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 |  Jul 08 2013, 3:02 PM


In a continued effort to curb distracted driving, Garmin is offering a navigation system that uses a head-up display.

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 |  Nov 23 2011, 11:45 AM

Are you frustrated with your car’s nav system? Join the club – a new study out by J.D. Power and Associates Reports says that drivers are annoyed with their navigation systems.

Consumers are reporting that they are becoming increasingly frustrated with their in-car navigation and infotainment systems. The problem seems to be complexity of these systems, and drivers think that the systems available aren’t easy to use. Topping the list of complaints is the “Address/street/city not found”, followed by “Difficulty inputting destination,” “Route provided was not direct” and “Difficulty using voice recognition controls.” And instead of making these systems easier to use, manufacturers are adding even more features, such as climate controls.

“Routing the primary function of a navigation system is obviously an issue and will continue to be,” said Andy Bernhard, director at J.D. Power and Associates. “However, for nearly 10 years, the importance of ease of use has been emphasized by owners, and the continued high level of problems in this area begs the question: is the industry listening to how owners want to interact with their system?”

J.D. Power and Associates also ranked the top systems based on consumer satisfaction, and leading the way is the Garmin system that comes with the Dodge Charger and Chrysler 300, as well as the Hyundai Mobis that’s found in the Hyundai Genesis Coupe. At the bottom of the list is the Alpine Electronics unit found in a few Mercedes-Benz models, TeleNav in the Lincoln MKX and DENSO in the Toyota RAV4.

If you have GPS or an infotainment system in your vehicle, do you find it too complicated to use? Let us know in the comments section below.

 |  Jul 27 2011, 10:20 AM

Turn to the dark side… and then turn right… and you’re at your destination. Darth Vader will guide with step by step instructions to your destination – good or evil – as he’s the newest voice available for Garmin GPS.

Joining the ranks of SpongeBob SquarePants, Dora the Explorer, and Squirrely the Squirrell, Darth Vader is going to tell you exactly where to go, complete with heavy breathing and thinly veiled threats. “Proceed as indicated, don’t make me destroy you” and “Go straight on, the Emperor awaits” are just a few of the commands that will ensure you don’t make a wrong turn.

You can download Vader from the Garmin website for $12.99. The bundle includes TIE fighter vehicle icon to display on your Garmin map screen as you drive on your far, far away commute.

[Source: Consumer Reports]

 |  Jun 10 2011, 12:24 PM

After a few years of Suzuki offering a portable nav unit in its SX4 hatchback, the comapny announced it would offer an integrated, in-dash system, however the U.S won’t get the system.

Suzuki has decided to keep the portable unit in all U.S spec models but the rest of the world will receive an in-dash system. Suzuki has said that differing market strategies, along with the Garmin’s portability and functionality, are the reasons the U.S won’t be getting the built in unit anytime soon.

Suzuki strategically made this move because the technology package including the Garmin unit with traffic information and a year of nüLink! services costs $500. Other automakers in-dash systems can easily cost three times as much. That would work out to be nearly 10 percent of what the SX4 costs.

[Source: Car and Driver]

 |  Sep 21 2010, 7:14 PM

Get ready to upgrade your driving directions. Garmin has just updated the 1600 GPS series with the new Garmin NuLink 1695.

Available this September, the Nuvi has changed its name to NuLink for the 1695. This is to signify the importance of the NuLink service, which offers a data connection to the portable GPS unit. The NuLink service brings drivers traffic information, weather forecasts, fuel prices, flight status, and other real-time, location-relevant content, including Google Local Search for points of interest, right to your dashboard.

Also new for the NuLink 1695 is the addition of the NuLink Store, where you can buy optional premium services. Purchasers of the 1695 receive one year of the NuLink service.

There are plenty of features that come with the NuLink 1695. A few notable ones include myTrends destination prediction, trafficTrends, ecoRoute software for fuel-efficient routing and driving, and Bluetooth hands-free connectivity and a speakerphone. It also comes with a 5-inch screen (that’s an upgrade from the 1690’s 4.3-inch display).

The Garmin NuLink 1695 sells for $449.99. The NuLink service will be free for the first year after purchase, and you can continue to receive the service for $5 per month after that.

[Source: Cnet]

 |  Sep 13 2010, 10:50 PM

Adding fuel to the fire called the entry-level GPS market, Garmin has launched two new Nuvi lines – the 2200 series and the 2300 series.

In the 2200 series are three new models: 2200, 2250, and 2250LT. Boasting a 3.5-inch display, the Nuvi 2200 comes with Garmin’s cool ecoRoute fuel-efficient routing and driving tools technology. It also comes with MyTrends, a handy feature that remembers your favorite destinations and automatically comes up with routes and travel times.

In the way of maps, the 2200 comes complete with maps of the lower 48 United States, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Grand Bahama Island, Nassau, and the Cayman Islands. The 2250 steps it up a notch by offering maps of Mexico. Rounding out the series is the “LT,” which means drivers get lifetime traffic.

The 2200 series is available for sale on the Garmin website – the 2200 sells for $149.99, the 2250 for $159.99 and the 2250LF for $179.99.

When it comes to the 2300 series, you get the same ecoRoute software and myTrends features, but the bonus of larger 4.3-inch wide screen displays. The 2300 comes with all the same maps as well, while the 2300LM model adds lifetime map updates. The 2350 comes with maps of Mexico, the 2350LT adds lifetime traffic, and a 2350MT offers both lifetime maps and traffic.

There are also the Nuvi 2360LT and 2360MT, equipped with all features of the models mentioned as well as the addition of Bluetooth wireless. They even work with Garmin’s ecoRoute HD module for accurate fuel economy estimates and vehicle diagnostics, as well as lifetime traffic (LT) or lifetime maps and traffic (MT). At the top of the 2300 series you’ll find the 2370LT, bursting with North American and European maps.

The Garmin Nuvi 2300 retails for $199.99 and 2300LM retails $239.99. Upgrading to the 2350, 2350LT, or 2350MT will cost you $209.99, $229.99, or $269.99 respectively. If you’ve got money to spend, the Nuvi 2360LT and 2360MT sell for $259.99 and $299.99, while the 2370LT model will cost $299.99.

[Source: Cnet]

 |  Sep 08 2010, 8:19 PM

Are you lost? Finding you’re way around is as easy as looking in your rear-view mirror, thanks to the MirrorNavi.

Brought to you by the smart folks at Ford, this new Garmin sat-nav is integrated directly into your car’s rear-view mirror. This gadget, built by Garmin and Wollnikom, replaces your existing rear-view mirror, and consists of an ordinary mirror and a 320×240-pixel, 89mm (3.5-inch) touchscreen display located on the far left side of the mirror. It’s available in the UK at the moment and no word when it will be jumping the pond.

The mirror gives you the ability to see what’s behind you and dims automatically at night to reduce glare. The GPS unit itself is based on Garmin’s nuvi 265T, so it’s packed with features while still remaining small.

Cool features to get you around include voice prompts for turns, voice-recognition navigation, lane assistance, trafficTrends (which calculates routes based on predicted traffic levels), and FM traffic to keep you up to date on accidents and construction.

It also comes with built-in solid-state memory (which can be upgraded via a microSD card) and a built-in Bluetooth adaptor.

You can install the MirrorNavi in any Ford car, with the exception of the Ranger and 2009 Ka for £300 (that’s about $600) plus installation charges at your local Ford garage.

[Source: Cnet]