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 |  Jul 16 2010, 9:39 PM


OK we just wanted another excuse to mention Volkswagen‘s Golf R in a post. And even though this isn’t even a Golf R, it packs the same punch under the hood. JE Design has come up with a nice little package for the Volkswagen Golf GTI to up the horsepower to 270-hp while adding its own take with more aggressive styling.

Taking the stock 2.0-liter turbocharged motor, JE Design pushes out another 60-hp from 210-hp to 270-hp. Torque goes from roughly 205 ft-lbs to a little over 270 ft-lbs. The 0-60 mph time is now a tick shy of 6.4 seconds. This all stems from an ECU retune for close to $2,000 and even includes a one year warranty on the motor, turbocharger, gearbox and drivetrain. Warranty extensions are offered for vehicles under two years old with less than 62,000 miles (100,000 km) for only a little over $250.

And to help enhance the aesthetics, JE Design offers a front spoiler with a carbon fiber splitter ($445), side skirts ($380) and a rear diffuser ($320). In the grand scheme of things, that’s a very affordable body kit for a stylish vehicle. They also offer an exhaust system for close to $1,150.

For those wanting to round off the package, 1.4-inch lowering springs are available for around $200 and a set of 19×8-inch wheels with 225/35/19 tires round it off at $3,730.

The total package price is a small chunk of change, but still makes it more affordable to turn your Golf GTI into one with R power and unique looks.

GALLERY: JE Design Volkswagen GTI

_JE_VW_Golf_VI_GTI_front_01.JPG _JE_VW_Golf_VI_GTI_frontdetail_01.JPG _JE_VW_Golf_VI_GTI_frontside_01.jpg _JE_VW_Golf_VI_GTI_rear_01.JPG _JE_VW_Golf_VI_GTI_reardetail_01.jpg _JE_VW_Golf_VI_GTI_rearside_01.jpg

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