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 |  May 13 2012, 4:04 PM

The Williams F1 team’s victory celebration was cut short when its garage got engulfed in flames, a bizarre incident that occurred moments after the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona, Spain ended.

The team had just captured its first victory in eight years when something in the garage sparked an explosion. Early speculation had it pointing at a KERS unit, but now it is believed to have been caused by an electrical problem near the fuel rig. Much of the news is breaking thanks to users on Twitter who were at the race, posting snapshots of the destruction. Nine injuries were reported with one victim being airlifted to the hospital.

Fortunately it appears that none of the injuries were serious with victims being treated for minor burns and smoke inhalation.

Watch a video of the news breaking after the below.

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 |  Nov 14 2011, 10:00 AM

In the case of a fire in the garage of a North Carolina home where a Chevrolet Volt was being charged at the time, the Volt has been proven – not guilty.

When news first came out regarding this incident, many believed the culprit behind this fire could be the Volt, but Iredell County chief deputy fire marshal Garland Cloer says; “the source of ignition seems to be from outside the area of the vehicles.”

This fire attracted investigators from many companies to come forward to access the cause of the blaze. These included representatives from Nissan, Chevrolet, Siemens, Duke Energy and the homeowners insurance company.

The reason there were so many investigators is because at the time of the fire, the garage housed a Nissan Armada, the Chevrolet Volt, a Siemens 240-volt recharging station, and many miscellaneous items such as a electric cars for kids, not to mention gasoline and other hazardous materials.

The fire marshal said that fire usually follows a “V” path as it spreads, and according to their findings, the fire originated from another source, not the cars. Cloer said that when a fire originates from the car, things like its seats, carpets and rubber hoses are not left intact, but they were in this case, another indication the Volt was not guilty.

Total damage to the house is appraised at $800,000.

[Source: Green Car Reports]