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 |  Dec 17 2012, 12:01 PM

Final Bespoke Slant Nose Porsche 911


It’s the second day of AutoGuide’s Dream Car Garage list. This time News Editor Luke Vandezande compiled his list of the 10 cars, a word used loosely at points, that he would pick if money weren’t a factor.

Bespoke programs are wildly popular in the high-end car market, but this one-off from Porsche is probably one of the most interesting 911s to come from the Porsche factory.

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There isn’t another one like it. From the leather-backed gauges to the adjustable boost meter and limited slip differential and a six-speed manual transmission, this is what every Porsche product of the time should have been.

 |  Mar 12 2012, 8:01 PM

When it comes to hero cars, Batman and his bat mobiles or James Bond and his Aston Martins don’t have anything on Mad Max and the devilish rides he and the lawless motor tribes drive.

Thanks to leaked images from the set of the latest Mad Max: Fury Road, we get a sneak peek to see what sort of machines will be featured in the film.

A reported 130 cars and motorcycles will be used to perform almost 200 stunts. The leaked picture shows an oversized truck trailer bed carrying a double-bodied ’59 Cadillac coupe, each featuring two supercharged V8s connected by a planetary gear. Known as the “Gigahorse”, the pair of monster Cadillacs with monster engines are mounted on top of a monster-truck chassis. Finally, to top it all off, the Gigahorse also sports a four-bladed cow catcher.

In the past, the 80′s classics were filmed in the Australian outback over stretches of desert roads. However, Director George Miller believed that the area is “too green” and doesn’t offer the same dystopian landscape as it did years ago. Instead, shots of road wars will be set in the deserts of Namibia.

Tom Hardy replaces Mel Gibson for the role as the new “Mad” Max Rockatansky. The heroine role has been appointed to Charleze Theron, as Furosia. According to Miller, Fury Road will be filmed back-to-back with the sequel, Furiosa. In total, Miller confirmed that three scripts have already been written for Mad Max’s return. Get ready for a trilogy if the first film is well received.

[Source: Autoblog]