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 |  Nov 07 2011, 1:45 PM


Ferrari of Newport Beach may have cleverly found a way to sell a 430 Scuderia to that poor sap whose wife would never let him have an exotic supercar. This one-off 430 Scuderia has been painted in Tiffany Blue. It’s not knock-off either, with a the Tiffany & Co. gift box with a white silk ribbon having been sent to the Ferrari factory for an exact match.

The 2009 Ferrari 430 Scuderia sports only 427-miles on the odometer, and its asking price is $219,000. It comes with the carbon package, bright yellow calipers, a yellow tachometer, Alcantara interior featuring light blue accent stitching, a Ferrari iPod, carbon fiber steering wheel with LEDs, navigation, white racing stripe and large racing seats.

So guys, is this the perfect anniversary gift for her? Or would your wife prefer just the Tiffany box and what’s inside instead?

GALLERY: Tiffany Blue Ferrari 430 Scuderia


[Source: GT Spirit]

 |  Dec 29 2010, 5:53 PM


It’s not every day that you get to see a bespoke Ferrari emerge through the design process, but 2011′s Baller Of The Year James Glickenhaus (we just awarded him that title on the spot) has been kind enough to share photos of his custom made Ferrari race car with the interior, in what might be the most expensive “build thread” ever.

The latest batch of pictures show the car’s carbon fiber structure essentially complete, with some chassis components sitting in boxes, although the front brake rotors appear to be attached. With many of the car’s components coming from a cannibalized F430 Scuderia, this one-off should be a fearsome competitor when it takes on the 24 Hours of Nurburgring sometime next year.

Gallery: P 4/5 Competizione


 |  Dec 14 2010, 5:27 PM

We at Autoguide have a theory that the best race car liveries are all for products that aren’t so great; cigarettes, vermouth, oil companies and cramped airlines with good food – such as the New Stratos, decked out in Alitalia livery.

The original Stratos, known for its rally prowess, proudly wore the Alitalia livery during its competition heyday, competing in such storied races as the Monte Carlo rally. The chances of seeing one of these mega-buck limited editions tearing up a WRC course is almost certainly zero, but it’s not a bad homage to the car’s history.

[Source: Carscoop]

 |  Nov 24 2010, 4:08 PM

2008 ferrari f430 scuderia 55647_42

A resident of Vancouver, British Columbia saw his Ferrari get auctioned off by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, after they seized the vehicle for excessive speed in September.

The Ferrari was racing a BMW M6 in the north end of Vancouver, and was clocked traveling 124 mph in a zone designated for speeds of around 40 mph. Reports state that the Ferrari narrowly missed a mother and her children.

Provincial laws allow the police to seize and take possession of vehicles involved in excessive speeding or reckless driving incidents. The Scuderia ended up selling for $306,000, with the money divided between the vehicle’s owner and the government in an 80/20 split. The BMW M6 will be auctioned sometime next week.

[Source: The Province]

 |  Sep 26 2010, 1:45 PM


After taking a look at Anderson Germany’s Ferrari California offering, we were excited to find out the tuning firm had just released a package for the Ferrari F430 Scuderia.

Their custom touch starts with mild modifications, including an almost stealthy, blue’ish matte-gray, transforming the car into a menacing machine rather than a prancing exotic.

And a menacing machine it is, with Anderson bumping the standard 508-hp to an impressive 575 figure through the aid of an intake system, lightweight exhaust system and ECU re-tune. It’s worth mentioning that even more performance is realized with the tuning package since the exhaust offers a weight savings of 53 lbs.

On the outside, in addition to the wicked color change, are carbon fiber goodies to contrast the subtle gray. The mirrors and rear diffuser are swapped out for carbon fiber counterparts, while several of the engine covers are also eye candy along with the the power plant. Rounding off the exterior modifications is a set of 20-inch staggered wheels – featuring an awesomely wide 20×12 setup with 325/25/20 rubber.

Of course the interior wasn’t overlooked with more carbon fiber accents and Alcantara pieces. Anderson even opted to upgrade the stereo with aftermarket amplifiers, speakers and a subwoofer.

We’ll take the whole package, minus the audio mods – there’s just no point listening to anything but the Scud’s exhaust note.

GALLERY: Anderson Ferrari F430 Scuderia

anderson_f430_2.jpg anderson_f430_3.jpg anderson_f430_4.jpg anderson_f430_6.jpg anderson_f430_7.jpg anderson_f430_14.jpg

Official press release available after the break.

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