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Lincoln MKS & MKT to get Better-than-Lexus Auto-Park System

Active Park Assist uses ultrasonic waves

 |  Dec 31 2008, 5:01 PM


The new Lincoln MKS and upcoming Lincoln MKT crossover will feature an innovative new computer-controlled auto-park system that, says Ford, is far superior to existing competitors’ systems.

The Active Park Assist system will use ultrasonic waves, rather than video cameras to position the vehicle for parallel parking, calculate the desired steering angle and quickly steer the vehicle into position. The driver will still control the gears, throttle and brake and can take control of the situation at any time by grasping the steering wheel.

Direct from the Ford Press release, HERE’S HOW IT WORKS:

1. The driver activates the system by pressing an instrument panel button, which activates the ultrasonic sensors to measure and identify a feasible parallel parking space.
2. The system then prompts the driver to accept the system assistance to park.
3. The steering system then takes over and steers the car into the parking space hands-free. The driver still shifts the transmission and operates the gas and brake pedals.
4. A visual and/or audible driver interface advises the driver about the proximity of other cars, objects and people and provides instructions.

5. While the steering is all done automatically, the driver remains responsible for safe parking and can interrupt the system by grasping the steering wheel.

This new innovation is possible because of the use of Ford’s new Electric Power Assisted Steering (EPAS) system, an advancement from hydraulic systems. Ford claims the EPAS system alone accounts for an improvement in fuel economy by five percent.

Lincoln MKS:


Lincoln MKT


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