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 |  Apr 16 2013, 5:32 PM


Audi connect is adding a new feature to its infotainment suite called Refuelling Stop, which will help vehicle owners locate the cheapest gas close by.

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 |  Mar 14 2013, 3:45 PM


Any driver in cold weather will agree, taking off your gloves to pay for your gas is a pain, especially when the temperature dips below freezing. One Canadian gas company is helping drivers stay warm by providing a smartphone app that allows users to pay for gas with their mobile device. Continue Reading…

 |  Dec 23 2011, 5:00 PM

The old “gas and dash” may be a thing of the past, thanks to Post-Pay, a new gas pump technology that requires customers to swipe their driver’s licence before they fill up.

The first stations to take the Post-Pay pumps for a test drive are in Saginaw, Michigan and owned by Paxson Oil. Cash-paying customers must swipe their driver’s licences in order to unlock the pumps. When they are finished filling up, they settle their bill with the cashier. If a customer is a little low on cash and makes a run for it, they will be tracked down by the police using the driver’s licence information swiped at the pump.

This kind of technology eliminates the need to pre-pay with a set amount, return to the pump to fill their tanks, then head back to the cashier again to settle the rest of the bill.

According to Bob Hohn, president for Paxson Oil Company and Post-Pay inventor, the driver’s license information can’t be viewed by the cashier and it’s not recorded for any other purpose other than tracking down pump and run culprits.

Would you swipe your licence before being allowed to pump fuel? Let us know what you think of Post-Pay system in the comments section below. As well, you can watch news footage of the system in action after the jump.

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