, but it doesn’t surprise us. Ferrari is known as a pure luxury sports car with an exhilarating style that is unrivaled. Felisa claims that no one asks for a four-door Ferrari, and if you do you should consider a Maserati. Now saying that no one is asking for a four-door Ferrari is a far reach. It’s a bit sacrilegious, we’ll admit, but we wouldn’t mind seeing how one would look, perform and function. After all, just look at what a great job Porsche has done with the Panamera. But at the end of the day, while Aston Martin, Porsche and even possibly Lamborghini are turning heads with their four doors, Ferrari will focus on making the finest two-door automobiles in the world.

[Source: Autocar UK]