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 |  Apr 18 2012, 9:31 AM

The debut of the Fisker Atlantic may have silenced critics for some time, but it appears that the American automaker isn’t doing as well as they want us to believe.

The former General Motors plant in Delaware was acquired by Fisker in order to build its vehicles in America, but recently reports came in that production at Delaware wasn’t guaranteed. Now it appears that Fisker has laid off another dozen employees at the plant, making us believe that the Atlantic production will never take place there.

One of those employees that was laid off is Jeff Garland, who used to serve as community affairs and business development in Delaware. He was quoted as saying that the plant is “absolutely empty”, which makes sense considering Fisker had not installed its machined after taking out the old GM equipment. Chances are now that they probably never will.

“I think what happened was the budget numbers are so tight right now and they’re working so hard to preserve as much cash as they can that something had to give. We’re not making a car in Wilmington right now, so given that situation it was an obvious place to make a cut,” Garland said.

Fisker has had a rough last few minutes. Most recently, another recall was issued on its Fisker Karma for a battery glitch that surfaced as a result of a Consumer Reports test. Much of the skepticism on the future of Fisker comes from the fact that the automaker wasn’t able to secure the rest of its Department of Energy loan.

The continued layoffs doesn’t mean that Fisker is going under. Clearly the American automaker is working its hardest to survive, finding a way to produce its Atlantic in a cost-efficient manner. Hopefully what it showed off is enough to entice investors.

[Source: Delaware Online]

 |  Apr 05 2012, 8:23 PM

The Fisker Atlantic debuted at the New York Auto Show this week shedding light that the once mythical Project Nina was indeed a reality. And while it was believed that the Atlantic would be produced at its Wilmington, Delaware facility, Fisker’s CEO announced that “the whole plan has changed.”

Tom LaSorda, Fisker CEO, said that a decision on where the Atlantic will be produced won’t come until the end of summer, possibly putting another delay on the launch of the smaller electric sedan. With the turmoil that Fisker recently has gone through with its DOE loan, it’s no surprise that the American automaker is considering alternative options for production that could perhaps save manufacturing costs.

Even though the Delaware plant, a former General Motors assembly plant, is Fisker’s primary location, LaSorda did elaborate that there are other options available and that the automaker would do what’s best for the company and its shareholders. If Wilmington does become the Atlantic’s production destination, LaSorda said the plant could be ready to go “really quickly.”

At the New York Auto Show, Fisker announced that it had raised $132 million in private capital in the month of March and has not taken any DOE funds since May of last year.

“We are looking at other strategic partnerships. Everything is possible. We will make this car with or without the DOE,” said Fisker Executive Chairman Henrik Fisker.

GALLERY: Fisker Atlantic


[Source: Automotive News]