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 |  Nov 10 2011, 10:15 PM

Those that don’t know, Megabloks has been making a strong push into the building blocks world dominated by Legos.

They’ve been having success getting into the market by teaming up and designing kits outside of where Legos can be found. Now it looks like Megabloks has struck up a partnership with Need for Speed to produce some collector series toys, and this is our peek at their first creation – Vaughn Gittin Jr.’s / Team NFS Ford Mustang RTR-X.

We originally saw the RTR-X project when it was getting prepped for the 2010 SEMA Show, and a year later, it’s still one of our favorite cars ever built. Now we’ll be keeping our eyes out to get our own 69-piece kit to build our own RTR-X to sit on our desks… you know, since we’ll never own the real thing.

[Source: Speedhunters Facebook]

 |  Nov 04 2010, 3:26 PM

Ford Mustang

Pardon the bad Spanish puns, but the Ford Fiesta isn’t the only game in town at the Blue Oval’s stand at this year’s SEMA Show. Ford’s pony car came galloping into Vegas with 6 variations of the Mustang, including V6 and V8 versions.

While most of the cars were packing the 5.0 V8, the V6 still made an appearance in the form of the Mobsteel Mustang, which features a very trick remote-mounted turbo system and an exterior treatment that was more import tuner than American muscle.

The other cars range from atrocious to badass, but we won’t tell you which – you’ll have to make up your own mind.

GALLERY: Ford Mustang Custom Accessories

FordCustomAccessories (1).jpgFordCustomAccessories (2).jpgFordCustomAccessories (3).jpgFordCustomAccessories.jpgFordCustomAccessories (4).jpg

GALLERY: Ford Mustang Boss 302 Street

Boss302 (1).jpgBoss302 (2).jpgBoss302.jpgBoss302R.jpgBoss302cont (3).jpg

GALLERY: Ford Mustang Boss 302R

Boss302R (3).jpgBoss302R (1).jpgBoss302R (4).jpgBoss302R (6).jpgBoss302R.jpg

GALLERY: Ford Mustang Street Scene

Street Scene (1).jpgStreet Scene (2).jpgStreet Scene (3).jpgStreet Scene (5).jpgStreet Scene.jpg

GALLERY: Ford Mustang Race Skinz

Race Skinz (1).jpgRace Skinz (2).jpgRace Skinz (3).jpgRace Skinz (4).jpgRace Skinz.jpg

GALLERY: Ford Mustang Team Baurtwell

TeamBaurtwell (8).jpgTeamBaurtwell (2).jpgTeamBaurtwell (5).jpgTeamBaurtwell.jpgTeamBaurtwell (7).jpg

GALLERY: Ford Mustang Predator

Predator (1).jpgPredator (4).jpgPredator (6).jpgPredator(7).jpgPredator (3).jpgPredator.jpg

GALLERY: Ford Mustang Mobsteel

Mobsteel (3).jpgMobsteel (5).jpgMobsteel (6).jpgMobsteel.jpgMobsteel (2).jpg

GALLERY: Ford Mustang Dub/Roush

DubRoush (1).jpgDubRoush (2).jpgDubRoush (4).jpgDubRoush (6).jpgDubRoush.jpg

GALLERY: Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

ShelbyGT500 (1).jpgShelbyGT500 (2).jpgShelbyGT500 (3).jpgShelbyGT500 (5).jpgShelbyGT500 (6).jpg

GALLERY: Ford Mustang RTRX

RTRX (1).jpgRTRX (2).jpgRTRX (3).jpgRTRX (4).jpgRTRX (9).jpg